Video 295: Q&A Session #95

By Wes Penre

Questions in this Q&A Sessions

QUESTION 1:  I know you’ve always said not to trust any channeled material as they are from within this world and are working for the dark side, so I was particularly curious to know what you thought when an entity mentions that “all power is from the light.” Your point that the astral is thought responsive answers my question and reveals that this is the one thing they never seem to mention – that we are always in control, even in death, because consciousness never dies. These entities disempower people by scaring them with ‘limbo’ whilst claiming to want to help them!

QUESTION 2: I’ve been following Andrew Bartzis for a while. He can read the Earth’s Akashic records (and those of many other planets in the universe). According to him, and if I understand him correctly, the Earth has been deleted from existence 3 times before and started over again. We are currently living the 4th ‘attempt.’ What is your take on that?

QUESTION 3: Last year I had a traumatic near-death experience. I remember gasping horrifically as I was rushed to the hospital. An overwhelmingly powerful sense of bliss came over me. I was ready to let it all go. When we made it to the hospital, I thankfully got the help I needed, but ever since the experience I haven’t been the same.

I feel like some deep part of me is broken somehow – I’ve had many panic attacks after the incident, and many moments where I’ve literally broken down in tears. I’m 23, and I fear that I might’ve experienced something I wasn’t ready to handle. When I pray to Higher Self, I feel a strong force begin to bubble up inside me – it’s a feeling I could only describe as ‘beautiful and nurturing’. I almost always cry tears of bliss when it comes and washes my sense of terror away.

However, eventually that terror always returns. Everyday life has become so difficult, and I’ve grown so tired. I want to live as a normal 23-year-old again. Do you think my NDE somehow damaged the part of myself known as the ‘ego/soul’?

And could you kindly offer any advice on how to possibly deal with all of this?

QUESTION 4: Can you please elaborate on Karma?  What does it mean in the metaphysical world? Does Gnosis mention Karma? Do we inherit Karma from ancestors? Do we create our own Karma by wrong doings?

Please provide as much information as possible as I have read so many different scenarios but from the religious point of view in which I am trying to unlearn and relearn from a metaphysical meaning. 

QUESTION 5: In one of your videos, you mentioned that we reincarnate into the same life over and over again; that is if we focus on that life the most. Then if we go through the tunnel of light our souls become splintered and we arrive back to this life, traumatized. Does mental health play a role in soul traumatization and are those people who suffer from mental illness developing his or her diagnosis based on the soul being traumatized from the previous life?

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  1. Re: Question 1: In reference to that oft repeated lie that all power comes from the light: Common sense would suggest otherwise. Light is an effect, albeit it dominant effect of vibrational frequencies. That being the case the power lies elsewhere. In the physical dynamic of galaxies, stars and planetary systems stars derive fuel from the primordial gas called the watery deep in the scriptures. Keeping in mind that water in our world, despite the sensations of measurable mass is in fact comprised of gases.

    Space is not a vacuum. Sure you can’t breathe in space but neither can you breathe underwater with taking what you can breathe with you. All that said, that statement, ” All power comes from the light” is another blatant lie. All power comes from that deepest darkness in which light is suspended. That darkness, blackness if you will is at the core of tiniest micro particle. It molds light into vast galaxies and spins it into existence. It is the Supreme Consciousness, the mind of your mind, being of your being. Hope that helps you some.

  2. Just a notice about Gnostics and Karma, The word Heimarmene in ancient and modern Greek language both means karma, so kenoma universe is equal to karma.

    1. I forget to mention, because is obvious for Greeks, that kenoma means emptiness or empty space…

  3. Wes. have you seen this interesting video by Dan Winter? Star Gates & Portals, Amazing info for sure.

  4. Are you going to speak to and/or present anything that relates to the Russian war on Ukraine?

  5. Wes penre totally needs to write about tartaria or tar arya(n) whatever words may be. Lots of threads he could tie together if he wanted to and its so fascinating.
    One lady was speculating about hidden history, timelines, the kingdom of christ and a period refered to in revelations as the little season and how it pertains to where we are today if tartaria or the last reset sceniro of 300 yrs ago was indeed true.
    Cmon wes…….you’d have fun!!!

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