Q&A Session #1, December 2022

By Wes Penre, December 3, 2022


Because I’m occupied fulltime and dedicated to writing my new book, work title, “The Orion Book,” I am going to be sparse when it comes to making videos, and concentrate on writing. I have also started writing the third book in the trilogy, “Ismaril’s Journey.”

I will still be making videos on occasion, but to save time, I will instead write articles, like this one, and most of them, at least for now, will probably be Q&As. So, please send more questions to wespenre2@gmail.com and put “Q&A” in the subject line.

Here are the questions and comments for this session:

Question 1: When our souls were birthed from Sophia were we/are we subjected to the movement of the stars, moons, planets, etc. in the 96% of the universe like it is in the Matrix?  In other words, do we have a destiny to fulfill or is it completely free and clear?

Comment: Only when we are incarnated into a 3-D experiment are we affected by the star constellations and the heavenly bodies to assist in making us fulfill the destiny of the soul group. Destiny in this sense means to accomplish the goal with the experiment, set by the creator god who imagined it. Then the soul group in that 3-D world, whether on a star or a planet, evolves, using freewill to maneuver its environment. One day they will “graduate” and can then leave their home world and explore the Greater Universe, i.e., Orion or the KHAA. I will explain this in more detail in my upcoming “Orion Book.”

When we leave this Matrix, we are no longer bound by destiny, the movement of the stars, the celestial bodies, or anything else. Once out of here, we have full freedom to create with our own mind. Still, we need some practice when we get out there, and even being a creator god is a process. We can’t create universes out from the box, but we will learn fast.

Question 2: They say, “things happen for a reason.”  Is that true for everything we do in the Matrix?  Could you further elaborate on this?

Comment: I agree with that saying, it’s just explaining the universal law of cause and effect. If something happens to us, or if something happens in general, it’s not a coincidence. There are no such things as coincidences in a universe made of energy. In this universe, everything is energy, and if there is an effect of any kind, there must be a cause because the effect is the result of some kind of movement. Something or someone caused that movement. The same thing applies if something bad happens to us, for example. The “reason” it happens is because something caused it; it could have been you or somebody else. This saying also implies that even if something bad happens, the “cloud has a silver lining.” This is often true, but it depends on the person it affects. Is the person willing to learn something from it, or will they only put blame elsewhere and leave it with that?

Question 3: I’m not religious. But I’ve recently followed Christian beliefs doing things like reading the Bible and so on as they help tremendously with spiritual attacks and overall well-being. My question is: how will this subscription interfere with me leaving through the holes in the afterlife? Will I not see the holes as a result of dabbling with the Christian religion? I believe Jesus Christ is real and if he is, would he want me to go through the grid and will I find him outside of it?

Comment: Jesus Christ, as been discussed in the Wes Penre Papers (WPP), and elsewhere in my writing, is real, but the Christian religion is a manipulation. The entire Jesus story became inverted (see Question #4 below) and put into a religion that worships the male God, En.ki—our oppressor (Satan or Lucifer). However, if you study Jesus’ teaching and the Bible, I don’t see that being a reason why you would not be able to go to Orion through a hole in the Grid. So long as you know En.ki is not God, it doesn’t matter. Use your discernment when reading the Bible, which you seem to be doing, and it should be fine.

Question 4: What is your current take on who Jesus Christ was? I seem to recall he was an incarnation of Prince Enlil that channeled the message from Kahn Enlil. Has your opinion evolved over time with any new information or research? As I remember, there was more than one Christ and the one crucified was an incarnation of Marduk. Are these types or actual incarnations in your opinion? Please correct me if I remember incorrectly.

Comment: The Bible and the Gnostic texts—both containing true information—must also be taken with a pinch of salt, and discernment must be used. As is usually the case in the Matrix, things are inverted and reversed. The Invader Force and the Global Elite can afford to let some truth come out, and as I will discuss in the upcoming Orion Book, they actually want us to evolve to a certain degree. However, they desperately suppress the Divine Feminine and always direct us toward a masculine God, i.e., En.ki/Yaldabaoth/Ea/Archangel Uriel/Lucifer, etc. So, even when people dedicate themselves to the New Testament or the Gnostic texts, they still give their energy to the male God because they are both patriarchal religions/spiritual teachings.

The messages that have been given to us throughout history that were truly intended to enlighten us came from the Divine Feminine, not the Masculine of the Divine Masculine; it came from the Mother. However, over time, after these messengers have conveyed their messages, the announcements have been distorted and attributed toward the male God—En.ki.

The way I’ve come to understand it by now is that Jesus/Yeshua had a male body and the soul of Archangel Michael/Ninurta/Prince En.lil. He came here to funnel the Divine message from the Mother Goddess to us, and not from Khan En.lil, as implied in the Gnostic texts. He did not come here to teach the masculine principle of “spirituality.” I still argue that the Divine is Feminine in nature, not a balance between feminine and masculine. The masculine came later and is secondary to the feminine. The whole concept of masculine and feminine (and I’m not talking about genders) is just the principle of inner and outer creation. The Feminine principle is essential—without it, no creation. Then we call it masculine when the inner creation is directed outwardly, into what we call a shared universe.

Question 5: In the movie “The Matrix” there is a scene when Neo sees a black cat and then he sees the same black cat played out again.  He says something about Deja vu and Trinity explains it’s a glitch in the Matrix.  Is that really true?  Are we reliving something from a past life?

Comment: It is possible to relive something from a previous life, i.e., having a Déjà vu experience. Most of the time, we reincarnate into the same bloodline over and over. If I die today, and I have children and grandchildren that are of my direct seed-line, I will reincarnate in that seed-line. For instance, I will reincarnate as my own great grandchild. Let’s say the family has stayed in the same village or environment for all these generations, there is a chance you will walk through the same environment as in your previous incarnation, and you get a Déjà vu experience—a flashback. This doesn’t need to be a soul-mind memory, it could be an ancestral memory because you might have been your own great grandmother, and memories also transfer genetically.

Question 6: the Namlú’us who were used as slaves in the mines in the second construct, they no longer had the ability to return to Orion after their death. Were they recycled again to work in the mines in Africa and elsewhere?  Were they already in a situation similar to ours with amnesia?  And were their bodies already similar to ours in 3-D?

Comment: Humans in the Second Construct, i.e., the Atlantis Era, we could say, did not have complete amnesia, like we do, because that Earth Construct was less dense than ours, there was no Grid, and there was no Between-Lives-Area (BLA) in the sense that we have now. We still died and reincarnated, but we were not additionally traumatized in a BLA. The density of the planet, and the trauma we experienced when Tiamat was blown up still contributed to some amnesia, but we remembered more than we in general do now.

Yes, for a long time, many humans were reincarnated, forced to work in the mines, until the mining was over. En.ki experimented with different kinds of bodies in the beginning of the Second Construct; some bodies, he discarded, and some were clones to begin with (more like AI), and some were Namlú’u. But the latter were too frail and not made for such labor, so En.ki created the more robust homo sapiens and has since then stayed with that template.

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  1. I have to say this as nobody seem to think of it. The vast majority of christians are following a jewish religion, so does islam and catholicism. Jesus was jewish and Johannes the baptizer was also a jew. Why the hell are we following their religion for, we are not jews!? Is it because of old arrangements made between the knights of the templar and kings of nations? Hundreds of years ago!? I think we have been deceived for a long enough time now with this bs. All that christians, muslims and catholics are doing is serving the jew, still up to this day! We need to bring awareness to this.

    1. The Old Testament foretold the coming of the Messiah. The New Testament is the fulfillment of that promise. Christianity acknowledges the fulfillment of that promise by accepting the birth, death, and resurrection of Christ. For this reason, Christians may have their ROOTS in Judaism but they are not Jewish.

    2. Yes, and we need to stop thinking of so-called Divine messages as being religious. We just need to study them. Do they make sense? Then incorporate them. Do they seem irrelevant? Then either discard or put them on the shelf for now.

  2. The entire Jesus story became inverted (see Question #4 below) and put into a religion that worships the male God, En.ki—our oppressor (Satan or Lucifer)

    This is not true. Christians are well aware that the god of this world is Satan. The Bible is full of warnings about that. Christians do not worship Satan.

    1. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your statement. You say they know God is Satan, and then you say they are not worshipping Satan. Please clarify…

      1. You say that the God Christians are worshipping is our oppressor (Satan or Lucifer). I am stating that your claim is incorrect. I am clarifying that Christians do not worship the god of this world. Christians know that the god of this world is Satan. The difference being the insertion of the description “god of this world”. Satan has been given authority over this world and has set himself/itself up as “god” (imposter, deceiver). This entity is NOT the beneficiary of Christian worship. We know the difference. I’ll gladly discuss it if you need more clarification.

  3. I’ve watched some of your videos on YouTube and was recommended by Robert M. Stanley years back to look into sone of your writing papers. My Query: Who’s responsible for the 12 Tribes of Israel? As far as what I’ve learned from the Scriptures, something is Very Wrong. Enlil was involved with Abram and took him from the land of UR to form a ” Nation of People ” to Serve Him. How does this tie in today with the PEOPLE who are waiting for Jesus Christ to ” Return ” and Establish His Kingdom on Earth? I don’t subcribe to the Name Jesus Christ because it’s not Scriptual. The Nag Hammadi Text I have but I don’t trust them anymore than I trust the ” Redacted ” Scriptures. If we are Immortal, why go through all this Shit down down here? There’s way too much confusion on earth from every Religion. We have 3 Major Religions of the World and I see something wrong with them too. All they brought was War, Division, Racism, etc. So far what’s occuring around the World Scene fits with ” Bible Eschatology ” , but that too can be manipulated by ” Beings ” who are Advanced and have their Hands at the Controls of this Matrix. It seems like these two Brothers have had a hand, along with Siblings to take the ” Title I AM ” and persuade many. I’m not an Atheist, but I don’t trust any or everything I’ve ever read. Bible or Nag Hammadi Text. Plus I wasn’t around to see any of what is written. Religious People will find it hard to accept a ” FEMININE ” Creator. I don’t have a problem with that. I’ve had a hard time accepting ” Reincarnation “, to me it doesn’t make any sense and it’s just as bad as people believing in an everlasting hell fire!! I’ll wait till I leave here to find out. I accept Creation by Creators, Minus the Dogma of Men. I look into and watch videos or whatever I can read up on.

    Sincerely Ray Delavega

    1. I wish I could give you two likes instead of one. You’re a wise man; thanks for posting this. We’ve all heard the expression, “History is written by the winners.” Unfortunately, so far, there haven’t been any winners, but there have always been those “in charge,” or at least thinking they are. We hear all about who did this and who did that when it comes to our ancient history. It all comes down to who is in charge at the moment (En.ki/Uriel/Ea/”God”/YHVH/Satan). Believe only in one thing: yourself. Everything else is a lie and has nothing to do with you. What others think is their thinking; just concentrate on your own. If you can do that, it’s all you need. We definitely do not need religion.

      Yes, true enough, we also need education but not RAlegion… sorry, religion. That’s why I’m doing what I’m doing. I have been “lucky” in many ways to have some etextraordinary sources. Subscribe to this channel, wait a couple of months, and I will release a book I think and hope you’ll find interesting. I will announce it here when releasing it. And you’re already way ahead of much of humankind. Great job! Keep your philosophical mind going!

      1. Hey Wes really looking forward to reading your new books, however I have a real aversion to Amazon these days and will not purchase anything from there if at all possible. Can you also provide another option to obtain these books? I use thriftbooks.com, they also sell used books but they sell new books as well and usually goes to good causes. Thanks.

        1. Hi Anon. I am not against putting my books on different platforms, but right now Amazon is the only one. I will probably look into other platforms, too, in the near future, but I need to do that when I have some extra time. Sounds like Thriftbooks may be one of them. Do they ship internationally?

          1. Thanks Wes for your answer. Yes I believe they do, I purchased David Icke’s The Trap from there just recently. By the way that book gets into Gnostic teachings. He talks about the archons being at the root of all this mayhem as well. As well as the human mind being trapped in the fourth dimension lower realms, our human bodies being the avatars that we occupy in this realm. Interesting prospect really ties into the movie The matrix.

    1. Set up boundaries. Just tell yourself that no one has the right to interfere with your meditations, and that it would be a crime to do so. Stay firm with that, without any doubt or fear, and you will be fine. Everybody is telling us “15” steps how to protect ourselves; it only increases our fears of being interfered with, which is counter-productive. Just set these boundaries and start meditating and astral travel as you please. You are you, and you are more “powerful” than anything you may meet with in the astral.

  4. My dream question wasn’t in there. I guess it didn’t fit in. That’s okay. I don’t fit in and that’s cool by me!

    1. I’m sorry about that, Chimes. These days, I usually don’t comment on dream questions, because they are personal, and they are usually metaphorical. The one to interpret them is you and nobody else. It’s very personal to you and you need to ponder it.

  5. Wes, there seems to be a bit of chatter on the internet about 30 or more of the worlds militaries working together to destroy our adversaries in underground bases and even small cities. This has been going on for several years! Hopefully this is true? Do you have any sense of this type activity?

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