Video 268: Q&A Session #80

By Wes Penre, August 7, 2021

Questions in this Session:

QUESTION 1: I had thought, when I am old and when I am ready, I would decide my own time of death to my best abilities. Not in despair, and not in fear, but because there is a time to end and because I have always felt the choice in all things is my own.

If you were to suffer through it without drugs or intervention of any kind, does it serve an important purpose? It is designed so by nature, to happen the way it does, so it must? Does

it cause/allow the mind and soul and spirit to separate from the physical body in a manner that chemical interference doesn’t allow? Does the conventional practice of dying under the influence of palliative drugs stop this necessary separation from happening? Do these drugs they give you affect your spirit as well as your physical body? Do they affect your ability to make a choice to return to the stars, or exit the grid as you say?

May I ask your thoughts on this? I ask for myself, because I want to be free to choose, and I don’t understand the conventional practices, they do not feel right to me. They do not feel right for me.

QUESTION 2: The Archons use our morals against us by making us feel bad about not taking the vax because [they say] our inaction “kills people”. If morals can be used to manipulate, then what are morals in the Greater Universe? Are there any morals at all, as we would know them, or are those morals of a higher realm of thought that we can’t yet perceive?

QUESTION 3: I believe the process of discovering truth is more about removing un-truths, not just in the physical world in regard to conspiracies, but also within ourselves. These inner untruths can have a big influence on how we live our lives and the decisions that we make. How would you suggest we go about uncovering our own inner un-truths and false perceptions/beliefs about ourselves?

QUESTION 4: Regarding the Akashic Records, what is your opinion? Are they also an archontic structure, and are the data received also manipulated?  

QUESTION 5: In the WPP (Wes Penre Papers) you mention that we need to work on ourselves to the best of our ability and then when it comes time for you to exit the Grid and leave this place that whatever you fail to do in your lifetime you can do “out there.” Let’s say you wanted to go to Orion, will you be judged harshly? Can they feel how light a heart is? What about repentance? Even said “I repent for I have created man on the Earth” just as his Mother Sophia did at a very early point in time. Do you think memories and experiences will be used against you to determine a soul’s citizenship?

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  1. As a comment to your morals issue, I believe there is True morality and distinct differences between right and wrong behavior in this universe. What the archons are trying to do to us is confuse morality, call it moral relativism. It’s very easy to know if you’re doing a wrong action, if it hurts another sentient being then it’s wrong. Period. Also Truth can be known, solipsism is the opposite of that and that’s what all new age groups and dead-end religions teach. There’s nothing we can do about it blah blah blah we can’t know the truth. People wake up to all the fraud please. I do agree that all truth will be hard to be known, but that is the journey and the challenge. I follow a non-aggression principle but as well as a self-defense principle so remember we have self defense against these archons and we better start using it.

  2. Hello Wes. A few questions please; Will you continue the AIF short-movie series? You mentioned long time that you would would write a book on astral projection, do you still intend to write the book? In Level 2 of the Penre papers, “Paper #7: What NASA Found on the Moon” is not released. Will it be released. Just curious to know.
    Thank you for your great work. Bright blessing.

    1. @Languhs The answer is no to both. So much has happened since the mini-series, and I’m conducting new research right now, which also might change my view on the timeline/timelines in general. As research progresses, it doesn’t feel relevant anymore to continue the series. It’s not that it’s “wrong,” but it doesn’t tell the whole story, and however I create it, there will be important pieces missing that I can’t include in the series in a comprehensive fashion.

      The NASA moon findings I think are hoaxes, also based on recent insights and research, so I won’t publish that paper, either.

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