Q&A Session #1, August 2022

By Wes Penre, Aug. 5, 2022

Questions in this Session:

QUESTION 1: What do you say about diseases and different conditions and aliments?

QUESTION 2: What are dreams? Do you think we go somewhere? I know I have had dreams of places I don’t ever remember physically going, only to dream of them many times, sometimes many years apart, and in different contexts, as if they really exist and I am just visiting.

And the other people in our dreams, I rarely ever know them, they seem simply other ordinary people like me. Are they dreaming the same dream, but dreaming of me?

QUESTION 3: You mentioned reprogramming at least 21-days to 30-days.  Which is best?  21-days or 30-days or does it depend on the issue?  Also, is it best to write out affirmations or speak them out loud verbally for reprogramming?  What would be the best solution?

QUESTION 4: This is a somewhat long question, but I want to include it all:

In light of the foundation model of mortal life – (mandated continuous murder of other life to survive and all the agony it entails for the losers),

Why do Gnostics presume this to be an error?

Isn’t it just possible that (Source) God is not love? That our need to survive causes us to presume that God is love? I don’t see any evidence for it whatsoever.

Secondly, the problem with needing esoteric knowledge to escape the Matrix seems inherently elitist, limited to those of high intelligence. This is the best our holy father can do? Is he a Mason or something? I thought the weak mattered whereas this idea of esoteric practices for the elite is more akin to Satanism.

And what of animals? What “lessons” are they learning in a slaughterhouse? What is their exit? They do have souls, in my observation. They mourn, love, etc. Unless I come across some other insight – none of it washes for me. I have no confidence in Source.

QUESTION 5: Where do “aborted” souls go? Back to the BLA (Between Lives Area)? It is my understanding that based off metaphysics, the soul is fully within the unborn body three to four months before coming out the womb.

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      1. Wes can you do a blog or article on exactly why you think Kim Goguen is a fraud. Alot of people I know are following her.

        1. I don’t want to make articles and videos on other people in that sense. It’s best that each person figures things out for themselves. If someone likes a certain researcher, it’s a part of that person’s path, until they move on.

      2. Exactly, she lied about everything that is happening in Ukrain and Russia! I think she is on russian FSB ( like CIA) payroll. And the rest is just made up.

    1. Unfortunately, she is a fraud, just making things up. Very talented in it though. Now collecting $100 from her followers to listen to what Creator sent her to do here on Earth. She claimed to be in charge of Earth instead of Marduk , that she killed, while we are going through Covid, lockdowns, chemtrails, war in Ukrain ( she was saying that it is ” not real”!).Psy op.

  1. I’ve got a comment about the Soul only being in the fetus three to four months before birth, just wondering what your source is for that. I have heard that it’s much sooner than that in fact they have seen babies with real personalitys etc two or three months maybe 4 months into it. Showing to me that they are Spirited at that point. However who knows the real answer but yes I would agree that killing is the right term before the Soul is Spirited and it would be murder after. I use uppercase S for Soul to distinguish between the artificial soul.

  2. “The true God is feminine in nature and benevolent. Thus, God is actually a Goddess”

    Really? So, are you saying that the original Source of Creation was completely feminine? That is just trading misogony for misandry, isn’t it? Both are extremely flawed creations when only the masculine or only the feminine is allowed expression. Your labeling of this reality as a “Patrix” is a clear indication of your rejection of the masculine principle. The Gnostic literature clearly describes a masculine and feminine dynamic that are combined and moved into creation. To have an ALL feminine universe would be to have a creation that was spawned from ONLY the feminine aspect of Source – that would be what happened when Sophia “fell”. In this narrative, creation happened ONLY from the feminine perspective. That sounds like what you are saying is the “true God”? I’m sorry, but NO. It was a distortion of creation and the result was an abomination. It makes no sense to me that you would call this “God” when the Source of Creation is ALL things – abomination included, and more.

    There is benevolent feminine and benevolent masculine. There is also distorted and corrupted feminine and masculine. Everything is on the table for experience, and not just OUR experiences but the experiences of ALL the players in the universe. Why would masculine experience be excluded? Feminine energy is pure chaos without the direction of a masculine counterpart. That’s why “she’s” the Dragon of Chaos. She’s no “loving mommy”. She couldn’t be. She’s incomplete – a half expression; a half creation. In “her” state of incompleteness, she BECAME the state of matter known to us as the Demiurge. In other words, she descended into matter. She didn’t give birth to the Demiurgic matter-creation because states of Source consciousness don’t give birth, so to speak, but we have to tell the tale, don’t we? She IS this realm of creation. Everything you condemn about your reality and that which you are trying to escape (or “exit”, your words don’t change your intention no matter what you call it), is HER. And for all intents and purposes, it seems like SHE is US. There’s no Beautiful Goddess waiting to take you into her arms. When we reject HER, we reject ourselves, and vice versa. We are intimately and vitally connected. Lucifer? It’s HER. Yaldabaoth? It’s HER. Shadow? It’s HER.

    The feminine power structure of such an unbalanced and distorted creation is just as toxic as a masculine one would be. Learn about the feminine archetypes and their shadow counterparts. These have been described throughout civilizations in such literary characters as Medusa, Lilith, Kali, Eve, and Mary Magdalene, and Isis, to name few. These aren’t REAL goddesses. These aren’t “Sophia” or the “Queen of Orion”. Titles such as these are just used to convey the concept of the Dark Feminine Archetype in a very broad and convoluted interpretation of how the Universe works at an alchemical soul level. These, like others, are just allegorical stories to describe and interpret the stages and processes of maturing soul alchemy in different ways depending on the culture, the language, and the people who the story was being told to/written for. You, Wes, have done the same by reinterpreting these same icons and archetypes for your audience and using the framework of your own papers to convey meaning and context. You’ve given them context by reinterpreting them into your Orion tale. There is much to be learned from these comparisons, to be sure, but they don’t exist outside of the individual. (There are ones for Dark Masculine, too, by the way. We have BOTH expressions here in this duality realm where we are persuaded to choose one or the other – both are toxic when the other is excluded.)

    Don’t mistake them for being real. Being “real” takes them and makes them external from our own experience. To see them as only being external characters in a play or drama, instead of parts of the SELF, is psychological detachment from the SELF. There are just as many archetypical characters in Grimm’s Fairy Tales, but we don’t think Cinderella or Snow White were/are actual people or ETs, do we? The same principle and context applies, only we are all adults now telling adult fairy tales, aren’t we? There is very much growing up of the inner child to do here.

    So, if ALL is just HER, then where is HE? That’s what we all came to find, maybe. The Father. This was the Christ’s teachings, so it seems. Don’t confuse the matter with the “One who came in his likeness” or the one who was crucified and all that garbage. Forget Thoth (another archetype and NOT a living being, sorry). ALL of that is a distraction from the message. If you are worried more about who is who and which one did what and to whom and when rather than actually seeking the message that is found in story then you might have missed the signposts that were placed there to point you/us in the direction we should go. The gnosis might just be in finding the existence of God within you; finding the Father. This entire lesson and story has become so convoluted, misinterpreted, directly contaminated, and indirectly misunderstood that we miss the ONLY thing that is important.

    Stop hoping that the universe will be destroyed. All that really indicates is that you wish your own destruction and the destruction of all life in it. That is doom-speak and fear projection, and ultimately rejection of one’s own life, for various reasons – none of them having to do with any hidden or nefarious agenda outside of one’s own mind. We aren’t seeking doom here. We aren’t seeking annihilation or destruction of anything. That’s the darkness in your mind projecting out to try and corrupt the realities of others. No – We are seeking the complete opposite – complete wholeness of creation and fulfillment of LIFE.

    The degree to which you are afraid is directly correlated to how strongly you warn others of impending doom. Many allegorical stories for that, too. lol Chicken Little, anyone?


    You are not a prisoner. There is no one and nothing controlling your thoughts that you don’t allow. En.ki and ALL these other names are completely irrelevant and of no concern unless you find them creating havoc in your own mind. They didn’t do that, though, YOU did. You took another’s reality/imagination and made it your own.

    Yes, I’m sure there are others in the universe who are also going through stages of development, but that’s not our concern.

    The only way to change your reality is to change your perspective.

    1. “The gnosis might just be in finding the existence of God within you; finding the Father. ”

      Why Father? Did your father give birth to you? I bet it was your mother. Also, if you are a male, weren’t you still a female in your mother’s womb at first, like everybody else, before a certain time during the gravity when you turned into a male?

      Doesn’t female come before male in creation (as above so below, to quote “Thoth”)? If so, why is God Masculine?

      I am not excluding the masculine from Creation; I’m just saying that the feminine came first. It’s a feminine universe, not a masculine. That doesn’t mean the masculine is not a part of the universe.

      To better understand how I came to my conclusions, if you’re interested, it’s here: wespenre.com/ .

  3. Folks, I started my Awakening in the early 90s when I seen old man Bush going into the gulf with his shock and awe BS. I I asked a question then which led me quite happenstance to David Icke’s book “and the truth shall set you free”. From there I discovered Sitchens anunnaki stories which turned out to be BS as well because he wrote it into a benevolent setting where Enki was some true creator God. However he brought me out of my boxed religion belief system. After finding the WPP papers 1 through 5, thanks to Wes, true enlightenment started happening. Then with level 6 written by Wes and Ariel just put a great cap on everything. Truly good stuff in my mind, and the right stuff. So along with Wes, Mark Passio, David Icke, and Alex Jones. I started building my arsenal of Truth, however nobody can get it all right, that is why we are here, that is why this is a great mystery, that is why Christ didn’t tell us exactly what was going on, we have to come to this through our heart and through discernment and true Agape Love. I just thought I would say that at this time in this realm because we really need to truly put the Truth out there however well we know it at this time. God bless.

  4. I would like to also add that we need Unity at this time like never before people need to stop in- fighting and start really figuring the stuff out to help others OUT as well.

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