Orion Q&A Session #5

Wes Penre, March 1, 2023

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Question 1: Where does the Orion constellation fit into the story? So, after reading the Orion book (which is an amazing book, for those who have not read it, I truly recommend it), I decided to re-read the WPP, since the papers have a lot of details, and then read the Orion book again. I’m currently on paper 2, and though I have to correct myself that YHWH is En.ki and not En.lil, since at that time we all thought that both brothers were not on our side, though reading these papers is an amazing experience nonetheless. But I’ve noticed that in paper 2 your contact said that the headquarters of the Orion constellation is one of the stars in the Orion Belt, is this still relevant? Or is the Orion asterism occupied by the AIF? And if so, how come the pyramids, which were built by the Orions, at the wishes of the Queen, point to Orion, and how can a constellation be named by the same name that the KHAA is named? Also, is calling the KHAA by the title of Orion Empire still valid? And one last question, I’m very sorry for being bothersome, but I’m very curious and maybe you’ll have the answer to that- why did your contact called En.ki not an evil entity but a careless one, who doesn’t dwell on his mistakes. In my opinion, he is the epitome of evil for what he has done, but maybe it’s just my 3D self-talking this way.

Comment: Regarding the Orion Constellation, you managed to answer a part of it in your own question. Here is how I understand it: The Orion Constellation—and particularly the three stars in Orion’s Belt,—are bleeding through into the Third Dimension (the Matrix and the 5 senses/the 4% Universe), and the Giza Pyramids point toward these stars. From our perspective, we could see these stars as “overseers,” and the pyramids as ancient communication devices, built in the Second Construct (the Atlantis Era before the Flood). I believe most of the ones vibrant frequencies transferred between the stars and the pyramids were cut off to a large degree when the Saturn stargate closed, and En.ki then used the pyramids to lower the frequency to the current level with the technology he possesses.  At that point, Orion also had a stronghold in Egypt, so there were Orion beings here at that time, mixing with En.ki and the Sirians. It was not until the Third Construct (our Matrix) that En.ki locked Orion out with the Grid. What we consider the Orion Constellation is still under Orion’s ownership. It’s the closest outpost in relation to our Construct, vibration-wise, and I suspect that the Saturn Stargate leads to the Belt of Orion when being open. Many of the constellations we see in the sky are still under Orion’s protection. The electromagnetic spectrum is wide, and some star constellations and galaxies “bleed through” into the 4% Universe of “visible light,” but also exist in other spectra we cannot see.

I would suggest the Orion Constellation is named this way because of what I wrote here above: it’s an Orion outpost that was overlooking Earth in the Second Construct. And yes, we could equate the KHAA to the Orion Empire.

Regarding En.ki being evil, I agree with you. From all I’ve learned about En.ki, he’s a psychopathic narcissist. Why do I say that? Well, I covered the narcissistic aspects in The ORION Book to a great extent, but one of the main definition of a psychopath is someone who is reckless and does things spontaneously, without first considering the circumstances of his/her actions, and that fits perfectly well into how En.ki was described to me: “Oops, what have I done? Well, no use to cry over spilt milk.” Not sure why En.ki is considered redeemable. Although, no one seriously think he will ever repent—not the Orions either, apparently.

Question 2: Is Khan. Enlil (stepfather of Enki and Enlil) the Christ the Gnostic texts talk about?

Did Sophia create the Sirians? If, yes, why would she do that? If not, who created them?

Why would Sophia marry a tyrant like Khan En.lil (Sirian) and grant him Divine Spirit? Someone who has killed/tortured millions of souls/beings. I can’t grasp this concept. Sorry, I just don’t have any respect for Khan En.lil.

Hypothetically, so does that mean I could kill as many as I want (like Khan En.lil) and still become Divine so to speak, and pretend to be the nice guy?

Comment: When I started studying the Gnostic texts (GT), I undoubtably found information in there which corresponds with the Wes Penre Papers, but the more I studied the GT, the more I also noticed the differences, which are probably more than the similarities if we would start counting. Khan En.lil as Christ is one such thing. The WPP do not equate Khan En.lil to Christ. In the GT, The Christ is a Divine Aeon (Spirit) to begin with. He was not born on Sirius, Arcturus, or elsewhere in the physical universe. He came right from the Pleroma (The Ultimate Spiritual Realm). Not at all the same as in the WPP. I disagree with a lot in the GT. The real “Yeshua” (Archangel Michael/Ninurta) would not channel the masculine energy from Khan En.lil, but the feminine. He channeled the Mother Mary (the Virgin Queen), from whom he was born from an unfertilized egg.

Khan En.lil was a ferocious warrior, but the Sirian war was settled through a peace agreement between Orion and Sirius, and as a part of the agreement, there was a symbolic “marriage” between the Queen and Khan En.lil (like a contract). This is nothing similar to marriage here on Earth. It was a peace bond, and the Queen’s daughters were put on the Sirius worlds as overseers to safeguard the peace.

Did the Queen create the Sirians? Yes, she did. Just like she created probably billions or trillions of other physical worlds; something that is detailed in The ORION Book. Why does she create physical worlds? It’s the “playground” for newborn star races to evolve on/in. Eventually, they might want to join the Orion community in the KHAA, and over time become creator gods. However, no one—not even the Queen—knows how each star race is going to develop. That’s the purpose with the Freewill Universe—the unpredictability of a freewill universe.

I do not believe Khan En.lil is spirited. At least not at this point. Still, hypothetically, he could earn Spirit in the future, if he wants to. It’s not about how souls acted during their evolutionary process that matters, whether they gain Spirit or not, it’s how they end up being—what they evolve into. The Universe is evolving, and most soul-minds with it.

Question 3: I am reading your book and enjoying it.

“The elite” – as per your book, you say are spirited, but they must know they are doomed in the end. They have all the knowledge. How could En.ki / Lucifer hold them and get them to do his bidding? Wealth and power are only attractive for so long. Or is their spirit so “dead” it cannot be awoken… I find that hard to believe, I would like to think that Spirit can always be awoken. Can you elaborate, if you know, on how En.ki could control such a group of people for as long as he has.

Comment: A very long time ago, long before the Matrix, En.ki convinced a selected group of humans and educated them on many of the mysteries of the Universe. He created Earth’s first secret society. He told them they are special and more intelligent than the rest of us. He pointed at us as being savages who needed to be guarded and guided. He offered them to take on that roll. We think we are manipulated (which we are), but they are even more so. Still today, they think we are savages, who need to be guarded and guided and kept in check for a greater cause that only a few of them understand. Most of these people think they are doing good deeds, and that the rest of the world (the rest of humankind) doesn’t understand them. They have been extremely manipulated, and they always incarnate into the same bloodlines with next to no amnesia. They live in their “own world” in their own group, which you could say now is their own “soul group” within the main soul group (which is the rest of us) with their own morals and ethics (or lack thereof). They see us as animals, and they are the shepherds. They have become very different from us, and they believe Orion is their enemy (at least those who are educated that far up in the echelon).

Question 4: In the last Q&A someone suggested writing a sequel to “The Orion Book” which I concur wholeheartedly.  However, in the chapter on Narcissism, you mentioned you could write a book on narcissism.  Are you considering writing a book on narcissism?  I hope you do.

Comment: Yes, I mentioned this in the book, but it was more figuratively speaking. I will not write a book on narcissism. What I wrote about narcissism in The ORION Book is enough to make the connection between narcissism on Earth and in the Heavens. Other than that, there is a lot of information about narcissism out there these days to educate ourselves and learn how to avoid abusive people.

Question 5: If Tiamat was not physical in 3D, then how can earth be a physical fragment of her and, by the same token, how can petrified giant remains of flora, fauna and humans that were once on Tiamat exist on earth if they’re weren’t physical?

Comment: It’s all about vibration. When the Overlords invaded, they brought down the entire Tiamat spirit concept into the physical world by immensely decreasing the vibration, until the remains of the planet to a large degree became solid. So, En.ki used this vibration to build the blueprint for his own experiment, which became the Second Construct, ending with Noah’s Flood. It is my understanding that parts of Tiamat and the solar system still exist in the KHAA.

Question 6: You say on pg. 267 that the soul is a vehicle so we can operate in the physical and beyond; is that anything like the Merkabah?

Comment: The definition of Merkabah:

“The Merkaba (meaning light-spirit-body) is the energy sphere in which everything exists. It is the vehicle that carries you to the dimensions of unity and love that exist beyond the mind.

“The upward and downward interlocked tetrahedrons represent the duality of existence—body and spirit—united in the harmony of a singular form. Together, they are one light.”


It is similar in a sene, but my research has taken this to a slightly different place. In the case of humans, we are a 3-Unit Composites (3-UC), i.e., soul-mind-spirit body. The spirit body (not the sapiens body) within is the spirited part of us, and it’s the real body—the Namlu’u body, created in the KHAA from “Dark” Energy (Spirit/KHAA/the VOID/ether).

Question 7: I notice there is a lot of power in using Jesus’ name. Is Jesus part of the fake light? (the light that En.ki is holding) or part of Sophia?

Comment: Like someone once told me, “There have been many Jesuses.” But the Jesus I mainly concentrate on is Archangel Michael/Ninurta/Prince En.lil in the flesh, funneling a spiritual message from the Queen (Sophia). That was powerful, and the Overlords fear Michael. I think that is the main reason why using Jesus Christ as an exorcistic tool or a way to keep astral beings away can help, if the person uses enough intention and conviction.

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