Orion Q&A Session #9

By Wes Penre, March 28, 2023

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Welcome to The ORION Book Q&A Session #9. Great questions again. Please send more to wespenre2@gmail.com, and put Q&A in the subject line. For those who want to order The ORION Book, which these Q&As are based upon, please go to Amazon, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BRLXB8Y3.

Question 1: Question for of the February 1st, 2023, session prompted me to ask this question: Upon exiting the Grid, would going to Orion be the worst place because the invasion might be successful of Orion? Is there any place in the overall complete universe that does not have all of this conflict and trauma even being a remote possibility?

I sometimes wonder if this whole thing is cycles upon cycles of what’s going on right now for us within our grid. This is one of my greatest concerns.

Comment: We have basically two options when we die next time: We can continue being recycled here, or we can go through the Grid. If we choose the latter, we immediately enter Orion, the Greater Universe. There is no other option because Orion is the Universe, and there is no other place to go. We are spirited beings, and we are “mini versions” of the Queen—literally—so ultimately, we originate in the Pleroma, outside the Orion Universe (if we want to use that metaphor), but it is not time for us to go there yet. At least not before the Queen Herself leaves the Orion Universe. It is my understanding that the Orion Universe will exist for a long, long time, from our perspective. We humans, when Tiamat was invaded, were spiritual children, evolving on a planet, but without death or amnesia. Now, when we exit the Grid, we could perhaps view ourselves as teenagers, but not yet as adults. We have a lot to learn, and a lot of creation to do in Orion. The Orion Experiment (Universe) is far from over yet, from my understanding. It is our responsibility, as Orion “citizens,” to expand the Universe, and do it in a responsible way. The same thing goes for all other beings in Orion. It’s a common effort. What we create is what we get.

Orion is vast. There is no reason why we would dwell in a war zone. However, if the Overlords are successful in their invasion, it will affect the entire Universe in the long run, so that is an issue. Personally, I doubt the Overlords will be successful.

Question 2: Wes, what is the difference between dark matter beings and physical matter beings? Does the former come with mystical abilities such as shapeshifting because I’m wondering why Sirians seem to have so many different forms, from that photo you shared of a Nordic-looking Sirian female in the WPP to that widely different feral description of them you gave in The Orion Book.

Also another question I have is what exactly are the Pleiadians? One corner of the internet tells me they’re us from the future, another tells me they’re reptilians in disguise, while another tells me they’re trapped in the matrix simulation like us. It’s all so confusing and frustrating! Would you mind sharing your findings on this mysterious race?

Comment: Physical matter is the Universe we see in the night sky and in telescopes. More correctly, it is 4% of the entire Universe, and dark matter is circa 21% of the entirety. Dark matter is the same as light matter, it just vibrates in other spectrums of the entire electromagnetic spectrum, so we can’t see it with our limited senses. Dark and physical matter beings are the same once we get out of our limited Matrix and can perceive the entire 25% material universe (4%+21%). These are the physical worlds, contained within stars, planets, galaxies, etc. They are “playgrounds” for newborn souls, who must evolve there before they enter the KHAA/ether/Spirit Universe (the 75% Universe). Young souls, who leave their stars or planetary existences, can later gain Spirit and become creator gods in the KHAA, not having physical bodies anymore. True creator gods can create with or without technology. Tiamat, for example, was created directly in the Spirit Universe, without technology. It was done with imagination, intention, and mental projection of what had been imagined. There was nothing physical with Tiamat, although after the Invasion, some of the traumatized parts of Tiamat fell in density and is now the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

The Sirians, for instance, left their home world and became “non-physical” (soul-mind without physical bodies). So, they can shapeshift at will into anything they want. But their original form, while in Sirius, was wolfen-reptilian. This is why they are depicted in different shapes and forms—it depends on what they shapeshift into.

Because time is not linear but cyclic (wheels within wheels, as explained in The ORION Book), the Pleiadians could say they are us in the future (referring to a “future” wheel of time, from our perspective, although all time is simultaneous. Read The ORION Book for a more detailed explanation). Marciniak’s Pleiadians are non-physical, and therefore can shapeshift into reptilians, or anything they like. Are they part of the Matrix? Yes. The Pleiades, or parts of it, was invaded by En.ki’s team long ago, so one could say it’s part of the overall Matrix, which includes the star systems En.ki has conquered and simulated. I hypothesize the Pleiadians might even be the Global EL-ite, or some of the Global EL-ite in a future “Metaverse.” I go into more details about that in The ORION Book, as well.

Question 3: How do we fully get rid of the mind that connects us to En.ki and the rest of the invaders? On my journey, I’ve noticed that the Matrix keeps pulling you back in, and sometimes you forget to think about the true reality of our world. Whether it be school or a job, you get so focused on survival that you’re not able to think properly. I get anxiety about this all the time; the fear that I’ll forget about the Grid, and En.ki and the true history of our world if I’m not re-reading your work every day. I know that it sounds silly, but the fear is intense. I don’t even have like-minded people by my side; they’re all not thinking in broader terms, and only on the materialistic side of the world, like money and having a job just to feed yourself. Not even talking about one’s dreams and creative aspirations. I’ve realized that you cannot escape the Matrix in the physical; no matter what you do, life will get in the way. But then how do you remember the information, focus, and keep in contact with your spirit when the world gets in the way?

Comment: These are good questions. I would suggest not to be concerned about this. The important thing is that we educate ourselves to the point when we see the Matrix for what it is—a simulation, a holographic and controlled virtual reality, where literally everything is false, and nothing here can be saved or restored because it’s not real. This means that when we realize this, there is no reason whatsoever to stay here because this Matrix is rigged, and it’s a Realm of Death. Everything dies because that’s part of the ruleset. Instead, we go into the real Universe, where death is not part of it. We regain our Spirit connection and become whole again. Having En.ki’s mind means we agree, consciously or subconsciously, with his plans, and we let us be manipulated by his proxies, i.e., the Global El-ite and those who work for them. Once we see through what is happening here, and disagree with this entire “reality,” we are no longer under En.ki’s spell.

This doesn’t mean we should not try to enjoy ourselves while we’re still here. Most of us have a thing or two we like to do or experience. I would suggest we do that—anything that creates joy and excitement. There is no need to think about the Grid, the exit, or whatnot, all the time. Once we know about it and have made a firm decision to leave, we’re good. What is important is that when we die, we know what to do. I don’t think we will forget about the Grid, etc., while we’re here. Yes, life takes over, and there are things we need to do every day, and that’s fine. Do that. No need to always pay attention to these subjects we are now discussing. You know what you know, and when the time comes, you know what to do. When you have some spare time, you can check for updates and ponder them if you find something that seems interesting. But no reason to worry. Hope this helps.

Question 4: The Christian Bible, in its Book of Revelation, it’s mentioned that the Euphrates River would completely dry up, which actually happened not too long ago. What are your views on some of the events mentioned in Revelation? Do you think they’ll come to pass?

Comment: Because we live in a simulation, the Overlords can literally insert and retract anything from the Matrix by just changing the code (like in an updated version of a computer game). So, technologically, they can make things happen, but this Matrix is also highly interactive, and therefore, what we humans do is significant—we are the ones who are playing things out. We are capable of changing or not changing events here. This is also why we must be so manipulated and controlled. If we weren’t, the Overlords would never accomplish their goals with us and with the world. We must do most of the job, and they need to steer us in their direction. I think some of Revelation will come to pass, while others won’t.

Question 5: I really love these Orion Q&As, here is my first question…

When you say there are wheels within wheels, and how the past and future are now and history books are only part of the current wheel we are in now, does that equate to the Mandela effect whenever En.ki and his team try to change things?

Talking about Archangel Michael when he came down, was he the real Jesus Christ? Or is the Jesus that we’ve been taught En.ki, the one who dies on the cross? I only ask this because last time, you stated that the Jesus Christ from the bible is En.ki and his father is Lucifer.

Thank you so much! Thank you for the Orion book, can’t wait for Orion two, ha-ha.

Comment: Yes, since we live in a simulation, the Mandela effect makes sense. There are many “realities” existing simultaneously, and we might remember the cover of a magazine in a certain way from when we grew up, for example. Since then, however, the wheels of time have spun, and the past we remember is no longer the same past—it has changed. I think that process has been sped up because of the urgency to usher in the Singularity. I believe the hydron colliders at CERN and elsewhere have a finger in this—CERN is helping the Overlords on a subatomic level (nano level) to make changes in the Matrix to speed up the process. As I mentioned in The ORION Book—the Overlords are desperate. They are running on their last leg.

Archangel Michael was the incarnation of the true Jesus (Yeshua). He was not crucified. But the real Yeshua did not teach God’s message, but that of the Goddess. Much of what Michael taught is still in the Bible and the Gnostic texts, although distorted, but all the Authorities needed to do was to change Goddess into God, and automatically, people are directed toward En.ki as God and Marduk his messenger (Yeshua) without realizing it, and the Mother Goddess is taken out of the picture.

Were there literally two Jesuses? Unknown, but I tend to believe the “second Jesus” is just the story the Authorities distorted, including the crucifixion and the resurrection, and most of us, that Jesus died for our sins. No way!

Actually, there is going to be a second ORION book, eventually. I have not started writing it yet, but I am preparing information for it and doing research. It’ll take a while, but as usual, I will keep you all updated.

Question 6: I have a question about the Reincarnation process in the BLA. When a person is recycled back to earth for another lifetime, do they always reincarnate back to the same life and at the same time-period, with the same family and friends?

I remember in your earlier videos on your website that you said everyone is indexed here on earth just once. Or are some people reincarnated into different people? For example, as a person’s grandchild or great grandchild?

I have had Deja vu experiences where I would dream during the night but wouldn’t remember until I was in the middle of doing it the next day. It’s usually something random, like taking out the trash to the garbage can, or cleaning around the house. It makes me wonder how many lifetimes have I lived as the person I am currently right now? The holes in the Grid is the one and only way to exit this Matrix that we know of right now.

I look forward to reading your new Orion Book, thank you for all your amazing research. It means so much to me and everyone who is looking for truth of it all.

Comment: The standard recycling process is that we reincarnate within the same bloodline and thus keep the same DNA formation each lifetime. Therefore, we slowly learn and “evolve,” using our ancestor’s DNA (memories) rather than our soul memories. So, if I die today, and I already have children and grandchildren, I will reincarnate in, let’s say, my great grandchild’s body next time (unless I go out the Grid, of course). So, we do not incarnate into the same life every time, but within the same bloodline.

The theory that we are only indexed here once came from Life Physics Group-California (LPG-C), discussed in the WPP, Level 1. I would argue that this is highly incorrect—something I pointed out already then. But LPG-C were in contact with the Overlords, which means their members were manipulated to quite some degree, even though they had some interesting information.

Dreams always happen in the astral—we have out-of-body experiences every night… all of us do during REM sleep. In the astral, time is irrelevant, so you might very well dream about something that has not yet happened, but might be likely to happen—even if it’s something mundane, such as emptying the garbage.

Question 7: You mentioned that En.ki’s real name is not known to us here on earth.

There is a guy on Twitter who goes by the name Kab. He is the only one I have seen posting En.ki in a bad light, as well, calling him the greatest deceiver ever alive.

He claims another name for En.ki is “Oppisheklio”. Do you have any idea where this name comes from? or have you encountered this in your journey for wisdom?

The second question: Do you have a family tree mapped somewhere of the Pantheons. I read through your Wes Penre Paper Level 4, Paper 2, and it seems to make a lot of sense.

Comment: I read the post by Kab, and I would say it’s a mixed bag, but he is more on track than many others. I have never heard of Oppisheklio, though. Not sure where he got the different names from. They are not Orion names—I can say that for certain. It is also incorrect that En.ki and En.lil are both imprisoned. Not sure where he obtained his information. The link seems to give a hint at the Taygetan Pleiadians, who in my opinion are another mixed bag. I’ve seen some good information from them (whoever they are), but I’ve also seen things that are up-the-walls incorrect.

I have no family trees of the Pantheons. It’s nearly impossible to do because they are all the same deities using different titles—they are not names. So, if I create En.ki’s family tree, for instance, it could also be Marduk’s, or someone else’s family tree at the same time because En.ki only means Lord of Earth, and anyone who claims he/she is the Lord of Earth automatically becomes En.ki. You can’t make a family tree from let’s say “carpenter” because there are many carpenters, and it wouldn’t make sense. This is why we say that YHVH/Yehovah comprised at least two different gods, En.ki and Marduk. Because YHVH is just a title, these two beings could use it interchangeably. In the beginning, and long before humanity, YHVH was one of the titles for the Mother Goddess.

There is of course, in theory, possible to make a family tree of Yaldabaoth’s/Archangel Uriel’s family tree on Earth (whom we loosely call En.ki), and it would be more accurate, but that would be a mega-job, and I honestly don’t think it would be worth the effort. It’s more like mind candy: It could be interesting to tickle our curiosity with it, but it’s irrelevant for our future, which is to go out through the Grid.

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    1. Hello, all!

      May I ask what your thoughts are on opening oneself up to various energy “healing” modalities such as reiki, quantum, etc…? If we as humans are blocked off from spirit / Khaa in our physical realm, then which or who’s energy is the practitioner opening themself up to during the connection? Would it be the collective soul energy? Based on what I understand, with the help of your material, it wouldn’t be the overlords’ energy, would it?


  1. That Jesus (Archangel Michael) was born of the Virgin Mary (Mother Goddess) is quite clear in terms of Orion. But the church teaches that Jesus was also born on Earth to the virgin Mary.
    Is this explained somewhere? We know that such a thing is not possible here.

    Does the church want to equate Jesus’ “earthly” mother with the Queen of Orion?
    Can they even explain it, other than the story of the angel Gabriel announcing the birth of Jesus to the virgin Mary?
    I am not religious – never have been, but I have always believed in the Source, consciousness, the inhabitants of the universe, indestructible energy… and imagined how it was all connected and created into life.

    1. Jesus having a virgin birth, born by Mother Mary (Orion language: MA.ARY, which means Mama Aryan/Orion = the Queen), is certainly a metaphor, hiding in plain sight that Jesus’s message does not come from the Biblical God but from the Goddess. But the Church decided to twist that truth–still giving a hint that no one understood (until now).

  2. Yes, sad and shameful, but true, like many other distorted truths and actions in this matrix.

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