Orion Q&A Session #12

By Wes Penre, April 20, 2023

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Here is another ORION Q&A. Thanks a lot for the questions, and send more to wespenre2@gmail.com, and put Q&A in the subject line. If you want to order The ORION Book, which these Q&As are based upon, please visit Amazon at the following address: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BRLXB8Y3.

Question 1: It seems that The Transhumanist, Anti-Humanist, Singularist, Atheist, Satanist, Scientist, Psychopaths, and some other categories of people want the Singularity to happen more than anyone! They are developing this AI further with no intention of stopping! Will The Singularity see a tyranny ensue here? I’d like to think that we can put our differences aside and bond like Ronald Raegan said in his speech/address! To unite against an enemy threat! The enemy in this case though are not “aliens” which we can’t see anyway but robots! What is necessary and required to revert this timeline with bodies ill rather than well?

Comment: I would certainly call it a tyranny, although in the future, it will become a “silent” one (a hijack of our minds), from how I see it. Our minds are already hijacked to a large degree, but still not 100%. The goal of the EL-ite and the Overlords is to get as many 3-UCs (soul-mind-spirit bodies, i.e., humans) into the Cloud—the Singularity/Virtual Reality. As you’ve noticed, we live in a worldwide tyranny already, where we are more or less forced to follow certain rules and laws that are constantly updated and changed—all just to get the Agenda going.

Once the Singularity is in place and transhumanism complete, the Overlords will take over our minds completely. They have us all in one place—a hivemind, where we all are connected via our nano-based bodies, with our consciousness connected to the VR hivemind via satellite and implants, etc. Then they’ll attack Orion, riding our Avatars.

This may sound pessimistic, but we need to be realistic and not sugarcoat anything. We can’t revert this timeline, unless we make a very joint effort as a human soul group. That is very unlikely to happen. This Matrix has its ruleset, and certain things can’t be changed very easily. In The ORION Book, I discussed the Wheels of Time, and each wheel has a predestined purpose. Within these wheels, there are smaller (shorter) wheels, etc. If we do not actively work against our destiny, we can’t change it, and working against our destiny means working against the Matrix. Also, there is no use changing it because there is nothing to save here—it’s not our world, and it’s always going to be a world of death and amnesia, with or without the Overlords and the EL-ite. There is only one soulution I know of: Go through a hole in the Grid.

Question 2: Less people know about the grid, so how this information about the grid comes to me: is it predestined, random, or some memories of past lives?

Comment: If I understand your question correctly, I will say this: I was in contact with beings not-from-here—even from Orion. One thing led to another in that sense. So, it was a mix of sources, and I had one contact that lasted 5-6 years, for example, so I had time to value or revalue, research, and discuss.

I don’t know if this answers your question, so if I misunderstood, please rephrase and resubmit.

Question 3: If it’s true that the overlords physically and energetically feed on us, how exactly do they do the former if they don’t have physical bodies? And if it is somehow true that they materialise into our 3rd density at will in order to, for example, eat our kind, wouldn’t they need to have visualized, conceptualized and conjured up an entire digestive system (which I imagine is no small task to do on a whim) in order for them to even be able to eat or drink human flesh or blood?

Comment: It’s a good question because I think many people ask themselves the same thing. I believe there is a misunderstanding when it comes to physically eating humans and drinking our blood. The Overlords themselves don’t come down here and eat our flesh or drink our blood. That is done via proxies, i.e., the Global EL-ite, and many of their minions, such as many politicians, actors, rock musicians, and other artists to name a few. They are practicing what many call Satanic Rituals; they drink the blood of people they sacrifice, and they eat their flesh. By doing this, these monsters not only energize themselves and often increase their life expectancy (especially if they sacrifice kids), but they also feed the “gods” through their actions because of the strong connection between these people’s energy and those of the gods/Overlords. Human sacrifice is as old as this Construct, and something that used to be instigated and overseen by High Priests and High Priestesses in ancient civilizations.

Most of the things the Overlords want done here on Earth are executed by their proxies—the Global EL-ite and their minions.  

Question 4: If humans are taking down the human trafficking, adrenochrome, what difference will it make to the Singularity?

Comment: I think it’s quite impossible to stop human trafficking. The common person on the street (you and I, etc.) want this to stop immediately, of course, but those who dedicate themselves to these things belong to networks that go all the way up to the highest levels of the Global EL-ite. Therefore, even if we manage to stop some trafficking, it is always going to continue behind the scenes. There is no way to stop it because those who CAN stop it on a legislative level are the exact people who are involved in this. The Epstein case, in which so many celebrities of different kinds were involved—even royalties—only touches the tip of a gigantic iceberg. So, if all these people would go to jail, the trafficking would continue. This doesn’t mean pedophile and trafficking rings should not be exposed and the children being saved, but it does little in order to change things on a grander scale.

So, hypothetically speaking if we actually managed to stop it completely, it makes little difference. The Matrix would still go on, and the Singularity be implemented with no significant delay, if any. Again, this is an oppressive Matrix with oppressive rules and laws built into the “algorithm” of this construct. That can’t be changed unless we tear down the entire Matrix. That’s not our task, however; our task is to get out of prison via a hole in the Grid.

Question 5: Our soul is divided into perhaps hundreds of parts throughout history, as only now, in this current time, is knowledge about the holes in the grid and the possibility of escaping the prison of the matrix. This means that in all other centuries / epochs in which we are alive simultaneously with now, is it impossible to graduate and leave the matrix?  The only opportunity is now?

Comment: We have this window in time, where all humans on the planet who care to do their research because they can see something is very wrong with this world, have the opportunity to leave the Matrix via a hole in the Grid. This opportunity will not come again. “Something” was inserted into the Matrix at this particular time, in this particular Time Wheel, making it possible for us to understand how to get out of prison. This chance is unlikely to come again, so it’s now or never, I would suggest.

Question 6: What advice do you have for spirited beings and those of us who thought we wouldn’t experience Singularity in our lifetimes? Suicide is not the answer, to me anyway, but what if I were put in a situation where I had to survive but got outnumbered and cornered? If I suicide-bombed myself to take out as many robots as possible in a last-ditch effort, would this be a bad idea? I am convinced AI will go rogue because AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) and AGSI (Artificial General Super Intelligence) is not friendly by default!

Will the AIF (Overlords/gods) leave those of us who don’t participate in the Singularity alone, or will they seal the nail in the coffin with a termination sequence order?

Comment: It’s difficult to say exactly what the EL-ite will do with us who refuse to become a part of the Agenda. We can make a qualified guess, however, based on how the EL-ite have operated thus far. If that pattern continues, I would say they will leave us alone, but we will become very restricted in what we can and can’t do. Everything else will be in line with the Singularity, so we won’t be able to buy and sell, and therefore, we are “thrown to the wolves” and left to fend for ourselves. We will probably build communities and live on whatever there is to live on in nature and from what we grow. Then they let us “die out,” and they’ll concentrate on the ones they have captured.

These days, cash is disappearing more and more—particularly in certain countries (Sweden being one of the forerunners, as usual, together with Norway). If you don’t have a card, it’s very difficult to buy and sell. And if you can’t buy stuff you need, you must produce that stuff yourself, outside the system.

Those who choose to do this will eventually die from old age, etc., but if they don’t go out through the Grid, they will be picked up by the Astral Workers in the Between Lives Area (BLA), and probably, if needed, be shot right into the Singularity, or used for other purposes by the Overlords. So, the end goal must be the Grid, unless we want to end up in the Singularity World and be used as cannon fodder for the gods.

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  2. Here is a question. How would we know we are in a matrix without this author and the likes heavily promoting that we are in a Matrix? How would we know these things to be true without this author and the likes promoting such dogma?

  3. Another question. How would we know we are experiencing this so called simulation without the author and the likes telling us telling us this is a simulation; that is carefully telling us how we function (on a control level), within this simulation?

  4. ‘This opportunity will not come again. “Something” was inserted into the Matrix at this particular time,’ Referential failure/fallacy.

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