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von Wes Penre, 4 Apr. 2023

Deutch: Nach und nach werde ich deutsche Übersetzungen zu meinen Artikeln veröffentlichen, insbesondere zu denen, die das ORION-Buch betreffen. Die erste Übersetzung ist hier (oben im Artikel, wo PDF (Deutch) steht.

English: By and by, I am going to post German translations to my articles, particularly those concerning The ORION Book. The first translation is here (at the top of the article, where it says PDF (Deutch).


  1. Sehr gut, das du auch in DEUTSCH schreibst.
    Die Übersetzung mit “” ist sehr kryptisch und oft mißverständlich.
    Vielen Dank

  2. Off topic sorry but what do you think about the two books of Jeu? Gnostic writings not belonging to the nag hamadi But rather the Bruce codex found in the 1700s?
    It’s an annoying read for $300.
    Basically its Jesus speaking to his apostles about 12-14 gates the soul has to pass before escaping the arcons and joining the 60 treasuries of light. Very detailed password names…directions to speak…a super cheat password Jesus recommends not to use. Very confusing and I don’t know how many humans could remember all those passwords.
    Perhaps the was the set up before the grid was punctured.
    Also says Jesus preformed the baptism by spirit as John did by water and the earth is fire. It’s neat stuff. Have you studied this or just the pistils Sophia?

    1. Please don’t pay attention to that. It’s Hermetic “teaching” (Thoth), originating from the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. It’s Matrix teaching.

  3. Most likely. Just thinking about why those texts were available before the NH is answer enough. Something weird about Gate keepers and the letter Z though. I cross referenced those names with the pistis sophia and found a lot of them.

  4. Side note..found out the books of jeu were unearthed from an Egyptian tomb a British man..the land of kem…5oyal thoth…yep

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