Video 302: Q&A Session #99

By Wes Penre, May 20, 2022 @ 5:45 CET

Questions in this Session:

QUESTION 1: You and many others mentioned that low vibrational entities are not immortal beings. Since death is an illusionary concept, what would happen to the experience of these beings?

QUESTION 2: In the Wes Penre Papers (WPP), I believe it was level 2, you talked about your brief interaction with Utu Shamash, and he had a message or statement to humanity from the King of Nibiru which could be summed up as Annunaki/Archon propaganda. How scared were you? This must have been a nearly terrifying ordeal communicating with Utu who is Belias/Marduk.

QUESTION 3: Can a child within the Global Elite or even Global Elite members themselves learn to develop “compassion and empathy”? I know the Elite lack these things, just like the archons, and just like the artificial soul, but is it possible for them to attain these very “human” attributes? I heard in a talk/session with Laura Eisenhower that she can deprogram certain individuals and I’m assuming the mentioned above is what she’s talking about. What are your thoughts about this?

QUESTION 4: Will Enki be the one to initiate the attack on Orion, if so, what will be the consequences for his minions the construct and others that may still be in the construct?

QUESTION 5: Since the Kenoma will be destroyed and Earth will be merged back to Gaia, how will the Divine Forces revert the contamination of Nature on Earth? Will it be through Orion Technology or other means?

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  1. Yes i meant those without spirit. Demons, archons, npc’s etc. So the life experience of an ai/npc soul just stops, after the destruction of the kenoma? What would they experience after this?

        1. Yes, you could say that because this is Sophia’s Universe–it’s her creation. It would not be too farfetched to say that the entire Universe is inside Sophia’s Mind, and so are we. It’s like if you daydream and create an entire story in your head with characters and everything. These characters and that universe exists in your mind. Then pretend you could transform your daydream outward and manifest it in a physical form. The characters are still ultimately in your mind (a mind’s creation) even though they also exist “outside” yourself, if this makes sense. But both the inside and outside is your creation. So, if you destroy a character in your mind, it just ceases to exist.

          This is a crude comparison, but a decent analogy, I believe.

  2. Hey, Wes! I hope you’re doing very well :))
    My question is: how would they repent if they are artificial souls, then they could never become a compassionate being?
    Do you think they could get a spirit from Sofia after their redemption?
    Thanks for your precious work!

    1. @Luisa I’m doing great, thank you! Sabaoth, who is also an Archon, repented, even though he was not Spirited. The artificial souls, created by technology, can’t repent–they were created in the Matrix. A “robot” can’t repent. But other souls, who are here, but not spirited, can repent and be compassionate. The only difference between spirited humans and these souls is that the latter lack ability to create with their minds and manifest it and make it “stick.” That’s something Spirit does (and the soul is just the tool in Sophia’s Universe.)

  3. Hi Wes… Appreciate your research and read all of your material; I do disagree with some of your conclusions, but we’re mostly in agreement 🙂

    I’m interested on why you are saying that life “outside the kenoma” is based on silicone – the digital world is also based on silicone… ? Aren’t we trying to avoid being caught up into it?


  4. Silicone based outside the Kenoma? How did you get to that idea? Whats with the push for net zero carbon emissions now?
    Interesting as always…..thanks

    1. Some people have asked about that. It’s too much to go into here, but eventually, I will release information on that, as well. But it has to be released in context, or the term “silicon” will be confused with computer chips, for example.

      1. Will you go into depth about the nature of those two molecules and how they might behave under a different set of non Kenoma physics?
        That sounds like a fun topic!!

        Less q and a….more research papers……love it!!

  5. Hi, Wes! How are you doing? Thank you so much for answering Question 5 which I emailed to you a few months ago. This is the first time I heard that Gaia is silicon-based. Can you further clarify this one? It’s very interesting, regardless.

    Have a great day as always!! ♥️

    1. Some people have asked about that. It’s too much to go into here, but eventually, I will release information on that, as well. But it has to be released in context, or the term “silicon” will be confused with computer chips, for example.

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