Orion Q&A Session #6

Wes Penre, March 7, 2023

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Welcome to The ORION Book Q&A Session #6. I continue getting great questions, so please send more to wespenre2@gmail.com, and put Q&A in the subject line. For those who want to order The ORION Book, which these Q&As are based upon, please go to Amazon, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BRLXB8Y3.

Question 1: In The Orion Book you mentioned that we shouldn’t have children because we’ll have to answer to Orion for it, which I fully understand and will try to explain this to my future partner(s), but I was wondering—will we be able to have children in Orion, or are our spirit bodies (our true ones) just not designed to function that way? Are romantic relationships even possible in the KHAA, Orion?

I was just wondering because all of the entities that we know of had children. The Orion Queen, who is androgynous like us, from what I understand, had children. Prince En.lil had ISIS and En.ki had Marduk, Thoth and all the other ones, or are they “children” in our eyes because we don’t have the correct language to explain what they are? Since En.ki had incestuous relations with ISIS, who is his younger niece, so maybe they aren’t considered “children” the way we understand them on Earth? But if they are children the way we understand it, this just proves how vile En.ki and the Sirians are. To have relations like those with your younger niece and even assault her is the vilest of vile.

Comment: The examples you brought up with children of the Queen, and En.ki’s and En.lil’s children, respectively, are like you suspected not the same thing as having children on Earth. All these beings are what we would call “non-physical.” Yes, they can take bodies if they like if they descend to planets and stars in different star systems, or they can shapeshift into any shape/form they prefer at the moment. But these beings do not conceive children like we do. I don’t know all about how they perceive themselves as being siblings or relatives, but it’s usually on a soul level rather than a physical level. To themselves, physical bodies are quite irrelevant, even though they can theoretically obtain them. On a soul-mind level, it’s different. It appears that those who consider themselves “related,” such as Prince En.lil and his “daughter” Isis, have a bond of sorts where they protect each other (if the relationship is good), and there is love and compassion between them, as conveyed in the Wes Penre Papers.

Can you have children in Orion? Yes, if you choose to become a physical being and merge with the soul group inhabiting a star system of choice (if you are permitted to do so by the Overseer of the star system). However, it’s doubtful whether you would want to do that once you’re out there and think differently. You will most likely have other goals to reach for, but again, I see no reason why you can’t choose an environment where you may have children.

Lastly, I understand that many young people have a difficult time with this thing of not having children. We are deeply programmed to procreate. We are wired to have kids. However, if we think deeper than that, we see that putting a child to this world will not only support this psychopathic Matrix and En.ki’s agenda, but it will also be detrimental to the children we bring to life here. Where will they most likely end up? In the Singularity. And on their journey to end up there, they will suffer, be poisoned, abused, and demoralized. That is usually enough for a responsible person not wishing any more children to be born to this world.

Question 2: I am just a bit confused regarding the Dome. How can spaceships go in and out of Earth (going to moon, and other planets like Mars). I’m sorry if this has been asked and answered somewhere. Appreciate your hard work in bringing light to us all.

Comment: Yes, this is something many people ask themselves. There are many answers to this, and here are a few: 1) How do we know they have been to the Moon or to Mars? How do we know it’s not fake, which many researchers today suggest, with some interesting hypotheses and evidence? 2) We live in a hologram and a simulation, so when we’re looking at the moon and the planets, we see them as our brains decode and encode the Matrix hologram, i.e., we see what the Matrix Architects (En.ki and his helpers) want us to see and perceive. It’s not what is really there. This does not mean the planets and stars are fake, ultimately, but our perception of things are twisted because we live in a simulation (computer program), and 3) We are now going toward Metaverse and the Singularity, which is a new simulation within a simulation. Obviously, it’s not real, but it will appear completely real for those who invest their consciousness in Metaverse. So, if astronauts go to Mars in Metaverse, is it the real Mars? No. If people go to Mars in our simulation, is it the real Mars? No.

What about the Dome? Yes, there is a sort of Dome/Boundary surrounding the Earth simulation. We could perhaps look at that as the boundary for the hologram. The hologram is Earth and what we think we see outside the “atmosphere.” If this is a simulation, it’s theoretically possible that some humans, who get permission from the Overlords, can enter the real solar system outside the Dome and the Grid temporarily, but not in their physical bodies, unless the Overlords make changes in the algorithm. However, if these people are manipulated, they can’t even tell they are in their astral bodies and not in their sapiens bodies. Much can be accomplished with technology. Also, when you dream at night, do you mostly perceive yourself in your physical body within the dream or not? Most of the time, you probably think you’re in your physical body until you wake up, but you are in your astral body when you’re dreaming.

Question 3: Is that true that Marduk is Yahweh now?

Comment: Because Yahweh (YHVH, YHWH, YeHoVaH) is a title, just like being a baker is a title, anybody who is currently competent in executing the title can add that title to their name. So, when Marduk is playing God, similar to how the Jewish God of the Torah is portrayed, he would be a YHVH. And when En.ki does the same, he would earn that title. Who is who can potentially change on a daily or weekly basis.

Question 4: I love your Orion book! In your book you have mentioned something about praying… That whomever we pray to is useless because all the energy goes to the Enki or his creations.. And Sophia does not like us praying like that… So, whom we should pray to? Where should we get the spiritual power and inspiration from? Should we be praying for ourselves?

Comment: People often pray when they feel hopeless and need help or have run out of solutions to something—unless they are religious and pray as a part of their religious routines. It of course depends on whom we intend to pray to, but even if we pray to the Queen, we don’t know whether our prayer is hijacked on the way. Even if it’s not, it depends on what we pray about. The Queen will not provide us with solutions because we live in a freewill universe, so the solutions should ultimately come from us. Will she provide some kind of moral support if you ask for it? Perhaps.

It’s not that Sophia particularly dislikes praying (she dislikes worshiping), but the best way if we want help and strength, the best is to connect with our Spirit within. It’s there, and because you are already on your spiritual journey, you are connected to your Spirit Body to some degree. Just imagine yourself connecting to it until you feel something happen and then communicate with it. Even if you are doubting whether it’s just in your imagination, never mind that—just do it. It’s through your imagination, intention, and your willingness to experience that you connect to your inner Spirit.

Others pray to the Universe, which is more vague, although it might work. But instead of praying to the Universe, I believe it’s better to set intentions, and to be determined your wishes and intentions will be received and manifested.

Question 5: What about the idea that we can create parallel worlds by what we choose to put our attention on.  Do you think it’s possible to create another organic earth connected with Sophia that rejects the synthetic transhumanist earth world of Enki and the overlords by saying NO to being steered into accepting the possibilities and realities Enki lays out for us? Maybe leaving the Matrix is just one way to return to Orion. Might the Matrix prison dissolve when we realize the power of own thoughts? Instead of seeing life as the dark reality they are projecting, we think the reality we want to live in and only then that reality exists for us. In this way, even if bad things happen, they don’t happen for everyone, only to those who agreed to it. What do you think about this?

Comment: If all humans, or most humans, would do this simultaneously, it would naturally create an effect to the better—no doubt. But this Matrix has its ruleset that can’t be completely broken, and when we attempt, the Matrix fights back against you—it’s programmed that way. Therefore, there is little use in trying to save this world, make it much better, or to “teleport” ourselves to another self-constructed Construct because the algorithm of the Matrix would not allow it.

So, the only soulution possible, if we truly want to survive and thrive, is to leave this Matrix. We can make it dissolve temporarily, and there are people who have done that, but we, and soul-mind-spirit are still connected with these homo sapiens sapiens garments through the silver cord and otherwise, so all “escape” is temporary, unless we exit once and for all after this lifetime is over.

Question 6: Are Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, etc. good intentioned extraterrestrials, or a deception from the Matrix?

Comment: I presume you are talking mostly about these entities being channeled, or similar. I would argue that they are all trapped within the System in one way or another, and they all have their own ulterior agenda. They are not here for our benefit, but for selfish reasons. They use us to achieve their own goals. Sometimes, we can learn from them because there is truth in their narratives, but there is always a twist, and none of them tells you how to get out of here. Many of them say you should ascend to a higher dimension, etc., which is just bs. That is all within the Matrix. We can listen to these “beings” (who sometimes are AI and Military) forever and ever, and we will still not learn how to be free from our chains. Quite the opposite; they stress we should stay here within the Matrix system, although they don’t always use such direct language.

Question 7: You have said many times, it is now at an individual level for us to leave this world after we pass away, via a hole in the grid.

I have heard some people say there will be an exodus, a time when people who choose not to re-cycle through this world, they will be able to leave as a group.

Have you heard of this and do you think this could be possible?

If we follow the dates and disaster cycle that will be inflicted upon us, then the next major disaster is around 2040 and then 2046, with a simulated pole shift inflicted upon this world. Some people are saying that we will be allowed to leave as a group via an exodus opportunity prior to the disaster or even during the disaster. Do you think there could be an exodus opportunity?

Comment: Sad to say, at this point I think it is not possible for the human soul group to leave as a group. Too few are awake enough, and brave enough to make such a decision. Humankind is still in a child state, and the authorities are their parents. Like children people sometimes don’t agree with their parents (governments, etc.), but they still listen to them and follow their detrimental guidelines. As I wrote in The ORION Book, a human being can’t leave the Matrix until they have grown up and are ready to separate from everything in the Matrix, such as possessions, letting other people make their own choices about their future, stop following authoritarian guidelines that don’t benefit you and make you independent, and most importantly, being able to separate from the mindset of the Overlords. Most humans have adopted the Overlords’ mindset, and they are attached to these beings without knowing it, just like a codependent is attached to the narcissist. We need to wake up to all this and throw it all away before we can exit as a group. I can’t see that happen before the Singularity becomes to full fruition.

Even if such a disaster you describe will happen at that time, and the Overlords for some reason can’t prevent it, a similar thing would probably happen as when Tiamat exploded: En.ki and his cohorts will collect as many humans as possible. Some might escape and get help, but En.ki would know beforehand and have time to prepare.

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  1. Just don’t think the invasion of the khaa is a viable option. Appears with the singularity and chucking the old grid system that the AIF is just ditching one defensive position for another. I suspect Orion might just let this play out until the holdfast is so small and weak it can be overtaken. They re trapped. Surrounded but scrappy. Human as shields makes sense.
    i don’t see wes pence being invited to an AIF war council anytime soon.

  2. If the ride us out into the khaa….they can be shot down…their safety net disappear and 5hey be one vulnerable.

  3. Once they ride us into the khaa…they can be shot down. They become vulnerable and loose the advantage….maybe? Or it’s a gamble for increased offensive leverage……creator god fighter!!! I dunno?

    1. Yes, they can be shot down, but then we get shot down to because the Overlords have by then overtaken our minds. They have become us, and we have become them. That’s the dilemma, and that’s what the Singularity is all above–to completely merge with the human mind by first creating a complete hive-mind through virtual reality such as Metaverse or its successors. More about that in The ORION Book…

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