Q&A Session #2, December 2022

By Wes Penre, December 14, 2022

Hello, and welcome to the second Q&A for December! Hope you’re all doing well! Please send more questions at wespenre2@gmail.com, and put Q&A in the subject line.

Question 1: Before the current time when there are many holes in the grid it is possible to escape Enki’s matrix, was there any occasion in the past, since the grid was established, where it was also possible to escape the matrix as is possible today?  If yes, was there anyone who managed to escape and return to Orion?

Comment: There were allegedly some holes in the Grid to start with, based on new information I have found. Personally, I think En.ki needed to leave a few holes so some light could come into the Matrix. Light carries information, and some information must come in here for the Overlords to be able to navigate the System. The limitation is in our physical bodies, who are programmed to only perceive five senses and a 4% Universe.

Did anyone escape in the past? I don’t know, but if they did, I believe they were very few. Even souls who saw the Grid probably ignored it, not knowing what it was. Souls, in general, are more likely to be attracted to the tunnel, leading to the Light.

Question 2: If we have been reset/rebooted multiple times and we already know the end game, how come Enki keeps restarting/rebooting us even though the end game is the same?

Comment: I think this entire thing with rebooting and restarting has been misunderstood. More and more people realize now that there is no linear time; it’s just an illusion we are made to believe is real. All time in this construct is simultaneous, like wheels within wheels, all active, with souls constantly playing the “game” within their wheels (time pockets). Therefore, there is no past or future that is set in stone, and no history book in the world is correct because the “past” is changing constantly and becomes present time for souls who operate in those time pockets. This is very difficult to address in a Q&A, but if you read my new book that will be released in January 2023, with the work title, “Orion—The Return to our Spiritual Home,” this and so many other things people have asked about will be explained there in great detail. And it will be packed with new information that has never been released before. Keep an eye on this blog (wespenrevideos.com) for further release information regarding the book if you are interested.

Question 3: I have a question about leaving the grid. What if you die in your sleep? Does dying in your sleep reduce the chance of leaving?

Comment: No, it shouldn’t make a difference. As soon as you realize you are dead, just go through the Grid.

Question 4: Why were the souls who witnessed the destruction of Tiamat unconscious and comatose for thousands of years?  Wouldn’t the most obvious thing have been to stay conscious and go back to Orion?  Or were they too innocent at that point to understand what was going on, more or less like children at a soul level, spiritually speaking?

Comment: Tiamat was a completely new Experiment that had never been done before in this universe. Contrary to star races from other star systems, we humans have Spirit attached already from our soul-birth, while other star races “earn it,” as they evolve. When the invasion of Tiamat happened, we humans were still developing on that planet—we were (and are) a young soul group, relatively speaking. While on Tiamat, we had never seen cosmic wars and didn’t know what they were yet. When our world blew up, many of us went into a state of shock, and we became unconscious. I believe the RA Material talks about that we were unconscious for a thousand years, but I also know that channeled material is usually not correct when it comes to measuring time on Earth. And how could they, when we think about it? There is no linear time, so they must “translate” time into how we perceive it—linear. And that will never be correct.

Question 5: There are many that claim that God loves us! Krishna supposedly loves his creations being us as he is the savior and “The Father”! When I tell people there is no indicator or proof of this I get attacked. What about “God’s” love and his redemption! Is Yaldabaoth currently redeeming himself for the Tiamaat catastrophe at this time?

Comment: Krishna is equivalent to En.ki, EA, Yaldabaoth, Rama, Vishnu, Ptah, Jehovah, and many more. He is the imposter who, in his grandiosity, elevated himself to become God. He “loves” his children (us) as a narcissist would love his children; as objects and extensions of himself, who must behave, or daddy gets angry and punishes the children to obedience because if the children are disobedient, he takes it personally, making him imperfect. And a narcissist can’t perceive himself as imperfect. Krishna/Yaldabaoth is the archetypical narcissist and psychopath, and I’m not making that up. His personality traits fit exactly into these personality disorders, based on mainstream psychology.

From what I have seen and concluded; Yaldabaoth cannot be redeemed. I can’t see how he could. His crimes are too great, and a narcissist/psychopath does not repent.

Question 6: What are the differences between Archons (demons, Djinn etc.), Anunnaki, and the AIF (Alien Invader Force) you talk about in your work?

Comment: They are all the same; only different names/titles for the same beings. They might be described differently in different texts, but essentially, they are all the same.

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