Video 267: Communication with our Higher Selves

By Wes Penre, July 31, 2021

Everything in this universe of time is happening in cycles; some call it wheels within wheels. We have the Great Cycle, which is about 26,000 years long that I discussed in the Wes Penre Papers, (WPP), denoting one orbit around the Galactic Center. This long cycle is further divided into four smaller cycles of about 6,400 years, and then we have, of course, the Zodiacal Cycle, which is divided into what we call the 12 Ages, such as Pisces, Aries, and Capricorn, etc. We learn that Earth is rotating around the Milky Way Galaxy and the Zodiac, but I would argue that it’s the other way around. However, that’s for a future video…

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  1. …They can’t see cause they don’t want to see…….consumation of ages is much closer than everybody things…..

  2. You proof to me I’m not crazy…its the same truth does not need logical explanation. I also channel in water all the time!

  3. My wife just died a few weeks ago. She and I had discussed the grid option. If she did go thru the grid and lose the human connection, would she ever be able to contact me in my dreams if she is out there? I would like to think anything and everything is possible in this cruel world.

  4. Yes I have experienced this when I take a shower at times, answers and ideas will come to me that I was working on before I’ve taken the shower but you need to maintain an open mind. And you can never force it. The water seems to cleanse me as well Spiritually, I just feel cleaner. Anyways I was reading about Ronnie Van Zant of the band Lynyrd Skynyrd, would get most of his musical ideas in the shower, would jump out and write them down and then usually the band had something musical to go with it, but as a musical director he would make them refine it till he felt it fit his lyrics. Thank God for the creative process in this realm otherwise I think we’d all go crazy. I feel the most exhilarated when I come up with a musical idea or song. But like I said you can’t force it.

  5. With my wife’s passing, it brought up my thinking about what and why were are here and where we go! Just my thinking that despite all of the history, religions, and talking, we really have not ever witnessed in person the beings or force, creators that put us here. No one on CNN or NBC interviewed anyone! Nor do we really know why we are here or where we go when we exit this planet! Just a bunch of mumbo jumbo talk! Really scary when you really think about it! Just a bunch of humans thinking we are experiencing reality when we really are not at all! I still will be going thru the grid if it is there!

      1. Thanks, Wes, you would have liked her spirit! Still wonder where she is! Why, we will never know for sure where we go after life in this demonic planet! Just silence by the demons!

  6. Wes, with you talking about exiting the Grid I just saw a near death video in which the woman experienced seeing the grid as a fishnet while in the astral in her second NDE. Great news when other people confirm the existance if the Grid.

    1. no you fucking idiot , what that atheist saw simply was a bad guy , one of those who want us to be here suffering disguised as someone as that “atheist” subcosciously believe in , simple as that , the confusion , the sense of be powerless for all this life caused here to be targeted with some facade and some subtle threat in case she didn’t did what she were told , wake up please because it is fucking ridiculous to be in 2021 and yet talk about “gods” like the religions address them , religions are just mind control , and clearly even atheists aren’t immune to that , we are the gods , the all powerful ones , so again , she only saw a bad guy disguised with someone that she for one reason or another would just feel like listening to , all the “gods” from religion are nothing more than evil aliens who caused us to incarnate here , suffer , reincarnate over and over again , so please cut it out , it take nothing for the bad guys to disguise themselves , but they are nothing , i could even avoid all this long comment , but i write it to spare some further mindfucking to the good but stupid people

  7. 5:06 “nothing last forever” my fucking ass , we are eternal , the same goes for the bodies , if wasn’t for all the mental manipulation and the soul contracts we wouldn’t cause to our body to age , and so to prevent aging and death it doesn’t take the bad guys from have an excuse for stuff our body with their crap , it just take to understand that even aging and “death” is what we are causing to our bodies subconsciously , a prof of this are all the morons and assholes who get mad when it is touched the matter of immortality and how the movies are filled with subtle threats to force us in to think that the “death” of the body can’t be avoided , strange how such an “unavoidable” thing need so much attention from us in order to appear for the “unavoidable” thing that we are told

  8. the bible is a series of symbolic crap and some other things that can be took more in the literal meaning , it was written and blabbered in ancient rome , take a look at what was said in cosmic agency , you can find it in the site odysee , also take a look at the channels on yourube of rich2150x and akvile sava , but there isn’t any “higher” self , that sound like hiearky , truth is that we are source , there are some other aspect of ourselves , yes , but not higher or lower , just another part

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