Amazon Posted my Novel for Purchase this Morning!

By Wes Penre, September 11, 2021

Dear friends!

The first volume in my Fantasy Series, “Ismaril’s Journey,” called “The Book of Secrets,” was posted for purchase on Amazon this morning: .

Thank you so very much for all your support and encouragement over this last year, while I’ve been busy writing and editing! For those who are planning on buying it, will you do me another favor? When you’re done reading it, can you please write a review on Amazon? This is highly important because it’s the reviews that determine the rank on Amazon’s seller list, and it will be easier for the public to find the book the more reviews it has.

The book is also available in Kindle here:

I have already started Book 2, and I’m on the second chapter. So far, it’s coming out really well, and the plot thickens. If the first book was a guideline, it will take me about one year from start to finish, including editing and everything else that goes with it. It has been a very spiritually enhancing journey for me to follow the characters’ reaction to their environment in my fantasy world!

There will be no video posted on this blog until next weekend because I was so busy last week working on publishing the Book of Secrets. The next video will be posted next Saturday, September 18, and it will probably be a Q&A video. So, please send in questions at, and put Q&A in the subject line, so I don’t miss your email. You can ask more than one question if you like.

Love you all!

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  1. Do you know about the Billy Meier case?

    I was reading your website, and your coming from the right place but with wrong information.

    Your are so close.

    Barbara Marciniak is a charlatan, pure and simple. She will eventually come clean.

    A lot of your research will turn out to be illusory if you don’t start out with the true values.

    Saukmuch Lyman,


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