Video 289: Q&A Session #91

By Wes Penre, January 15, 2022

Questions in this Q&A:

QUESTION 1: When we exit the grid and enter Orion, we’ll retrieve fragments of ourselves and become whole again. This is when we would become our higher selves and see things from a lot more perspectives (I hope I’m saying this idea correctly). So, when this happens, would things we cared about during our experience on earth become meaningless, including promises, as a result of the change, or would we still care about them (although not to the extent that we would want to return)?

QUESTION 2: I had an NDE on October 14, 2017, which has led me to do much researching and self-searching. What was the huge Crystal-like “tree” that I experienced? It was dark all around and reminded me of a giant filming studio but made to look and feel like space. I tried to move forward but I felt like I had a backpack on, which was firmly connected to something behind me.

I never experienced a tunnel, other beings, or a bright comforting light.

I remember being in the most indescribable peace. Nothing mattered, then I heard, “stay with me”, far away in the distance and I returned to my body and immediately vomited.

Ever since then my whole life has changed, though I get a little disturbed that my NDE was so different from the norm. Do you have any insights to where I went?

QUESTION 3: Who is SAMAEL, who also appears in some gnostic texts (Nag Hammadi)? Is he Mars or Mercury? In the Jewish Encyclopedia, “Satan” is also called Samael. In the “Semiphoras of King Solomon”, if they are true, there are two “Lords of Host”:

1. Venus called Adonai Sabaoth (Angel Haniel)

2. Mercury called Elohim Sabaoth (Archangel Michael)

Who is really SAMAEL, which is Satan – the “Accuser” and the “Enemy of Israel” in the Jewish Encyclopedia? I do not fully trust these configurations of the Sephirot & Qliphoth Trees of Kabbalah because I have seen many different configurations. SAMAEL is Mercury or Mars. In King Solomon’s Semiphoras:

—Mars has the throne/seat of judgment and he is the only seraphim or the seraphim chief.

—Mercury / Michael is the leader of the Archangels.

QUESTION 4: How can I find out if I am a Namlu’u or star being?

QUESTION 5: In case that I die during sleep while in a vivid dream, do you think that I realize that I am dead? The same problem I can imagine is that for example, I drink a bottle of whiskey and/or use drugs and die suddenly – would you think that one can distinguish or assess this new situation? Is the drug high or alcohol intoxication feeling also in the astral or only while in the body? The same could be asked when it comes to Alzheimer’s. Is Alzheimer’s only there when we are in the body, or does it hunt us also in the astral? Can I realize it fast enough to exit?

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  1. I have been doing a lot of soul searching after my wife’s death. Everyone has to sign and agree or not agree to get things and do things here in this construct. We were mixed like scrambled eggs before we were entered and had no such thing when we arrived in this construct and cyborg human bodies. We did not sign or remember who or what put us here! Just my thought, that the controllers have total control of all aspects of our experience here. I think that freedom of choice here is a deception. We are only free when we exit this construct! We do not die but are murdered by the controllers who program every bit of what happens from beginning to end of life here. All for their agenda. We have no say in any of this. All to more, to be very eager to exit this demonic construct we are trapped in! This whole experience is a deception! I am ready to exit when my time comes! We need to wake up people!

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