Orion Q&A Session #8

By Wes Penre, March 21, 2023

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Welcome to The ORION Book Q&A Session #8. I am impressed by the questions I get! We all learn from this! Please send more questions to wespenre2@gmail.com, and put Q&A in the subject line. For those who want to order The ORION Book, which these Q&As are based upon, please go to Amazon, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BRLXB8Y3.

Question 1: If Jesus was Archangel Michael and was once incarnated here, can we be sure that he somehow managed to exit the Grid, or are the powers of an Archangel simply beyond grids and trickery?

Comment: Yes, I am very sure he exited the Matrix when the Yeshua/Jesus incarnation was over. I have intel on that. It is also mentioned in the Gnostic texts that Jesus tricked himself into the Matrix and out of it, as well. I am confident he made it in and out at that point.

Question 2: You mentioned something very interesting about our spirit bodies… Where exactly are they right now as we live and breathe in the flesh? And is there any way to rekindle our connection to them or outright reclaim them?

Comment: In The ORION Book, I talked a lot about the spirit body—very important information, by the way. To comment on your question, we, the original humans, are 3-UCs (3 Unit Composites), comprising soul-mind-spirit body. These three components make up a Human. If not all these three components are present, we are not humans. If the spirit body is not part of us, we are not humans—we would simply be soul-minds. However, even though we might not be in connection with our spirit body, for the most part, the spirit body is still there. If we are humans, we are still a 3-UC, with spirit body intact. We just lost the energy connection with it when entering this solid 3-D Matrix about 9,600 years ago.

Therefore, you still have your spirit body, and if you are here asking questions, and reading The ORION Book, you are already to some degree connected to it, or you wouldn’t even be interested in these topics. The spirit body connects to your soul-mind. The easiest way to visualize this, I think, is that it is “buried” or “disconnected” from the soul-mind, so we are rarely reporting back to it. You can look at the homo sapiens sapiens body as a garment, an overcoat, surrounding the 3-UC. The spirit body is the original Namlu’u body, which we take with us into Orion. It’s what we call Spirit, when referring to ourselves—it’s our inner core Our Spirit is therefore our original Namlu’u bodies. The sapiens body is En.ki’s “copy;” it is his version of the spirit body—the “artificial spirit,” as it is called in the Gnostic texts. So, the spirit body is dormant “inside” the sapiens garment.

Question 3: Lately I’ve felt a desire to confide in something “greater”, or at least “vaster” than I am, for the moments I feel helpless and alone. Do you think it’s at all appropriate to pray to the Queen? And would our words even reach her ears from where we find ourselves dwelling?

Comment: I would not pray to her like in a “worshiping way.” You can try to reach her by communicating with her (see previous Orion Q&As on how to do that). You can tell her “your story” and what your problem is. I know she is interested in all our personal stories, and one day we will most likely get to tell them to her. Another thing to realize is that you are actually a part of the Highest there is in the Universe (and beyond, such as the Pleroma). You are Spirit (because of your spirit body). I would suggest visualizing your own spirit body within, and to open a communication with it and see what comes back. Perhaps you will get in touch with it right away, or you might need to repeat several time until you feel the connection. If/when you get in touch with it, you are then, in a sense, never alone or lonely again because your spirit body, in turn, is in communication with the rest of the Universe. So, use your imagination and visualization abilities you have as a creator and a human being and start a telepathic communication with it. And most importantly, do not invalidate what might come back at you—don’t say, “Oh, it’s probably just my imagination.” Sure, to some degree it is, but it’s through your imagination you get in touch.

Question 4: In Q&A 7 you mentioned this: Children will soon be born in laboratories as full cyborg bodies, with human 3-UCs attached.  Thus, the potential “holding station” of discarnate humans in the astral. 

Could it be that these e-UCs are kept in a state of unconsciousness, as was the case after the destruction of Tiamaat?

Comment: This is not at all impossible. However, I have no reliable comment to this because I don’t have that information. I can just say that it is possible. Another possibility is that they keep 3-UCs in designated areas in the astral until it’s time to use them.

Question 5: Alfred Lambremont Webre who wrote “Timelines of the Chronogarchy” said a timeline was created called “Artificial Timeline Earth One” for those human bodies that had been affected by the bioweapon and conditioning. He states that these are earth humans whose DNA has devolved to A.I. because they have been altered or let go of. They have been entrained by the “Sentient Invading A.I. Artificial Intelligence” They surrendered to mind control, the bioweapon including the PCR tests, and vaccination. Have you ever heard of this? Do you think this is true?

I never ever get any vaccines of any kind. I completely reject them. I did however get a PCR test because a family member asked me to because they had an extremely low immune system. I was in the hospital last year due to cardiac arrest and they gave me a PCR test, but I was unconscious. I would never have submitted to it if I had known about it. Are those who took the test actually on another timeline and entrained with a sentient A.I.? Could this be true for those who took the vaccines and the PCR tests, for the vaccines only, or none at all. Thank you for reading my question and any help you can give me.

Comment: The year 2022 was an eventful year for me. I moved from the U.S. to Serbia in Europe, and I underwent two surgeries. First, there was no way I was allowed to use any airline without taking a PCR test, and I would not be allowed into Serbia either. Moreover, in order to be admitted to the hospital, I had to take two more PCR tests—one before each surgery. So, I’ve had three PCR tests altogether. Does this mean I’m screwed?

No, LOL. Neither are you. I have had no adverse effects from these tests, and if I will, they have not yet showed (and I doubt they will). I carefully watched how these tests were done. They used regular “Tops” ear cleaners (sticks), and I even saw the boxes they came with. You can buy those in the stores to remove ear wax with. Unless they were dipped in something, and still came in regular boxes, they were the same as the ear cleaners they used to stick up your nose. If anything, maybe they use the mucus for their DNA data bases.

Now, regarding Webre’s claims: Without going into what I think about spreading such disinformation (and it’s not the first time he does that), my answer is not to be concerned. Everything you wrote about what Webre has said is hogwash. Some people out there are not who they claim to be.

Question 6: If time is not linear, and we have future lives, then how can we exit the Matrix if we exist in the future! Would those timelines get erased? Too much chaos would happen I believe. May I have your opinion please.

Comment: To understand that, we need to have another concept of time, compared to the linear time we are used to. Think about time here on Earth as wheels within wheels—wheels intersecting just a little—i.e., at the outer parts of the spokes:

In the above brilliant (!) drawing, you see three wheels intersecting. Each wheel can be viewed as a certain time period (and there are smaller wheels within these wheels—the four seasons being one wheel within the bigger wheel, etc.). Each wheel is like a time loop, repeating itself over and over. Now, envision yourself, as a bodyless 3-UC hovering above all these wheels (there are many, many of them, covering the entire Matrix). You see each wheel covering a certain time period, let’s say the left wheel is between 1500-1650 AD, and the next follows upon that, and so on. Then you go to the Between Lives Area (BLA), where they split your soul in different sections. Let’s pretend a person was born in 1950, and dies now, in 2023. If his name is Joe, Joe will return in a new incarnation as his own grandchild or great grandchild, which means that next time, he’ll either incarnate right into the Metaverse Cloud, or he will be shot down into a laboratory-created cyborg baby because there will probably not be any homo sapiens sapiens body of your bloodline to reincarnate into because humans will have stopped procreating by then because of infertility. Bill Gates and his buddies will see to that.

This is difficult to explain in a short Q&A, but humans get an illusion of time moving forward because of the generational progress, but all time exists simultaneously in all these wheels of time—time is already predestined, although we can change events with our very limited freewill. Therefore, the past is still in existence, and so is the future—just different wheels. So, a major part of the Joe 3-UC will be incarnated in his grandchild’s body, so to speak (taking Metaverse and the Singularity out of the equation), while other soul splinters of Joe might be born simultaneously in the “future.”

Because the Matrix is a simulation/computer game/hologram, we also have the concept of “vertical time.” Part of that has to do with reincarnation. If the person’s soul is split, the BLA workers distribute the 3-UC and recycle them vertically into the different time wheels, respectively.

Now to the last part of your question, regarding exiting the Matrix. Although you are most likely split and distributed along the wheels of the time-loops, it’s you, the personality who reads this right now, who will exit through the Grid, not the splinter of you living in the 1500-1650 wheel, for example (to explain this in simple terms). Because of how this simulation works, I don’t think your other soul splinters will follow you out the Grid together with you. You will be you after you’ve exited.

Think about it like this: All these soul splinters of you, distributed all over the Matrix, belong to the same spirit body, which is YOUR spirit body, and your spirit body is the same as theirs. In other words, all your simultaneous incarnations are connected to only ONE spirit body—it is only the soul-mind that is split, not the spirit body. Envision it as if there were another silver cord between each soul splinter of you and a central spirit body—the Namlu’u body all these splinters are connected to, including you. But if you die today and leave the Matrix, they are still incarnated here. I learned during the Wes Penre Papers years (https://wespenre.com) that we do not need to be concerned about our soul splinters—that will be taken care of.

My personal understanding of this is that when each of these soul splinters that are left behind, incarnated into a body somewhere, dies, they will reunite with this common spirit body, so to speak, which is then in Orion because you exited. They will pass through the Grid and reunite with you, so to speak, whether this happens automatically, or we will get help from Orion achieving this.

It is my personal thought that just like if you were playing a computer game on your laptop, you as the player (spirit body), who is now aware of that you were playing a game all along, and from a lofty position outside the game (Matrix), can retrieve the consciousness within the computer avatars (the game avatars) that you used to control while playing (your soul splinters). Your computer avatars die, one by one, and you simply retrieve the consciousness that controlled it. Eventually, everything that is you, as a complete 3-UC, will then be in Orion.

I hope this makes sense. These are quite complicated subjects. Anyway, this is how I see it.

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  1. I cannot begin to thank you enough for the incredible information you’ve shared with us in the WWPs. I read them twice. I recently got your, ( Orion Book) and I’m on the third reading. I’m 72 years old and have done a massive amount of research over the course of 30 years and everything I’ve learned points in the direction of your conclusions in regards to the Matrix Simulation Death Construct. I am actually looking forward to death and have every intention of leaving this prison planet through one of the holes in the grid. I hope to meet you on the other side. May Goddess bless you.
    Gregery A. Mueller

    1. Thank you, Gregory! I’m very happy the information resonates with you, and that you are determined to leave this Matrix when the time comes! I feel convinced that we humans, who leave the construct, WILL meet in Orion. We are all next to kin, so to speak. I think it’s inevitable, and I look forward to it.

  2. Hi all!
    In question 4 it is talked about human embryos in labs, I’m pretty sure they already have done this. This article: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2022/aug/03/scientists-create-worlds-first-synthetic-embryos , are talking about the worlds first lab made emryos, even if it is animals. But we all know that what they show to the public are,for the most time, old news for them. They are at least 30 years ahead. That make me belive that they have succeded with humans to.

    1. Yes, I agree with you. I’ve seen information that shows they already have the capacity to do this, and couples, becoming parents, can also “order” babies with specific traits. Perhaps the parents want the child to have a talent for finances, so if the parents pay for it, they can manipulate the baby’s genes so that can happen.

  3. Yes, definitely and I can’t wait to see you, humans! I also really want to meet our Mother Creator and her family.

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