Orion Q&A Session #10

By Wes Penre, April 4, 2023

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Dear Readers, I just want to mention that if your question is not included in the next Q&A, following upon your email to me, there is certainly a chance it will appear in the next, or the next after that Q&A, so keep your eyes open.

Thank you for your great questions, and please send me more to wespenre2@gmail.com, and put Q&A in the subject line. If you have not read The ORION Book, which these Q&As are based upon, you can order it in hardcover, paperback, or on Kindle on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BRLXB8Y3.

Question 1: My question is about the beings like Buddha who teach us to be more and more silent and be aware so that we can know our true self. Then we have heard a lot about enlightenment like we have heard Buddha attained enlightenment one fine day when it was full moon. It was a tremendous experience for him. What is this experience of enlightenment? Many teachers have talked about becoming one with God and they have also said that God has no gender. There is Parinirwana and then Mahaparinirvana. Did you hear any of these? Are all those meditation techniques helps us in becoming multidimensional?

Buddha Statue and sunset background

Comment: Buddha (or Siddhartha Gautama) achieved “enlightenment” through meditation. Many “ordinary” people today have reached the same state. So, what did Buddha mean by enlightenment? It’s about silencing your mind, your thoughts, until it is completely still and silent. Then you might experience Oneness, merging with everything, as it were. They are One with the Universe and everything beyond—they become the Monad, the All That Is, or Source… anyone’s choice of word. They also realize we are not separate humans and separate beings in the Universe—it’s only one being, and that is YOU (or me—we are ultimately the same). I also know that there can be a “spontaneous enlightenment,” where the person does not even need to meditate—it just happens.

For some, it is an amazing experience because they feel they have experienced their True Self—the Ultimate Spirit, while others feel an incredible loneliness at the same time, realizing there is only One—there is no one else. It is probably not because Spirit feels lonely, but we humans are a 3 unit being, a 3-UC (Three Unit Composite), which comprise soul-mind-spirit body. The loneliness some might experience, I would think, is because we are still connected to soul-minds, as well as to Pure Spirit.

What Buddha experienced is of course an amazing state, but it is not constant because we are 3-UCs, and we operate in the Orion Universe, and currently, mostly in the Matrix. We also have these sapiens bodies, so regardless of whether we experience Nirvana, we always come back here, and so did Buddha. “Nirvana” is not the way out of here; so Buddha’s teaching and experiences, for us humans, are still restricted to the Matrix in the sense that they do not set us free, except temporarily. The only way I know that frees us from this Matrix is if we to go through a hole in the Grid after we die next time.

Question 2: Hi Wes! So, in the book you said that En.ki and his cohorts lost their Creator abilities sometime into the Third Construct[1]. I also assume the Christ Consciousness came here during the Third Construct, who can believe when, but I was wondering if the gods still had their creator abilities during this time, and if that’s why we’ve seen the trickery from the fake Jesus Marduk?

Comment: Jesus (Yeshua) was supposedly here about 2,000 years ago, and at that time, the Overlords (gods) had since long lost their creative abilities, which happened closer to the beginning of this Matrix. There was a real, genuine Yeshua walking the Earth, but the teachings have been severely distorted. Yeshua came here to teach the Ways of the Mother Goddess, not the ways of “God” (En.ki). If we read the New Testament and the Gnostic texts (such as the Nag Hammadi texts), we notice a lot of profound information in there, and even though the Goddess (Sophia) is a big part of the Gnostic narrative, she is portrayed as the Goddess (the Aeon) who made a mistake when creating the Orion Universe, and now the Patriarchy implies they need to “correct it.” There was no mistake—the Universe is an experiment in Freewill. However, the Patriarchy twisted Yeshua’s teachings, adding worship to the equation, and advised us to pray to God or Jesus, who had suddenly become male deities. So, if we follow the Bible and the Gnostic texts as being gospel, we give our energy to En.ki (God, the Father) and Marduk (Jesus the Son).

Question 3: I have a question for you: In the Orion book you stated that we got a burst of energy via the Galactic Center around 2012. I have noticed people around me seem so desperate for attention and needing energy from others; they will literally do anything, like they are running low on energy. Do you think that the energy we got from the Center is now getting lower and lower and that is why people are so in need to feed off of others? It seems that some 3-UCs still can get some energy internally but it’s hard to keep. Where do you think this is going in the next few decades.

Comment: Good questions. From what I’ve learned, the energy humankind drew from the Galactic Center in the past was only used to boost this Matrix, unbeknownst to us humans. The Overlords and the EL-ite collected this energy from us because they can’t draw any energy from there themselves anymore and must do it through us (they take loosh[2] from us). Normally, and as an evolving species (humankind), we are allowed to keep the energy within the system, until we are evolved enough to start contributing to the overall universe. While evolving on a planet of in a star, the soul energy is a loan, and star races pay back their “debt” when they leave their initial matrix (the star or planet). But in our case, it’s misused because we give it away to the Overlords, and more and more energy was consumed as time went by. Other star races started complaining about this because it really escalated, and the Overlords also used (and use) this energy for their own space travels and space wars with other star races. And our energy also helps them create portals and stargates to other star systems. So, we unwittingly help the Overlords run amok not only here, but also in other star systems.

Therefore, it was demanded this must stop because it affects other parts of the Universe. Thus, they wanted to strangle our access to the Central Fire (the Galactic Center), and we have to do with what we have—mainly in an attempt to smoke the Overlords out. I believe this is the “Ultimatum” Orion gave the Overlords. They thought they had all the time in the world to complete their mission (to attack Orion), but now they lose “oxygen,” i.e., soul fire, and they must hurry, because they (and we) are running out of energy. Perhaps Orion is hoping the Overlords will attack prematurely with a weak army that can easily be defeated by Orion, with few casualties, rather than waiting for them to build a huge armada of 3-UCs.

Anyway, the Queen loves us (her children), and she has been a little biased toward us, according to Orion star races, and she decided to give us one more boost of energy (around 2012), as a last chance for us to wake up and leave. Generally speaking, we did not. Instead, the Overlords stole that, as well, and we got very little of it. Now the Overlords are desperate, and humans are starved of soul energy. Thus, we humans steal from each other, unwittingly in many cases, because it’s not just narcissists who steal soul energy anymore—even “good people” do it without being aware of it. And the Overlords likes when this happens, and they are glad to “help us.” Thus, we have social media, where “everybody” is drawing energy from each other, and this world becomes more and more narcissistic, which the Overlords want. In other words, we become more and more like them, and therefore, they will have an easier time taking us over in the final attack on Orion, explained in The ORION Book.

Some of us manage to wake up anyway, but those who do (all you who read this) have probably noticed it’s not an easy path, but the only path on which we can save ourselves. Because we are reconnecting with Spirit as we progress, and our minds stretch outside the Matrix, using it to liberate ourselves we can still receive some fire from the Central Fire. But the Matrix now takes so much energy that our own “batteries” run out nonetheless, and we may often feel exhausted and fatigued “for no reason.”

Question 4: You mentioned that we are physically en-domed on a larger land mass. So, is that to say the moon landing never happened? And what does that mean flat earther being “disproved” on many instances via science? Was science pre-written and designed to reach outcomes to support a spherical globe shape?

PS. Your work saved my life when I was at my lowest last year, and I believe it might just save my soul too. Thank you very much. If by chance I see you on the other side I’ll owe you everything. Gladly too.

Comment: I’m happy to hear that my information has helped you to such an extent. That’s wonderful, and thanks for sharing! I am quite convinced that all humans who exit the Grid will meet in Orion—we are of the same species, so I would be very surprised if we didn’t.

Regarding the larger landmasses outside our Earth simulation, I have second thoughts about that, after having looked into it some more. The more I have researched it, the less I agreed with the context. It’s an interesting thought, but when I combine everything that I’ve learned, it does not make sense—at least not the way it’s presented by others. I do think there are some landmasses beyond Antarctica that they keep secret from us, but these lands are still within our Earth simulation (under the Earth Dome).

Regarding flat, round, or concave Earth, it is irrelevant, IMO, because of how I view this entire Construct with my current eyes. It’s a simulation, as I’ve mentioned, so it can be changed and modified at any time, and it’s interactive, so we change the Matrix collectively with our minds all the time.

Science, as we know it, only applies to the Matrix, and has little to do with Orion. Science is En.ki’s science, applying to only here (at best). And as we’ve noticed, when scientists come to a conclusion, presenting it as a working theory, that theory, over time, will often be proven incorrect and replaced with something else, and so it goes. Still, we are forced to believe in science (the Matrix), or we get censored and/or penalized. They are forcing us to stay grounded in the simulation. It’s important for them that we are one with the Matrix, so they can lure us into the Singularity.

Question 5: Is the Galactic Alliance within the Simulation?

Comment: It depends on which Galactic Alliance you mean, but if you mean federations, such as the Galactic Federation of Light, and similar groups, they are certainly within the Matrix. They do not exist—they are made up by the Overlords, and parroted by channeled entities to believe in saviors that don’t exist. There is one Council, though, that is not of this Matrix, and that is the Orion Council—the only such group I am aware of that is not part of this construct.

Question 6: If En.ki and co. are to be destroyed why couldn’t those mature 3-UC leave, and those still asleep be moved to a new matrix to continue with the Queen of the Stars?

Comment: This is one possibility of many, I would assume. At this time, we are unaware of what Orion is planning to do, so we can only guess and hypothesize. Regarding your hypothesis, it’s probably possible. One thing seems certain: Orion will not let the human soul group out in Orion in the shape we’re currently in as a collective. It would be like letting seven billion Overlords out in the KHAA. It would be detrimental because we have become so much like the Overlords, but we are even more dangerous than them because we have creative abilities—we have Spirit—and with that comes A LOT of responsibility. With the common human mindset, I would not let us out in Orion either. But as you hint at, an option would be to isolate humanity in another construct, free from Overlords, until humanity has matured enough to be allowed into the KHAA. Still, the Overlords keep us as hostages, so our liberation, regardless of how it’s done, is not an easy task.

Question 7: How did En.ki and his cohort allow glitches in this reality, such as yourself, which are helping humans out of this mess?

Comment: They may seem like glitches, but they are not. En.ki once agreed to that he must let humankind get the chance to evolve, so we can leave the Construct, so he allows some people to wake up, albeit not too many at once, or he tightens the rope by spreading more disinformation and increase manipulation, projection, and gaslighting, to stop the flow of awakening people. However, if we were not aware of the Grid, “evolving” would mean ascending through En.ki’s ascension system, which would take millions of years, in our terms. He is a trickster god, and in his mind, he is keeping his part of the bargain by letting some of us evolve, slowly but surely, but not before we, against all odds, see through the recycling process, after having been recycled hundreds or thousands of times. It’s a very long process, and many people don’t make it beyond recycling.

After 9.600 years of this Matrix, nearly nobody has returned to Orion, but in order to keep his promise, En.ki sent back a few very traumatized and “destroyed” souls to Orion—souls he did not want himself, apparently. “It’s better than nothing,” he seems to have thought. So, Orion came here to investigate…

Regarding how the agreement between En.ki and Orion came about, and exactly what it entails and should be followed, I have no details, unfortunately. And I don’t know what makes En.ki feel he needs to keep his promise in one way or another, which seems to be the case. There is still much we do not understand.

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[1] The Third Construct, which is this Matrix, in our term of using linear time, started somewhere 9.600 years ago after Noah’s Flood.

[2] Loosh is a term coined by Robert Monroe of the Monroe Institute, and it means stealing soul energy from someone else.


  1. ‘Anyway, the Queen loves us (her children), and she has been a little biased toward us, according to Orion star races, and she decided to give us one more boost of energy (around 2012), as a last chance for us to wake up and leave.’ There is no sufficient evidence to back this up.

    1. “As above, so below.” I am a man, thus, I’m not a mother. But any mother knows they won’t kill or hurt their own children if they can help it. And if they need to, they will NEVER get over it. Do you think the Queen is any different. She’s the mother of both En.ki and us. Ask any mother on this blog, and they will confirm this.

      Please don’t get stuck in “evidence.” Start thinking instead. Can you prove the metaphysical and the Greater Universe in scientific terms? No. Instead, you need to expand your consciousness. Say doing this is BS, but then you also say the Plato and the rest of the great philosophers throughout time is a waste of space. Science is concerned about the Matrix, not what is beyond…

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