Unity Consciousness

By Adriaan de Rijk

I have just read Adriaan de Rijk’s e-book, “Unity Consciousness,” and it really caught my attention. So, I decided to share it with you, as well.

It’s only 42 pages long, written in short paragraphs, and it is a very easy read. I highly recommend it to everybody, and I think he hit the nail on the head with this book. It is a well-thought-out essay about how our consciousness works on various levels, and how emotions can trick us, but also, on some “higher” levels are still beneficial for us and our decision making.

We humans were/are equipped with a wide range of emotions. It was given to us as a gift, so we could more efficiently navigate Gaia once upon a time. Now, we are stuck under a Dome and a Grid, and our emotions are often used against us by the Controllers to manipulate our perceptions of reality. This becomes clear in the book.

But there are certain levels of emotions which we, homo sapiens sapiens, are still in control over. Now, it’s “just” a matter of taking back the rest of our emotional package from the hijackers, or at least being able to recognize when we are reactive rather than proactive and consciously active and creative beings.

As you can imagine, these are important distinctions…

Here is the URL to Adriaan’s blog: https://vitalinformationsources.com/ .

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