I will Post Trailers on YouTube, Starting Now!

By Wes Penre, August 4, 2022

I will start posting trailers on YouTube, redirecting the visitors to Bitchute. I believe this will attract more visitors to my videos after my previous YouTube channel was terminated by YouTube.

Now we’ll see if YouTube even lets me keep the trailers up. Should be interesting.

Please watch this three-minute video to get all the information:

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  1. You probably didn’t get your account deleted for the information. You used a lot of copyrighted images in your videos and that violates their TOS for monetized channels. That’s not censorship. As llong as you use original images or copyright free images, you’re probably good.

    1. I was not monetized, though, and these kinds of pictures I have used in my YT videos for years when I had my channel up. It’s the same kind of pictures most people use.

  2. Way to go Wes. I believe we need to put as much truth to these hostile platforms, as I call them. As much as we can get away with that is. It’s all about planting seeds folks if your a true conscience human being, seeds will bloom.

    1. That is exactly my thought, too, Anon. I don’t care if I put it on the Oval Office’s network, so long as people can see it. if you get the drift

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