On Silence

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  1. Silence…..joy, pain, beauty and indulgence. Expectation, bewilderment, love and benevolence.
    So much more and so much less.
    Silence detaches them all, it is the answer without lodging a single question.
    It transcends all without elevating a thing.
    It is the madness in spontaneity and the soft glow of stillness.
    It cannot be achieved as it is a constant.
    Peace is it’s aid, hope it turns its back upon but embraces it with peace.
    May you all find the blessing in both.

  2. Does the pearl yearn for the clam
    That grain of sand was once a mountain
    An oak so tall that sways and falls
    A drop of water that caressed the seed
    A salmon draws it’s last breath and dies
    It’s spawn draws a million breaths
    A need so must disintegrates into the infinite
    The sand the clam the pearl
    The earth the water the acorn and the oak
    An egg the sea the breath
    You are all of these
    Say goodbye and wish them well
    You have already arrived at your destination

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