Orion Book Q&A Session #7

By Wes Penre, March 16, 2023

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Welcome to The ORION Book Q&A Session #7. Here are more great questions, so please continue sending more to wespenre2@gmail.com, and put Q&A in the subject line. For those who want to order The ORION Book, which these Q&As are based upon, please go to Amazon, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BRLXB8Y3.

Question 1: Your book is really unbelievable, great work. There are some points which make me a bit uncomfortable, like somebody attaching to my astral body. Maybe they attach already when one leaves through a hole?

What if someone feels a bit uncomfortable to go into a black hole when wanting to leave? I am often thinking about this moment and whether I have then the power to do it.

Of course, I trust you – maybe more than anybody else when it comes to clarifying what is happening after body death. But how can I make it 100% for me? Without using somebody else’s research?

Now these orders come into my mind like “clarify black holes” etc. Wouldn`t it make sense to learn a couple of orders like the following, or do you think that these are probably not working:

Show me the real and securest way for me to leave this matrix construct, now (or similar).

I am through this hole (or gate) at my highest aspect with all my memories, now.

There is also one thing which makes me think:

The Orions do not like us making children. But there are also others who do not

like us making children. Hope that you know who I mean. There are these two opposing groups who do not like this – but how can an unborn soul get all the info it needs for leaving? Is there another learning process possible?

Which is only for unborn souls waiting in 5d for reincarnation?

Comment: The chance an Overlord would attach to you in the astral when you intend to go through the Grid is next to non-existence, as I see it. The Overlords must do this in a group, using an entire army of ignorant humans to have any chance of success. If only one rides out, he’d be spotted and caught pretty fast.

About feeling uncomfortable leaving the Matrix: Yes, because we are entering the unknown. We are used to being recycled, so it required a portion of courage to go through the Grid. While we are here on Earth, it’s a good idea to do the best we can to overcome our fears about it, get rid of all attachments to the Matrix—including being attached to the minds of the Overlords and learn to be observers in all this mess. Most of us will probably still be fearful to some extent, but it’s a matter of doing it anyway if that’s what we want. The alternative is so much worse, being recycled here again and be stuck in the Singularity. Not a good option, IMO. Basically, you won’t know whether the Grid and all the rest of it is true until you are there, facing it in your Avatar.

I believe a good way to think about it for those who are uncertain is to “give it a shot.” What do we have to lose? Let’s pretend the holes in the Grid do not exist. Then “business goes on as usual.” Most of us will probably be recycled again. Not something most of us want to do, but it will be like the information about the Grid never had existed. Without the holes in the Grid, I know of no other way out.

I try to avoid getting too complicated about exiting. People often give me suggestions of commands we can use (often based on out-of-body-experiencers [OBE’ers], who use thought commands to move around in the astral), but in the end, everybody might get more and more confused and won’t remember what to do. Make it simple. For instance, if you did not live in this dense Matrix with limited perceptions, you could say to yourself, “I am in Australia NOW!” That’s all you need to think, and you’d be in Australia instantly. That’s how it works in the astral. I will personally not use any rehearsed commands—I just need to conceptualize it, without any “inner voice,” such as a thought in form of words. Just a concept packet of going through the Grid should do. But many people might feel more comfortable using some kind of commands. If you do, you can of course make up your own commands, but please make it simple, of you may confuse yourself when the time comes.

Both Orion and the Overlords want us to stop procreating, but for different reasons. Orion wants us to stop because if we create more bodies, we help En.ki keeping the Matrix going, and we also let our children grow up in this terrible mess, which most likely will lead right into the Singularity. Not something we want our children to experience. What will happen to 3-UCs (humans, i.e., soul-mind-spirit body) if they don’t reincarnate, I do not know. They might be wanted for other purposes or kept in a holding station of sorts.

En.ki wants us to stop procreating because they can only handle so many humans (future cyborgs). They must implement complete population control to pull this off. Thus, children will soon be born in laboratories as full cyborg bodies, with human 3-UCs attached. Thus, the potential “holding station” of discarnate humans in the astral.

Question 2: Thank you for the wonderful Orion book! I wonder what was the mother Queen thinking when she taught all about creation to En.ki, and despite what he did, she went on with En.lil?

As a mother myself, a mother always knows her offspring, since the beginning and being an Eon, feels impossible to not see what is coming.

She is eternal, correct? So why would she consider living her throne to anyone?

Khan En.lil is a spirited being after becoming her ‘husband’ yet he continued participating in wars. And according to Barbara Marciniak, he went as far as making his own granddaughter his mistress.

Is this all divine, benevolent?

Comment: We tend to think about this from a human perspective, which is understandable because that’s the reference we have to go on. Still, it’s not the same. Mother, children, spouses in Orion… it’s not like here. En.ki and En.lil are both Archangels, and they were created for certain purposes, and as we can read in most occult books and those of ancient knowledge, the Archangels are connected with the four elements (not the fifth, which is ether/Spirit). They can manipulate the elements, and therefore, they are the Queen’s Helpers. But they have soul-minds, just like we do, and thus, they can feel. We must remember that this universe (Orion) is the only one of its kind, and when Sophia created it, and her manifestation—the Queen—created the Archangels, she had no idea how that would turn out. The “beauty” of a universe of freewill is that no one—including the Queen—knows what will happen. It’s up to the individual souls to create. And the number of souls (or soul-minds) in the Universe are so many that they can barely be counted. Creation happens in big terms all the time. Not until En.ki developed his “negative traits” could they be explored and understood. Jealousy does not exist in the Pleroma, and thus, it could not be predicted, as I understand it.

The ”marriage” between Khan En.lil and the Queen was a “business deal,” and a part of the Peace Agreement between Orion and Sirius-Arcturus. They don’t act like a married couple, it’s just to show “good will” between the parties—showing that both parties are serious about the peace between them.

According to the Gnostics, the Christ, who best corresponds with Khan En.lil, is Spirit(ed), but the Gnostic texts are not the same as the Wes Penre Papers. I don’t know if Khan En.lil has actually achieved Spirit. If his achieving Spirit was a part of the peace agreement, I don’t know, but if it was, it was done prematurely, IMO. He is still Khan En.lil, and that’s his personality. I have no idea how he is these days. Everything is in constant change—nothing is stagnated. Energy is in motion, and he might not be the same now as back then. Also, Prince En.lil is not replacing the Queen, but Khan En.lil, eventually.

What the Pleiadians said about the “Anunnaki” is all based on Sitchin’s work, which is not reliable. Sitchin got a lot of things wrong.

Question 3: Do the people/entities in the KHAA and the star systems that they come from have appearances that indicate which star systems the beings come from? For example, in the WPP it was said that the Orions are reptilians and the Sirians (in the Orion book as well) are wolven/reptilian. Does that still count, or can they just shapeshift in whatever way they want and those are the traits that they just want to show themselves with? And that goes with us, humans as well. When we leave, will we be able to look like we do now, humanlike? Also, when we meet with the Queen, somewhere in Orion, what will she look like?

Comment: The thing with “Orions” is that they are not one race/species. They are endless different species, so we can’t say they are Reptilians, although some of them might have started out that way. Once a young species (soul group) leaves their “egg” (star or planet), they also abandon their physical bodies they used during their evolutions—almost like a larva becomes a butterfly, and the butterfly is the soul-mind without a body, figuratively speaking. So, the Sirians, for example, can shapeshift into anything they want. It seems it’s kind-of common that souls leaving their physical evolution behing still shapeshift into that same looking body in the KHAA, unless they have reasons to look different to fit in.

The interesting thing with humans is that these homo sapiens bodies are not our bodies at all—they are biological computers, i.e., “overcoats” you could say. Your real body is the Namlu’u body—the spirit body—and it’s tall and slender and black. Other soul-minds out there don’t have spirit bodies—we are unique in that sense. So, over time, we might use that body naturally in the KHAA, because we don’t need to shapeshift into it—it’s there all the time.

I learned during the WPP years that the Queen, when we meet her, will show up in a “body” that feels pleasant to us.

Question 4: It seems like a contract to continue to create in the KHAA, which doesn’t seem much like freewill, and un-negotiated prior to coming into being.  That is it was the Queen Sophia who created us with Spirit… much like informing one’s child that they must go into the family business or perish.

Comment: There is no contract, and I also learned during the WPP years that no one will be forced to become a “creator god.” Of course, we already are, but we are not on some fateful mission to accomplish something, i.e., create worlds or whatnot. It’s up to us. And I see it rather as a privilege than the opposite. We have spirit naturally; I personally don’t see how this can be something detrimental to us. Other beings out there don’t have this privilege of eternal spiritual life.

To bring this down to a human level: if you are doctor and your partner is a doctor, you can give your children the freewill whether they want to be doctors, too, or if they choose to do something else. This universe is an Experiment in freewill, and it is evolving. We are the first species with Spirit embedded. If we were successful, the Queen would do the same with other species. No one is going to perish, so long as the Universe exists, and it seems like there is no end to Creation.

Question 5: I’ve heard the subterranean Reptoids are much smarter and more aware than us humans, and if that’s the case and they seem to be trapped in this construct like us – what does that say about our chances of escaping, if even they couldn’t escape?

Also, I’ve heard many theories of reptilians cloaking as humans to infiltrate positions of power in human society. If this is so, could the culprits be these subterranean Reptoids?

Comment: I don’t know a whole lot about the Reptoids, but it seems like they are an intelligent species, although they have been forced to live underground when En.ki decided to not use them as the main species on Earth. But that doesn’t mean they know about the holes in the Grid. This information comes from the WPP, and I would be surprised if they had read the papers. The first information, before the WPP years, I’ve heard about the holes in the Grid was from Marciniak’s Pleiadians in the 1990s, as mentioned in The ORION Book. But the Pleiadians withheld crucial information that we can get out through the Grid. They were stern about that we must stay here on Earth and not go anywhere else. Sure, because if we leave, it interferes with their selfish plans. Scientists know about the Grid, but the holes are not common knowledge.

The Reptoids are angry, but not particularly at us, but at En.ki. They think they should be the main species, living on the surface. I very much doubt that these Reptoids are working with the EL-ite. At least not as a species. I can’t speak on whether certain individuals of their species work for the EL-ite, however.

Question 6: In reading through much of the site contents of Angeliki Anagnostou, I happened upon a topic I honestly had never given more than passing thought to: cremation vs. burial, and its afterlife implications.

She cautions strongly against cremation, arguing it drastically reduces the opportunity to adjust to conditions in the aetheric fields. I think this is the gist of it, but I also included the link for reference. Just curious about your thoughts on this topic.

Comment: I know who this author and researcher is. There are a lot of Gnostic influences in her work, but she has her own slant on it all. To be honest, I have never heard about this before. Based on my own research and the conclusions I’ve come to so far regarding this, I can’t see any reason why cremation would inflict on the afterlife. When the body is dead, it’s dead, and we move on, out through a hole in the Grid. The physical body becomes irrelevant.

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  1. Hi Wes so with the passing of St Patrick’s Day this year, it made me think about sainthood and really what it is. According to what I have heard of the story of Saint Patrick was that he was a Irish government worker I assume probably high up, and I am paraphrasing here so, if I get the story wrong I’m trying to get to the gist of it, he actually drove the “snakes” out of the government which we all know Ireland was a slave Island to the British empire, still is in my mind, so one can assume who the snakes were. However the powers to be basically shun this holiday as just a drunken soiree by a bunch of ignorant Irish. But it became a national and I believe a worldwide celebration to this day. Was this another co-opted Christ story here on Earth, where they had to cover it up some way? And what is Saint Hood, how did he become a saint from all this, do they have special powers overtime like the archangels or actual Spirit? Thanks.

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