by Wes Penre, May 1, 2021

As mentioned in previous parts of this video and article series, the world beneath our feet seems to teem with intelligent life. Many different species have been mentioned throughout history, such as the Archons, the Aryans, the Reptilians or Reptoids, the Ant People (who most resemble the Gray aliens), and many more. As usual, we humans are manipulated into looking for aliens in all the wrong places; usually up in the sky, thinking they will land in spaceships that have traveled many lightyears to get here. Then, we expect them to step out of their ships and comingle with us in an either friendly or unfriendly manner.

This is very unlikely to happen.

Although I don’t deny there are aliens in what we call space; both the space inside and outside our atmosphere (something I will talk about in another video), and although the UFOs we see are usually up in the sky; that’s not primarily where we should look if we want to see where the “aliens” come from. Also, this planet is constructed to hold humans, animals, and plant life that is innate to this place. A so-called “alien” can’t just land here and step out of the spaceship; they are not made to operate in our density. Yes, they can shapeshift, as mentioned earlier, and keep their form for a while, or they can have human bodies in stasis somewhere and inhabit them; they can even invade our own bodies and take them over, but they can’t just land here in their original physical form.

With that said, I understand that people have genuinely seen what they consider aliens. Although there are deceptive people who are lying to draw attention to themselves, there are those who honestly convey what they have experienced. This doesn’t always mean what they experienced was aliens; we also must take military mind control and false memory implants into consideration. I think that explains most of the encounters.

However, then we have the few encounters that can’t be explained in that way, so what are they? There are those who truly seem to have seen Reptilians, advanced humans, and so-called “Gray Aliens.” Some people have also seen spacecraft ascending from the ocean or from underground in general. I would argue that most genuine encounters are with subterranean beings. I discussed this in the Wes Penre Papers, as well. Humans are not the only intelligent species that has inhabited the Earth since the beginning of time and are therefore innate to this world. Although the Aryans/Namlu’u are humans, they are the original humans, who had not been tampered with by Yaldabaoth and his Archons, and some of them are still here, living underground. Then, we have what I called the Reptoids in the WPP. They are an earlier experiment before homo sapiens was being established as the main species, and survivors of that species are still living in subterranean environments. The Hopi Indians talk about the Ant People, who came up to the surface and were seen by the American Indians; I believe the Apaches have a similar legend.

If someone wants to explore the ancient cultures in Sumerian and Babylonian times, they should go to Turkey. Many entrances have been found there to underground tunnels, caverns, and grottos. Some of them, like the one in the picture above (or on the screen, if you’re watching the video), had stairs and rooms carved out in the rock foundation. The above underground facility is about 5,000 years old[1]. And where do the tunnels ultimately lead to?

In the past, people only heard about these things through legends and mythology, but I’m sure the encounters back then were just as common as they seem to be today. Since we got the Internet, however, people have a much easier time sharing their stories—both the true and the fake ones.

Then, we have the Archons, who are said to dwell in the Underworld (again, see the WPP). This is also discussed in The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, which clearly tell us that they dwell there, guarding the “Eternal Flame.”

When there is a mystery, people’s imagination starts to work overtime. We often here that the Nordics are benevolent, but the Reptilians are all bad. This would be the same thing as saying that humans are all good or all bad. These beings also have souls, and if we exclude potential hivemind species from the equation, there must be good and bad individuals among all species; in the sense we define good and bad, that is. Something can also be good for them but affect us badly, and vice versa. Everything is relative in this reality. We tend to make entire species stereotypical, which most likely is not the case.

The same principles apply to the old Sumerian, Babylonian, and Egyptian gods, to name a few. According to the mythology, these beings walked among us; or so it’s portrayed. They may or may not have done that, but from having studied these old mythologies, it seems to be a mix. To me, there are indications that they did walk among us, and that created legends, worship, and cultures where they sacrificed to these beings, and so forth.

Sometimes, they were depicted with animal heads. It doesn’t mean they walked around here looking like hybrids between humans and animals—it only means that those who depicted them described their traits or hinted at their original form when not being incarnated here. Most likely, these old gods, if they were actually here in the physical, walked around in human bodies, just like we do. Were they giants? Some of those using bodies in stasis seem to have been, while others were here in normal human flesh.

Lately, mainstream media have released so-called evidence that UFOs exist that are not our own military. It’s interesting in itself because the pictures they are showing most of the time are of military triangular or otherwise manmade craft. Then, we learn about the Space Program that governments around the world are developing. This makes me wonder if a fake alien invasion is just around the corner. We’ve heard rumors of such a thing for decades, but we have never before had the media acknowledge that something not-from-Earth is invading our air space. Wouldn’t it be lovely if the EL-ite instigated such a fake invasion in the middle of the pandemic, when people are already stressed and vulnerable? Perhaps this is one of the next steps in their Agenda?

Just remember; if this happens, it’s not real. Don’t panic! Take a deep breath and just observe and try to figure out what such an action would entail. The next great war will perhaps not be between nations; it might be through a fake threat from outer space. And maybe, just maybe, some of the subterranean races will be blamed for the invasion, who knows? Maybe they can produce bodies, such as Reptoids and Ant People? That would truly make an invasion look real.

To end off this series; was it the Reptilians who contacted Hitler? I don’t think so; I think it was the Archons. Nowhere have I seen that Hitler was meeting with the Superhumans in the physical. But I have read about Hitler meeting them in the astral, where they can take any shape or form they like. For instance, see The Spear of Destiny by Trevor Ravenscroft.   

I am personally fascinated with these topics, and there is so much more to research. I am seriously considering to eventually write a book on the subterranean world.


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  1. This is very interesting, I don’t know what to think of this information. I have always wanted proof.
    I will be reading more of your work.

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