Video 253:Q&A Session #72

by Wes Penre, April 25, 2021

Question in this Q&A Session:

QUESTION 1: How uncommon is it for people to get attacked in the dream state?

QUESTION 2: Where does chi/vril/prana reside in all of this?

QUESTION 3: If we have multiple soul fragments of ourselves incarnating across the lines of time and one of these fragments ends up leaving the patrix, what will happen to the remaining soul fragments? Will they automatically be pulled out as well? Or would we have to wait for our other fragments to leave the patrix also?

QUESTION 4: I am very much a pragmatist and am constantly asking, “how can I apply this information in my life in a way that will help me?” So, my question is: with the vast amount of information and understanding you have of this world, what are some habits or practices that you use daily to improve your life?

QUESTION 5: How important is it to have compassion for extreme evil? There is no doubt that compassion is understanding as you wrote in your Handbook for the New Era Beyond 2012 e-book. What are your thoughts on judging others that are different?

Also, what do you suggest is a good way to handle thoughts that come from your environment and even individuals? What about all the evil we see in the world?

QUESTION 6: Possibly one of the biggest mysteries and hidden truths is where Marduk was born. Some say here on Earth while others say he was born in the Sirius star system. I know Marduk has conquered certain asterisms in the Milky Way Galaxy and has been in charge of them ever since with A (Alpha) Draconis being the prime location. He is an archetype but is he also Mother of Isis? What about Marduk’s origin?

QUESTION 7: What does it mean to say, “dimensions are overlaid/superimposed?”

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  1. Question 6:

    Ironically, the Goddess Isis influenced both Christians and Muslims religions and has been associatiated with terrorism and the death cult of Daesh around 2012. It is hard to identify oneself with these Egyptian gods, still figureheads of an oppressive hierarchical system. It’s not the way I portray the creators Gods.

    1. Yes, all religions have been influenced by one “god” or another–including Isis and other syncretistic names for her in this 3D reality. What we need to keep in mind (and I understand this is difficult to grasp) is that everything in this dense dimension is affected by the Darkness that dominates this reality. Are you affected by your own subconscious mind, i.e. are you sometimes negatively affected by your thoughts and react out of them rather than stepping back, taking a breath, and acting rather than REacting? Yes, of course, we all do. Our reactions that we usually regret afterward are the Darkness/ignorance/unknown of this dense reality we are here to light up by reconnecting with Spirit. It’s our subconscious mind, which is a miniature version of Sophia’s/the Queen’s “subconscious mind,” which is signified by darkness in this Universe–darkness being both literal darkness and as a metaphor for ignorance/memory loss/amnesia.

      “Isis” is a lower dimensional version of the Queen, who is a “lower” version of the Aeon (Spiritual) Sophia. It’s like a domino effect descending through the dimensions. You ARE Sophia/the Queen/Isis in an individuated form (as a soul/Spirit unit combined). As above so below. You exist in all dimensions, too, acting differently within different frequencies (higher of lower versions of yourself). Same with Sophia. The deeper we dive into this Universe, the denser and darker it becomes, and we’ve almost reached the bottom now–that’s Sophia’s “dark side.” And now is the time to turn it around. This IS happening, but it’s slow. This is the sole reason for us to be here.

      To get a better grasp of this entire thing, in addition to the Wes Penre Papers (, is to read the Gnostic texts (The Secret Book of John and The Origin of the World to begin with– and , respectively ). Once it’s understood what’s written there and taken to heart, our current 3D situation becomes quite self-explanatory in many ways–even in our relation with the “gods” and their relation to our five senses reality.

      Also, if what we call “evil” isn’t a part of the overall experience of the Monad/God or Sophia/the Goddess, or even you and me, how can it exist if it’s not a part of God? How can Satan (adversary) exist if that, too, isn’t a part of God? If it exists outside God, then God is not omnipresent.

  2. @ Wes

    .And now is the time to turn it around. This IS happening, but it’s slow. This is the sole reason for us to be here.

    and it’s Our life mission that gives us a meaning to all that is. Orion is maybe the end journey but not the reason why we are here. Agree with you. If you have kids in our current 3d situation, this is enough to give you the courage to stand up for them and their future. Like many we all had the desire to run away from all this because so hopeless in many ways. As long as we are here we all something to complete and a personal calling to serve.

    Thank you for your answer . Clearer

    1. Yes, this is the big sticky point with me, forcing kids into the school institution systems, making them wear the bogus face diapers. And all the mind control that comes with that. If you’re a parent you need to at least start standing up for them. Pull them out of the so-called education system. PERIOD. It’s one thing to agree to this tyranny yourself but to force your kids to agree with it, come on man! Be Human! We still have outs folks, people need to start building outside of the system. The old western type schoolhouse, how’s that for one, where parents and teachers are Conscience human beings teaching the Truth to their young. Wow what a concept!

  3. As a note, when I clicked on ‘download’ so I could read the transcript it didn’t work this time. I made several attempts. 🙂

  4. About question 3, would it not be possible then for a narcissist, who understands this reincarnation process, to also escape the grid?, considering its makeup consists of fragments?

    I’m thinking each fragment would also have its own personality and to escape the grid, each and every fragment have to do it alone, and a narcissist cannot do that, it’s like killing your siblings to leave them all. But I think a strong and a determined fragment would find the truth of it and escape this grid too… sort of?

    1. @Peter Afzelius The soul that you consider being you is comprised of a few trillion soul fires, corresponding with the few trillion cells in your physical body. Anyone can understand the concept of the Grid–a narcissist is no exception–but would a narcissist (and abuser) be able to exit through it? Not unless they completely make a 180 degree change in attitude and frequency. It reminds me of a passage in the Bible when Jesus said something to the effect that it’s easier for a camel to pass through a needle’s eye than for the merchants of chaos to enter Heaven (i.e., the Orion Empire or the Pleroma). A person can’t be abusing others and make other people’s life miserable and then think they can leave the Kenoma/Matrix.

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