Video 266: Q&A Session #79

By Wes Penre, July 24, 2021

Questions is the Session:

QUESTION 1: Is it possible for Matrix souls to reach salvation? The Gnostic texts mention that Sabaoth / Prince Ninurta was originally an Archon but realized that there was a being higher than Yaldabaoth, whereafter he cursed Yaldabaoth and chose to acknowledge Sophia. It was at this point that Sabaoth was enlightened with the spirit of Sophia, so to speak. If Sabaoth reached salvation, is it also possible for Matrix souls to awaken too?

QUESTION 2: Do you believe that Theo Adorno of the Tavistock Institute wrote the music for The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and many other artists? I do believe the Aquarian conspiracy about The Beatles, but I have a hard time believing that they didn’t write any of their music. Not only this, for one man to be able to come up with music as authentically beautiful as the Beatles and then switch to something as heavy and progressive as Led Zeppelin. It already takes so much time for a band to be able to find their own sound, but James Casbolt would have us believe that this Theo individual was the mastermind behind many bands of the 60’s and 70’s. Considering how much good music he (supposedly) made in the 60’s and 70’s, for other bands, I’m surprised to find that his own solo compositions are so mediocre and bland.

QUESTION 3: Yaldabaoth’s actions seem to mimic Sophia’s and the Monad’s, which is evident through the creation of his own Aeons (the Archons). When Yaldabaoth gave Adam his spirit, he was shocked and casted the vessel of spirit into a deeper realm. This is identical to how Sophia treated Yaldabaoth when she created him and casted him out. So, it seems to me that Yaldabaoth is operating on a faulty program of sorts. He is like Sophia but is simply an ignorant and incomplete version. Thus, all his creations which mimic Sophia’s (this is part of his program) is a faulty version of the original creation. What do you think?

QUESTION 4: I saw, you wrote in your last Q&A session that ‘Sophia’ isn’t exactly a humanoid type of figure, since, as the planet ‘Tiamaat’ she was getting killed and screamed in agony. Also, especially, when She is an ‘Aeon’. (A ‘label’)

On the other hand, I am reading John Lamb Lash’s  ‘Not In His Image’, and there he referred to an incident which occurred in Russia between 1920-1953. A person named Vladimir Soloviev (I think I got the surname wrong, but it’s quite close to the actual one) got 3 encounters with Mother (Sophia). Now, why Mother visited this person thrice in his lifetime isn’t mentioned anywhere. All the man said, is the encounters were divinely profound. Also, She didn’t show herself as a ‘planet’. It was every time a ‘Divine Female Humanoid Figure’. As She is ‘All That Is’ (so am I though, if I figured this out correctly) , why would it be so mysterious and unlikely if She temporarily takes a humanoid figure?

QUESTION 5: I am curious of your view on this saying: “selling your soul”. Can someone really make deals with the “devil?” Can someone really get access to powers of evil beings in return for their part of spirit being stuck forever. Is this even possible? Or does it just mean you break the connection of the good in you and choose to operate from evil (lower vibration) instead of good (higher vibration)? What does “selling your soul” mean from your perception?

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  1. There are many heavy-power-gothic-viking metal bands that play great music of their own which has nothin to do with all this shit industry music garbage the patrix promotes to the masses.

  2. Yes I agree George Martin was the fifth Beatle for sure, however creation and ideas can only come from one person, and I believe most of these came from the Beatles themselves, remember, George Harrison had music theory as well and he would help with chording out stuff. It was truly a band effort. This theo dude was not involved I believe. Maybe he was involved with Bob Dylan’s stuff which I think sucks the guy can’t sing, never did.
    I remember hearing Jimmy Page say when asked about the lyrics that it was not his department go see Robert plant. Plant just seemed to have a lot of esoteric type lyrics if you listen. So who knows in his case. But I believe Jimmy wrote most of the music himself, except for the many covers they used to do. Also his influence from Crowley helped him I think (Crowley was another case of good stuff gone bad).
    But remember creation comes from one person only and the band helps gel it out it’s always been the way.

    1. It’s hard to know exactly what is true or not regarding the Beatles and other mega bands/artists. Of course, one can dig into it with head first and find out, but I haven’t done that to any greater extent. Dr. Coleman also said that the Beatles couldn’t play, which is BS–they were pretty skilled musicians, although John admitted he was the least skilled instrumentalist in the band.

      But it is a fact that many songwriters go into the studio with very simplistic and unfinished material–maybe just an idea–and more skilled “sculptors,” such as the producers and engineers, complete the work and make a real song of it. That’s just how they do it. Rick Beato (see his channel) is a former professional musician and music producer (and a great one at this, and well-known in the business). He talks about this, too. It’s not necessarily something wrong with this–that’s just the way things work. And I think it’s even more that way today than before the digital era.

      1. Yes sir! It all starts with a germ of an idea. John Lennon was a big catalyst with that but the rest of the band helped, with a Little help from my Friends! That’s why if you can get a good engineer or producer, makes all the difference they can really run with those ideas. Same with any creative process really, and that’s what we humans are!

  3. Hi, WES! 🙂 This is a PDF that I created from all the texts that I gathered from the “Spirit Mythos” Site that belongs to this extremely spiritually gifted lady and who had contact with “extraterrestrial entities” from other dimensions, since she was little and was born in this World. You can download the PDF [The First; The Second is the Translation in my Native Language 🙂 ] from my “Google Drive” account from the following Link>

          1. I Thank You! 🙂 This PDF is a sum of texts I gathered from the “Spirit Mythos” Site. The introduction may be misleading as it may be a boring novel but it contains very detailed information in its content.

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