What the gods Have in Mind for Us (Future Timeline)

By Wes Penre, August 13, 2022

It appears to me that those who follow my research are used to watching the videos and reading the transcripts based on this particular blog rather than Bitchute or others. Therefore, I will continue posting videos here, but also always backing them up at my Bitchute channel at https://www.bitchute.com/channel/0QQEIkTlvwzt/ . I will also continue posting excerpts from the Wes Penre papers at my second Bitchute account: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/04f5ESguSbB6/.

Excerpt from this new video: “In the Wes Penre Papers, and ever since, I have stressed that we, the Spirited Souls, aka the Namlu’u/Aryans, are creator gods. No, we are not going to become creator gods—we already are. What does this mean? Listen to or read this narrative very carefully because it is super-important…”

Watch on Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/caeisO3TMQMe/ (If you have RealPlayer, you can download the video from this Bitchute site).

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  1. Hi Wes, thank you for the above video. I can confirm that recently I’ve been told by my HigherSelf that I am a creator god too. I have come across this knowledge in the Slavic-Aryan Vedas few years ago. As you put it a spirited soul in Vedas is a being with a soul+spirit+zhivatma. Zhivatma is something like a primordial spark of God (a protruding hand of God). Zhivatma cannot be destroyed unlike a soul or spirit. Spirited souls originate from the 16th dimension and above, unlike unspirited souls were created within the 12D matrix and have soul+spirit only.

  2. “Your support helps me continue doing what I’m doing. Without it, I can’t continue with my videos and research.”

    Do you have any new areas of research you are currently working on? I went back through your video posts for this blog and got as far back as December 2021, before I stopped looking, without seeing any new information. If people have read your Singularity book and your papers, then everything you have been making videos on for the past year is already familiar.

    Lately, most videos have been centered around your announcements and attempts to create multiple channels on multiple platforms. You’ve changed directions so many times, I hardly know where to find your stuff anymore. Maybe that’s a problem for people? Too many changes in operation and too many “go to this site”…”wait, no go to this site instead”…”wait….no, go back to this site, I changed my mind…”

    Do you see what I mean? If I have to go to this channel for these videos and another channel for those videos and this website for yet another…it’s not very cohesive and consistent. You’re all over the place. Choose something and stick with it, maybe? Just a thought.

    For those of us who are considering donating to your efforts so that you can continue to research, maybe you can shed a little light on what you are currently researching? Otherwise, it seems like you are just focused on reworking and reinterpreting your already-published material. Nothing wrong with that! It’s just that money is really tight now with the cost of living increasing, daily it seems, and I don’t want to pay money to listen to you narrate something I already read on my own five years ago when I could use that money for something else. The videos add some imagery to the material, and that’s nice for some, but I’m trying to really limit the time I spend watching videos these days. If you’ve got any new information or a new direction, then I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

    1. @Anonymous Thanks for your input. I’ll reply from my perspective, explaining a little more what I’m doing and why I am doing it.

      Sorry for my late response. I’ve been so busy.

      Let’s start with the many channels I have. Yes, I agree this is unfortunate. The reason for this is because of censorship. I had my entire YouTube channel taken down recently for just talking about the WPP and subjects around them. Others have had their channels taken down, too, without even mentioning Koo-vidd (which I didn’t, either).

      So, after my YT channel was terminated, I created three channels on three platforms, so people can choose which one they want to watch my videos at, and the plan was to always have backups. And this blog is still the “hub,” telling people where to go. Tbh, I prefer YT because it has the coolest features, and if I were allowed there, I would stay with YT only. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen, apparently.

      Regarding “nothing new:” I think it’s a little nonchalant to just skim through the videos and say there is “nothing new” all the way back from the first ones to present time. That is not true. These videos are slowly building on the WPP–slowly for a reason. IMO, the information in the WPP is crucial for anyone who wants to leave this Matrix. Therefore, some things need to be repeated on a regular and irregular basis, so that as many people as possible will get the information (most people only listen to recent videos). Thus, you see a whole section on this blog with “exiting through the Grid” info, for example. There are certain things that are part of the heart of my research, and I am here to let as many people as possible take part in that info. Then, of course, they can take it to their hearts or discard it–that’s up to each person.

      Research that is relevant to leaving this Matrix is released on my channels (and on my forum at wespenreboards.com–registration is free even for non-Patrons) and will continue being so. There is no use for me to dig into things, such as whether Draco Reptilians are real–that’s irrelevant. I concentrate on information that will help us exit this Matrix, although sometimes, I might post something more general because I feel like it, but mostly, the video releases usually have something to do with leaving the Matrix. My research is, more often than not, revolving around that in one way or another.

  3. Beautifully said Wes. I would consider this a true Wake Up call for humanity. However I’ve always had one question about the TTP,. If the AIF had lost their creative abilities how did they have the technology to begin with to transfer to us during the Eisenhower.period? I do remember when I was studying boolean language many years ago, that this had to come from somewhere else. And how could they even have dreamed up a singularity? Or was that us? thanks for all you do man and just disregard the naysayers they’re trying to keep you off track.

    1. @Anon The technology the Invaders have at their disposal comes from Orion. They stole Orion technology around the time when they invaded our solar system.

      Exactly when and how the Singularity was dreamed up, I don’t know. But I do know that En.ki and the Khan Kings have the EL-ite minions to work for them, and I am quite convinced the idea to the Singularity was “dreamed up” by a Spirited human, working within the EL-ite network–perhaps even without understanding that they were doing humanity is disfavor. Once it was dreamed up, the Invaders could start acting on it. It’s like the analogy with a paper: give an Archon a blank sheet of paper, and he doesn’t know what to do with it. Then draw a house on the paper, and the Archon can start working on and expanding upon that.

  4. Thanks Wes, I was thinking along those same lines too I was also thinking that the alien invader Force, those solar systems that they did conquer, maybe they stole it from those as well. The more I look at this too I can see why the greater universe doesn’t want us to willy-nilly going out there with the Archon mindset. Folks please really work on yourself before leaving the Patrix!

  5. Just a question where is the sources for everything he speaks about? Does he link sources in the WPP papers?

  6. But who says Sophia is in Orion. The whole universe is affected. You have to think more broadly. Going to Orion does not solve anything, you will still be trapped.

    1. No, please read the Wes Penre Papers (WPP) at wespenre.com, Level 2, 4, and 5. Orion is the same as the Greater Universe, outside the Matrix–I am not referring to the star constellation Orion. So, there is really no other place to go than to Orion. Even our Matrix is in Orion–only isolated and under control by negative beings. Sophia is definitely in Orion

  7. Great Video,Wes….I dissolve,heal and transmute the negative control mechanisms, into Prime Creator,to cancel their action and any reaction on my part….as I operate from My Heart Center and Origin of Being…
    Your reminder to cancel these gaslighting energies,is very helpful!
    Thank You for your wonderful work!

  8. I’d like to see you research the timelines and narratives presented in the Bible or other texts ala tartaria/kingdom of christ on earth….the little season….consumption of the ages etc. Their orders and events.
    If yaldo is doctoring these texts and rewriting his-story then why? Do the archons know something of onion’s timetable for the experiment? Does enki want to fool humans into thinking we are earlier or later in the game? And can we piece to-get-her a better picture of where we are now? A thousand years in your life is but a day in the watch of the night. Enoch’s calandar…..all kinds of direction one could go there.
    Thanks Wes good stuff!!!

  9. Hey Wes,
    Have you looked into Tom Campbell’s material at all?
    I’m currently reading through his My Big TOE Trilogy and I’m finding it quite illuminating.
    There might be some material he has that you could incorporate into your work, he was one of the people who helped Robert Monroe do the research at the Monroe Institute back in the 70’s and Tom has been continuing his research through direct experimentation ever since.

    Tom’s Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/twcjr44

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