Video 265: What Frequency do we Need to Exit the Patrix/Kenoma?

By Wes Penre, July 17, 2021

Leaving the Patrix/Kenoma, going on the next adventure, is like quitting a long and terrible job with a narcissistic boss and with self-absorbed coworkers (you hated it), after finding a new job you always wanted deep in your heart. Then, when the old narcissistic boss tells you they need you back, would you go back to the old job instead of starting the new job?

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  1. Wes, this was excellent and really describes leaving the grid versus escaping. I am confident and ready to fly right out of here. Yes, I sometimes have concerns of what new choices I will have, but not fear. It’s just the unknown that makes you wonder, but I really don’t think about that so much. My focus has been the leaving part. I have full confidence in my higher self to guide me in a way. I also feel that once out, you can choose again to come back to help if you want, so nothing is set, and if that isn’t a possibility, I’m totally ok with that. My siblings have cancelled me and my own Mother is also not treating me the same because I think differently than them, so I have already dealt with those attachments. I feel ready and getting more ready as time and research move me on. My husband and children are in varied states of awakening and I respect their decisions which may not be the same as mine. I guess I have the feeling even if they choose to recycle, in the end, they will return to the soul group I am in.

    1. Great comment! Me too, I lost everything this year except for my pets. But I think it is turning out to be a blessing because it allows me to narrow down the attachments. Thank you for your comment.

      1. @Poochiman I really like your attitude. From my experience, you are absolutely right. Sometimes, we throw away stuff because they are a burden, other time we move to another country and can’t take things with us. Then, we might lose everything we have unexpectedly. Either way, to me it has always been a relief afterwards when I got rid of all these things that piled up. I’ve moved a lot, and everything I owe fits in a car–a sedan, except furniture, which I never bring anyway when I move.

    2. Thanks for sharing this, Julia. You are going through quite a natural process for those who are ready to leave, I can see. Good job! Some of it is emotionally painful, but we know things need to happen the way they do. I will make a video on the Higher Self soon, by the way…

  2. Excellent! I believe you are 100% correct. Thank you for doing this great work. Those who are following the narrow road will find this video. If you happen to read this comment, I’ve been obsessed with a vision that came along several years ago. I am convinced I remember where I am going after leaving. I remember what it looks like very well, down to its buildings and land. It is not heaven. It is a real planet, perhaps in a different dimension. Do you think it is a false archon projection? My instinct tells me it is my home.

  3. Excellent post WES! For those who are afraid livin this shit world find partners who are wiilin to this. This will give you both great cofindence…..and of course the magic would be to get the hell out of here together….(not commitin suicide)

  4. I have some comments, I hope this isn’t deleted.

    From many things I’ve read and heard about, just before a person dies a burst of DMT is released in the brain, which carries on over to the higher mind, through transition, or translation some people call it. Death is peaceful and tranquil.

    However, the experience of being murdered, in my opinion, is something to avoid if you can, but obviously you won’t know if, or when that would happen. It’s best to always live without fear. -Staying positive protects you.

    Having a peaceful death (and with preparation from being more aware) is best, or ideal for transition, it’s basic logic. You’ve heard people say “they’ve gone peacefully’, this applies.

    Living with a raised awareness level -which is what a lot of people here are doing- is higher energy, higher vibration/frequency. Support to those who are uncertain, don’t be uncertain, you’re on the right path. 🙂

    Again, my opinion is, it is not ideal for a person to have a painful, traumatic death. But, even still, we can maintain higher awareness and higher state of being, adding the fact that a burst of DMT is released, which causes Ease. Any death is a death of the body, there’s no difference, all that matters is your awareness level and how good you are at controlling your emotions/passions and connecting with your higher feelings and higher beingness, Spirit.

    Some people accidentally kill themselves, it happens a lot. And some people allow their deaths to happen. Regardless of the variables, just choose to stay in a higher state of awareness, every day. It’s a practice that is being taught in this community.

    Courage I think is the main thing that needs to be said. Have courage and strength, no matter what, no matter where you are. And it’s your choice what state you want to be in.

    No one can be caught off guard as long as you stand within your strength. Where is your standing? Where do you stand? Is it in strength? (Maybe in this case, you’re floating in strength, hahaha!)

    And don’t take this world too seriously!!! Learn to laugh at things and yourself. Keep a state of joy, joy is love. It’s the giggliness, try to have that. -A youthful heart is a pure heart.

    Again, I hope this message is kept. I just wanted to share.

    And no matter what, face things with love. -Face it with love.

    And thank you Wes, I am always grateful for your writing and inspiration.

  5. one very important thing people: the bad guys are watching us 24/7 , even when we are looking for ways to get away from this and every other kind of trap , this mean that they won’t hesitate to try to attack you in order to prevent that , so along with learning from the various people and friends you also need to manifest strength and get rid of the perception of pain , why i say all this ? because one time i was about have an out of body experience without remember about this 24/7 spying caused by the bad guys , so during that non-expected and unaware attempt of an out of body experience i started to feel a very strong pain in the abdomen , then i asked my doctor if my body had some problems , well , no problem at all , that’s because it was an attack to prevent me from get out of it , this mean that like it or not , consider it intelligent or not , you need also to put up physical strength and resistence and whatever is the equivalent once we abandon this body and this illusion , got it ? i hope i am clear about this , 9:25 no , the feelings of fear and the problems get abandoned too

  6. WOW! the very thing I’ve been desperately searching for. I had an nde 2020. I only saw the opening of another realm. But I’m certain it’s there I saw it.. my question was which way to go once out.. Since that time I have absolutely zero fear of death. I suffered through my worst fear in that event. I KNOW what it’s like now. The process of dying sucks. And I don’t relish going down that road again. But I have zero fear of that. I know I don’t belong here. Dying , once ya go through the process.. IS like exiting an elevator. Just walk through. Kind of cool..
    I know it’s prison. Never fit in. .since the nde my life consists of ties to once important people being utterly destroyed. I’ve suffered that loss. Realized those I thought I was fighting so hard to live for didn’t really care. I’ve done the grieving and accepted that. As painful as it was. I now see it was actually a gift. Because now ,nothing is holding me here in this hell hole. Im determined to heal, fix, amend ,forgive ,or do what else I need to do. To keep me from EVER coming back here again.. This time has to be the last. What ever I gotta do I’m doing it. This time. . I want OUT.My only obstacle, I think ,I have ,is the soul trap. What do I do once out of this worthless flesh. Which way do I go to find the true exit. If I have to ,I’m prepared to fight, argue,or claw my way OUT. How do I get past the beings that will most likely be there to capture me .Mind wipe me. and toss me right back. Like a fish in a pond. Do I get a choice? IF I fight hard enough? .I have some vague idea of what might be past the prison wardens reach. If I can get past the guards.. Honestly ,the un known is a bit intriguing. I’m looking forward to finding out.. I was under the impression I didn’t get a choice. no matter how much I resisted.. BUT I’m prepared to fight for my freedom.even if it doesn’t work. I realize the way out isn’t fully understood. Any information is better than nothing. I KNOW this much , IM DONE. . THIS place is nothing but pain , heartache and suffering.
    I’m looking forward to finding out what you know or believe. I fought so hard to survive that nde. Because they were trying to kill me in hospital and call it covid. Only to experience double the suffering. I want to go home! where ever that is I don’t know.. but I’m positive it’s NOT HERE.I’ll follow my gut instinct. No fear. I’m ready

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