New Forum Up and Running! Guests, Please Sign Up!

by Wes Penre, January 21, 2022

There will be no video this week because I have been working overtime to get a new server and a new forum up and running. Now, it’s done! We’re up again, and you are invited to join!

We are now on a server that is owned by one of my Facebook, and we now are allowed free speech finally! No one is going to take us down because we talk about certain subjects!

We are now using Discourse, and the URL is, Just hit the Sign-Up button and I will accept you! No extra charge for Patrons to join the forum.

Our forum cannot be viewed by anyone from outside. Even Guests need to sign up, but it is free of charge for Guests, just like on the old forum, and you can read from and post in the categories you have access to, which are quite a few.

We have three groups, and you will belong to Group 1, unless you sign up on Patreon–any tier (1-4). It’s the same Patreon address as usual,

  1. Guests. You will have access to some categories.
  2. Tier 1. You will have access to the majority of the categories, including the Guest categories, except a few (four at the moment) that are reserved for Tier 2-4.
  3. Tier 2-4. You will have access to everything.

When you’re signed up, I advise you to start with the category called “GENERAL GUIDELINES” and second, read the category, “LEARNING DISCOURSE,” where I have posted things that may be helpful for new users (and will post more as we go along).

So, let’s go for it! Join us and sign up whenever it’s convenient for you, or not, of course, if forums are not your cup of tea.

Thank you for all your patience!




    We had a problem tonight. People couldn’t sign up on the forum. They got an error message. The issue is taken care of now, so if any of you tried to sign up today, Jan 21, please try again. It should work now. I have gotten quite a few requests since the error was fixed, so it’s up and running again.

    URL: . Just click the Sign Up button in the upper-right corner, and I will approve you manually.

    Sorry for any inconvenience!

  2. Good health to you, Wes!

    I am very glad that you quickly restored the forum.
    I want to give you a little advice for the future. You said it was Facebook. I wonder what the new forum has to do with Facebook.

    Advice. There is software that allows you to archive a forum COMPLETELY, just in case. Use it once every 2 weeks (or 3-4 weeks). Save the entire forum to your computer or to the cloud. Then you can download it back.

    P.S. I registered, waiting for the activation email…

    1. Thanks, Kamil for the backup advice. I do have a daily complete backup method that is completely safe.

      Regarding facebook. I would welcome people from facebook to sign up on the forum as Guests, and if they want to, as Patrons. It’s about letting everybody participate.

  3. Hi Wes, I just re registered for the new forum but I haven’t received an email. Does it take a day or so? Thank you! Julia

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