Video 296: Q&A Session #96

By Wes Penre, April 8, 2022

Questions in this Session:

QUESTION 1: Is history, as explained in history books, correct about the last 500 years? I saw a video of Ankaraman, where he said the last deluge was 300 years ago, with good points. Especially regarding old buildings. Is this true?

QUESTION 2: I might be very sick and not be able to get better. I do not wish to live like this. If you ask your doctor for euthanasia, will this decision interfere with me exiting the grid? It is the doctor who will kill me (by my own choice) and I already have no reason to stay here, except being in bed all day. I hope you can answer in a way. It is very important to me, to avoid reincarnation.

QUESTION 3: There was something you stated either in a Q&A or one of your Metaverse writings recently about our bodies being like a battery.  That made me think about a scene from the film “The Matrix.”  It is when Morpheus informs Neo about “the Matrix” draining one’s energies into a battery for sustenance.  Is “The Matrix” a depiction of The Singularity where those who take the blue pill are more or less automatons and the rebels such as Morpheus, Trinity, Neo, et al. are like the off-gridders who want no part of the illusion?

QUESTION 4: Hi Wes!!! The bodies we had as Namlu’u, were they wispy etheric, like whisks of smoke? Would I be correct in that summation? I’m trying to explain to my wife what to expect when we escape these physical bodies.

QUESTION 5: I heard about “work on yourself and raise your vibration”. What difference does it really make if one “raises their vibration”? This “raising your vibration” has always sounded like new-age to me, which is also constructed to keep people in the grid.

I’m not using this an excuse to be a “bad person,” but raising our vibration within the grid is a relative term and perhaps even an oxymoron.

Plus, let’s say hypothetically, someone is horrendously trafficked and controlled thru, say, drug addiction.

If​ that person ended up speaking to someone about exiting the grid, and this made sense to them, they would be able to exit in theory, correct?

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  1. “Old temples and so-called “religious buildings,” for example, supposed to have been built many centuries ago, were most likely built by a previous, more technologically advanced civilization, who had the capacity to build these structures, which the people of the Middle Ages did not, obviously, even though we’ve been told they were the once building them.”

    The mud flood theory is full of disinformation and poor research. The idea that humans did not have the technological or cognitive ability to produce grand and complicated architecture is false. This is much of what the organization of Freemasonry was founded on, going all the way back to King Solomon (B.C. era). The knowledge of mathematics and sacred geometry was only given to a very elite and select group of master masons and so that only THEY had the “keys” to build these fantastic structures. If everyone was taught this knowledge of building, then the profession of being a master mason (stone builder) would be available to everyone, which they did not want for various reasons. We still continue this tradition with many occupational trades such as master electrician, master plumber, master craftsman, etc.

  2. I would love your take on history :D. I bet you have amazing research on this. It’s a really populair subject right now, it would be a great addition to the world wide awakening.

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