The Move is Completed!

by Wes Penre, March 25, 2022

Yesterday, on March 24, I arrived in Europe, which is from now on going to be my home base. So, I’m back where I started. It’s funny how it works because I feel at home here, even though I’m not in my country of origin. I feel confident that I will love this new place, and it will give me inspiration, too.

It will take a few days or so to establish myself here, but then I will continue as I used to, by following and posting on the forum, writing on the novel, producing videos on this blog, and continuing with my video series on Metaverse and the Road to the Singularity in a perceived linear fashion. After that, we’ll go into new topics, but the Singularity issue is, in my opinion the most urgent because that’s what the virus and the vaccination comes into the picture, and if we look at that in conjunction with the Singularity, we can see the pattern and how it is all connected.

But first, to give me time to dig deeper into this subject and organize it, I will probably release a couple of Q&As first. So, feel free to submit more question at

Thank you for your patience!


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  1. Great to hear, Wes. What about the servers for this website and the forums? Did you also move it there too?

  2. Which you all the best in your new home. A change of environment is sometimes a good idea

  3. If I sign up for your patreon, is there a funds transfer fee if I am in the U.S.? It looks like there is a 2.5% fee added to my pledge if you are in Europe. Is this correct?

    1. No, there shouldn’t be an extra fee because my Patreon account is still operating in the United States, connected to an American bank account and will remain so.

  4. Good luck and stay safe! SERBIA is quite close to the war effort at the moment and has its own share of political tension. I’ve read that their government is extremely corrupt and it could be quite a difficult place for people wanting to relocate and put down roots. Lots of red tape with the police and stuff. Best wishes!

    1. The government is corrupt, but which government isn’t, right? What I like about the Serbian people is that they don’t take s**t from the government, either. In America (and elsewhere) people are afraid of the government, but here it’s the opposite. Don’t mess too much with the Serbs, or they refuse to conform. People here are quite confident, self-determined, and the government has less impact on them than in most other countries. At the same time, they are very friendly people.

      Serbia is not too close to the warzone, but the best part is that they don’t have any real interest in the conflict. It doesn’t mean Serbia is “immune,” but which country is? Not America, either.

    2. I’m from Yugoslavia…the region now called Serbia. Hungarian tho not Serbian. Serbs are arrogant assholes…they’re like Russians but where you get a quiet strength in Russians you get loud boastful and prideful people in the Serbs. They took my father to war the first time and when they came the second time we left as it wasn’t our war. The Serbs did not like how the Bosnians and Albanians were turning Muslim so they were exterminating them before the equally evil NATO stepped in. The place there now is just another shithole and it’s overrun by illegals as, unlike Hungary, Serbia didn’t lock the border. There are tensions brewing there again between Serbs and that small breakaway region Serbia still claims.

      1. Word. I played international basketball years ago. The Serbian players were known: meanest a holes of them all. Also the most enjoyable to play against. In my experience wes is correct. They don’t take crap from anybody. They were the only ppl who dared to hit me in the mouth when I went to far with my bully Ball style.

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