Video 271: What Stress Does

By Wes Penre, Aug. 28, 2021

In this age of Information Technology, plandemics, and constant bombardment with bad news from Media and elsewhere in society, just living on this planet becomes a stressful thing for most people. In a few videos, I want to discuss what we, as a human species, go through internally during these unique times, and what we potentially can do to feel better and function better. This first video will address stress and how detrimental it is to our soul expansion and connection to Spirit…

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  1. I find this a lot in online communities where “the dark ones” are constantly nipping at our heels, “the cabal” is out to kill everyone, and narcissistic vampires are out to deplete and drain our life force energy. There are many more horrible and frightening agendas if we listen to what these people have to say, but these are just a few. It seems that no matter where we turn we are being WARNED about some malicious and terrible future that, according to all of these different scenarios, we can do very little about except follow the sage advice of countless online gurus and their own offered solutions. While I agree with your advice on learning to discern immediate stress vs. subtle stress, one other helpful thing I have noticed is to disengage from people who seem to gather together within the same frequency of fear to just reinforce each others’ needs to find common ground on this level. I’ve noticed at work that if one person is complaining about something or afraid of something, more people will join in the discussion to add their own complaints and fears that match the tone of the discussion. The more it goes on, the deeper and lower the frequency gets for the entire group. I see this even more in online groups. Finding people whose outlook on life is one of positivity, encouragement, and joy helps to elevate others around them and it spreads like a chain reaction among those we encounter. If we surround ourselves with fearful information, we will spread that vibe to others, often unknowingly, as we ingest this harmful information and disseminate it. If we take care of our thoughts and nurture them with a healthy mindset, it can often lead to a more improved mental state which allows for a better perspective than fear and lessens stress. I agree with you on that. Media is just where we get our information. It can be used for good or bad. WE make the choice of what to absorb. So much of this, whether it’s mainstream or alternative media, is nothing more than Plato’s cave and shadow puppets. The fear is often not real. It’s often imagined and made real, in my experience, by the way we project it into the masses for them to create. It always seems to be focused on the “plans” that others (perceived enemies) have for humanity as a collective whether in relatable reality or unrelatable and unknowable realms. Subtle stress can be alleviated by steering yourself away from information that 1) creates a problem for you (that you didn’t even know existed before this person told you about it), 2) tries to get you to react to it in a certain way by manipulating your emotions regarding it, and then 3) offers you a solution that only they know about and can give you. Problem, reaction, solution.
    Good article and good topic!

  2. David Icke is one of those problem, react, solution guys, in my opinion. He educated people on the Hegelian method while doing it himself! Lol He introduces the concept of humanity’s enslavement, which used to be by reptile aliens which he has now changed to archon aliens, scares people about it, then offers a solution for humanity to end their enslavement, aka “buy my book”. Now, we have the news and governments scaring people about a virus (Jab) and we have conspiracy groups scaring us about a virus (jab) only each is trying to convince from their own side. Talk about subtle stress! We get it all around! I started seeing what he was selling everywhere I looked because that was what I was feeding my soul. When I stopped listening to him, it all went away. It’s no longer part of my reality. I realized that it never really was. I created it and allowed it to be and he helped me form that reality. I think a lot of people see that in him and that’s why they are suspicious of him.

    1. But it also lead you to overcome out of it. It’s like dipping your toes in cold water.. I personally have positive feelings towards reptilians.. I can relate even though I don’t hold their qualities anymore. I try not to feed the archons…. But still know they are there.. Waiting like a lion for prey. When we come to such points in our expansion. We see that what we as humans are molded into. Is what allows these entities to exist. They are not monsters or satan, it is us, in some other form thinking we have to suck off others to remain. I call it weakness, we call it normality

  3. I’ve lost count of folk who have said to me I don’t know what to believe any more
    I say belief is a monkey we are sold much like hope
    I don’t believe anything I only know what I KNOW!
    I don’t create any attachments or allow rent free space in my head
    As Wes says 99% of the psyop dross just magically vanishes

  4. @penre

    first question

    you often talked about BUSINESS in sector 9.
    what business could multidimensional beings have?
    new car or dishwasher?

    second question

    Lucifer mined gold from the bowels of the planets.
    this super smart did not own atomic fusion?
    mom didn’t teach?

    1. The business was that of an intetgalatic monoatomic gold and drug smuggling operation. I would have put Marduk in charge of that if I were yaldo.

  5. @Penre


    “…Unless has thought this through down to the smallest electron, he and his minions would hardly escape. The Orion armada would most certainly have blocked all the exits from the solar system, down to the subquantum levels. and the rebellious aquatic Bird Tribe would be annihilated one by one, having their Avatars blown to pieces, and it would be over. Perhaps that would take care of the problem once and for all on a cosmic level, but what would happen to Mother Gaia and the human race? Very few, if any, would survive. These gods, as we know, have technology to blow up planets, regardless of size. As a final revenge, I wouldn’t be surprised if blew our planet to pieces, just before he was annihilated. He would think, “What do I have to lose? After all, it would be the ultimate revenge!””

    Are you ready to die if only is dead?
    Yes or No?

  6. Hi, Wes! 🙂 ENLIL/ZEUS/AMON-RA – “The Lord of Air” is SATAN. In Ephesians 2 SATAN is named “The Prince of Air.” “And you were dead in your trespasses and sins, in which you formerly walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air (Satan), of the spirit that is now working in the sons of disobedience.”—Ephesians 2:1-2. “Eve had sex with The Devil conveying lust to Gentiles.”—Abodah Zarah, 22a. “Gentiles are children of the Serpent that seduced Eve.”—Zohar I, 28b. “Ye are of your Father The Devil, and the lusts of your Father ye will do”—John 8:44. “Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night.”—Quote from the Jewish Talmud. “When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves.”—Quote from the Jewish Talmud. “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not”—Revelation 3:9. Read this Article-

  7. Wes, you told me in the past that if I were to go thru the grid and go to the Orion Empire, I would have a personal meeting with the Queen or Devine Feminine. Well, last night as I was trying to have a OBE, I must have drifted off to dream state as I was soon in a dark room and came upon a female figure that was kneeling on the floor. I approached her from her back and noticed she had long white hair to her waist, parted at her ears and when I observed he in front, her hair was trimmed and styled to go around her face in a circle, very striking! There was a light shining highlighting her head and body from the back. She had a very elegant dark blue long sleeve jacket and had her hands clasped up front. She looked quite beautiful and She was smilling at me but I cannot remember what I said to her. She did not look like any female I know. Could this have been her? I get goose bumps just thinking about it as I do when sense something seems true. Wow. what a dream. It was up front and personal.

  8. I am not logon în my account. I am the same as Artorias Asteria Sophia. I send you that PDF above. THANKS.

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