Video 264: Q&A Session #78

By Wes Penre, July 10, 2021

Questions in this Session:

QUESTION 1: About exiting through the grid: Some say go to the “highest aspect of yourself”.  Isn’t the highest aspect of our soul group Sophia?  Going further, isn’t the very highest aspect the Monad?  I think I am getting from the Gnostic Texts that your spirit will not go to a higher place than you are ready for, is that correct?  As far as I know in this lifetime, I am not ready to go to “oneness” yet or merge and lose my identity.  I still have things I want to do and experience because I feel cheated by this construct of pain and suffering and trauma.  I want to experience the beautiful original planet the Namlu’u were meant to or something similar with plants and animals and nature and love.  What are your thoughts?

QUESTION 2: Was Jesus sent to Earth by or Marduk, by the Queen Divine Mother in Orion, or by the Monad/Source? Also, I have heard many stories that exist that are similar to the one of Jesus that supposedly happened before he was here; virgin birth, dying and rising from the dead 3 days later, etc. I am also aware that in the Nag Hammadi Jesus was watching the fake Jesus being nailed to the cross and did not really die and rise 3 days later. Was Jesus what they say he was or was he sent by beings with bad intentions for us?

QUESTION 3: When out of the Grid, if someone even for a moment thinks back about Earth, wouldn’t they instantly be back, since the Universe is thought-responsive, and everything is instantaneous there? For example, now I’m 45. I ventured into all these truths only about 4 years ago. I don’t have a lot of time to be alive here. So, let’s pretend I have about 5 more years left. Within this time frame, how can I become completely thoughtless, so I can bypass this horrible predicament? How will I know the exact level of awareness I need, and on which frequency level, when I’m taking my last breath? I don’t want to be captured again!

QUESTION 4: Did humans exist side by side with the dinosaurs and the Namlu’u? Also, do you think some supposed wiped-out species ended up changing their frequencies to exist in Agartha (Inner Earth)?

QUESTION 5: The WPP mention creating all sorts of things as creator Gods after we exit the Grid, but the WPP also explain how Sophia created, and it was using genetic engineering and seeding plants and what not from other constructs onto the planet, the living library. She apparently worked with other beings as well.  If I am recalling correctly, she didn’t just use her thoughts.  There was electricity or energy used and it wasn’t instantaneous.  Can you elaborate or correct me on this, so I have a better understanding?

QUESTION 6: What influence does suicide have on us leaving the Grid?

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  1. Hello Wes, thank you for answering my questions. I think I didn’t make my second question very clear. My real interest was how is it that we can create as creators after we exit the grid just by thought, when it was a lot more involved by Sophia? Sophia didn’t use her thoughts alone, right? Thank you so much!

  2. We talk more about the experiences of others. A Truth can only be lived, revealed and demonstrated. “Believe and do not doubt/search!” it is for the “poor in spirit.” And Lies become credible over time and if they are built on a core of Truth. Legends and Myths are also said to have a kernel of Truth. Why, because most of them are metaphors, just as much of the Bible is metaphorized. That is, he tells the Truth allegorically so that those “poor in spirit” and those who “have no ears to hear” will not understand it. That is why not all people understand the Bible in the same way and we have so many religions and sects based on the Jewish Bible, and each of them claims to have the Truth, and the others are enemies, anti-Christians, etc. If people really understood at least the Bible, then they would be terrified, but you have to document yourself from other religions as well, in order to put them all together. Many things have been hidden from Mankind. It is very obvious that behind the DNA is a remarkable Intelligence. There is no Order and Life in Chaos without an intelligible Creator, but this Creator does not necessarily have to be an individual. A Creator can also be impersonal but can create any Archetype and Form. I read somewhere [also from the experience of others that is not proven] that those ETs who kidnap some and do various experiments on them, have manipulated their DNA extremely so that they have reached a point where they have lost a certain code or a spark of light that was the gate / portal to a certain Dimension. Man still has that seed of light planted in his heart, but these ETs have lost it and cannot return to heaven, even if that heaven is an illusion just like this reality. Remember that when we die, we pass into another Reality. So everything is mental and programmed in our minds, in our DNA and in our Souls. That is why Christ also said: Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Then he says: Out of the heart of man come all evil thoughts: fornication, theft, murder, adultery, greed, wickedness, deceit, depravity. The question is who the gods are. In ancient literature the gods are the celestial bodies [the Sun, the Stars, the Planets]. It is difficult to explain if we do not have the necessary knowledge. Adam Kadmon is a Cosmic Archetype, let’s call him a Celestial. Kybalion’s principle: “What is above is also below.” Man is also an archetype, but the problem is how many coverings he has: an astral one, an etheric one, a spiritual one, a light one, etc. Which part of man is immortal? It means that the incarnate gods have an astral body, or as it is called. Man is at least tripartite: Body, Soul and Spirit, but as far as I know, not everyone has a Soul. So said someone who was dying in the clinic and saw many things “from beyond.” She says that she has risen in the Holy Spirit of Truth which is eternal and also says that many People have only Mind and EGO – ephemeral creations that are from this Matrix. Probably the incarnate gods still have a component that humans lack – maybe the astral body, or MER-KA-BA, I don’t know exactly what it is. About Elijah he writes that he was raised to heaven by a “chariot of fire”; and it is written of the ancient gods that they came to Earth with their chariots of fire. The prophet Ezekiel saw Lord Savaot sitting on a “chariot of fire.” And about Enoch he writes that he walked with God on Earth and that he was raised with the Body to Heaven. Everything makes sense if we think better. And this reality, including man, is like a simulated virtual reality – like a huge digital and quantum computer. The programmed software is stored on a magnetic physical medium. DNA is the same. Think of how Man appears in this World from almost nothing: from an embryo that arises from 2 microscopic cells: the egg and the sperm. I believe that the Planets work like Hard Drives [HDD] that store this software. It’s the physical components that store. The sun is both a source of energy and a generator of light codes that facilitate the development of life. The question is who the Elohim are. They are the same gods in Psalm 81, but in some Gnostic texts, Christ says of Elohim that they are the Creators of this World, which he also calls the Devil’s Kingdom. And in the Apocalypse of John Chapter 12 writes that when the Devil fell on Earth, he took with his 3 tails the 3rd part of the Stars of Heaven. The third part of the Stars are the 12 Zodiacal Constellations. Man does not believe, but he did not realize like me how Man has a Destiny and a Character attributed precisely by these 12 Zodiac signs and astral configurations. There is also the famous expression that the Destiny of Man is written in the Stars. And about Christ it is written that he was born on a certain day when a sign occurred in Heaven, and above it shone the Star of Bethlehem.

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  3. This Video – – is about The “Anti-Christ”, the Jinns, Allah, Solomon, the Ark of the Covenant and the Temple in Jerusalem. Many do not know that AL-LAH [Allah] is the same God as EL-JAH who is El-Jehovah-Yahweh [YHWH] 🙂 Brother and Sister, “Believe and do not Seek” will take you directly into the hands of the Devil [The Judgement of Osiris and Maat]; not that it would be essentially that bad, as they say. They confused them so much, interpolated them and superimposed them, so that you no longer know who God and the Devil are. 😃 Many who worship God actually worship the Devil; and “The Lord of Hosts” from the Book of Isaiah, the Book of Zechariah, the Book of Ezekiel, and the Genesis of Moses – is the Master of this World – the Devil, who is the God of the Jews – Zeus, Marduk, Enlil, Osiris. 😂 However, I do not say that this is the Truth. I am still in research and it is almost impossible to handle them after they have confused them for centuries and millennia. What I know, almost certainly, is that the God of the highest-ranking Masons, whom they secretly worship in their lodges, is JAHBULON whom they call the “Architect of the Universe” = JAH [Jehovah] – BULL [Baal] – ON [Osiris’ Heliopolis]

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