A Number of my Videos Now Posted on YouTube!

By Wes Penre, May 15, 2022

The ban has now been lifted on my YouTube channel after a strike, so yesterday and today, I have posted several videos on YouTube. Please check them out and subscribe and hit the notification bell. It helps me a lot because the more likes and subscriptions, the higher up my videos rank in the YouTube algorithm.


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  1. I’m glad your YouTube channel is back. I’ve read some amazing comments on your videos years back. Some I still think about.

  2. I’m not sure where to put this comment. I was told by a man that the planet Lyra is where the white race of people come from, also black people, who are hybrids. These are starseed beings. He told me my Lyran DNA is more activated because of my green eyes. I asked if I could share this information and he said I could. I started doing more research and it started to make a lot of sense. The planet Lyra is no more, apparently. I meet people now and mention Lyran starseed and they are open with discussing it with me. It’s pretty much opened up a different view on this reality for me. The color green is their sign, you can see it around you. Many of them now do stem back to Ireland. And then from Ireland, back to Atlantis, possibly. Though, Atlanteans don’t have the best reputation. The ancient world, either way.

    A lot of what is going on is a turf war, it’s always an expansion of an empire. One big land grab. It’s based upon two cosmic houses, the snake and the dragon. They take turns ruling the Earth. Now is the time for the snake and the New Age. There’s been many New Ages in the past. What’s happening is a change of guards. But the old one, the dragon doesn’t want to let their power go over to the snake family again. This could also be reversed, maybe the dragons do think it’s their time again. History lies, so you’d have to have the correct accounts.

    If this makes any sense to anyone, you can look up Lyran starseeds more. Orion is a factor, but not all of us come from there.

    The thing about being a starseed is, it’s the DNA that matters, we get information easier to us through our DNA being activated, it activates through information being shared. I’ve noticed it activating when I’m around certain people. It does not mean an elite ruling class should take place on this Earth, based upon DNA (bloodlines), I disagree with this. I want to make that clear. I also do my part in activating other’s DNA too. I’m sure Wes knows what I’m talking about.

    The planet Lyra, or dimension, or realm, however you see it, first had cat people, sounds strange, it just gets stranger. It’s the main planet where humanoids came from. In the scheme of things, being a starseed is important, however Spirit is greater than the soul and the soul bodies. The soul body of a Lyran, or Orion, or Sirian etc. is different than humans, or the sub-race that was created.

    This is not our war. It’s a fight between two houses. They also want to evolve, this is why they created the sub-race of humans to work out their issues in and eventually evolve. It’s a big deal to them too.

    I talk to people about this a lot, random people I meet. I know these meetings are on purpose. And only we comprehend our discussions, everyone else isn’t listening, or they just think we’re talking about a scifi movie, or something. It’s rather funny. Actually, all of this is hilarious I find. I’m always laughing, I take none of it too seriously. When you integrate things you lighten up a lot.

    The ruling class starseeds believe in maximization, whereas, other people like myself are minimalists and more connected to Spirit and not materialism. They also teach starseed information to their children, they all know openly. I’ve even discussed it with some of them.

    Most of what Wes says makes sense to me. This was an addition to things. Wes already said that the Lyran race were a part of the human experiment, actually, it was the Oirons, Lyrans and the Sirians who were a part of it. I think he mentioned that too. Apparently the Sirians had a different idea about the experiment. Lots of infighting among these three, until most of them threw up their arms and said “forget it, I’m going back home”. Most of this place is an abandoned experiment.

    I understand, or innerstand more why I am the way I am, it’s because of my DNA. I seek answers, because that’s the codes in my genetics. It’s ancient genetics. My friend told me they want to get rid of the clairvoyants on this Earth, because we see through the lies.

    Snakes are supposed to be gentle creatures, obviously, yes, they do have a bite to them, same as dragons, though they are firey ones. The green eyed people are some of the most gentle people in the universe and the rarest, however, the most rarest and kindest are the grey eyed people. Us green eyed people have a connection to cats, since we share the same DNA. Some Lyrans also have light brown eyes. Physical attributes are the indicators of how much Lyran and other starseed races’ DNA is active. And some people who know the signs, won’t tell you the signs.

    I have also met dragons who are very gentle and kind too and I’ve befriend them. However, they can be quick to anger. These two houses will work out their differences, I believe, I’ve already done my part in assisting this. I’m here to create balance and build a bridge between these two houses and their factions. We do it by our subtle energy, our lack of fear and our strong connection to others. I have the ability to be friends with most people. And transmute anything to love.

    Just recently I met another green eyed women, we felt a swarm of really good feelings by being around each other, akin to taking LSD. She kept saying, “I’m getting chills while we talk, are you?” We did at the same time. I coined a phrase, I called it, the holy, divine shivers up my spine. And yes, I agree with protecting our chakras. I practice this. We only have one real one, once connected to it.

    Transmutation and integration is our evolution here. The graph of the Lyrans is a triangle with one side that says positive and the other side says negative, and the integration, transmutation point is the center. To reach neutrality. Sounds basic, though it takes effort to achieve. Practice makes perfect. And also, try, try again, don’t beat yourself up too much. You need to become your own support line.

    There’s too much one way, or the other on this planet, too much duality, polarity. Wes says that a lot, of course it’s true. We can learn to be more gentle and caring to one another once we understand and innerstand our forefathers who created the human body. Many of their traits were copied into this vessel. If some of us can work through these things, then so can they. It just takes effort.

    Meanwhile, we don’t need to be a part of their war.

    (Feel free to share this message with others if you like and as always, do your own research).

  3. We are The Subtle Energies Commission.

    Everyone needs to learn to get along at the cosmic dinner table. Some people get asked to leave, while others are still willing to reconcile.

    Bring new things to the table, this is what is needed and also the forefathers are open to listening to new ideas. After all, most people are them now.


    The Zodiac exposes that there are two main signs. A person I know said that there is only two.


    This is the graph of The Lyrans, I’ve remade. The evolution of a starseed.

    Thanks Wes. I’m grateful for your information and your website and videos. I just wanted to share with the community here.

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