Orion Q&A Session #13

By Wes Penre, April 26, 2023

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Hello, and welcome to another Orion Q&A! You ask good questions, as usual, so please send me more at wespenre2@gmail.com. If you are curious about The ORION Book, which these Q&As are based upon, you can order the book at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BRLXB8Y3.

Question 1: What exactly is the subconscious mind? At first, I thought it was forcibly attached to us by the overlords in order to prevent us from moving on from trauma, but I’m no longer sure if that’s the case.

Comment: It depends on whom you’re asking, it seems. For simplicity’s sake, I look at the unconscious mind as our human collective mind (the human soul group), and the subconscious mind is the existence just outside our physical 5 senses (the Matrix). It is true that the effects of severe trauma get stored in the subconscious mind, but that’s not all that the subconscious mind is. The subconscious is the unknown: The “6th sense,” and the astral, and extrasensory perceptions in general, and so on. Here on Earth, in this Construct, we are extremely limited to what we can perceive; we are like small ants who can only perceive the “ant world,” when there is an entire planet to explore, if I use an analogy.

The trauma part of it is something we, using our Matrix minds, apply to bury the difficult emotions connected to traumatic events, or we would not be able to function in this solid reality. We would go completely mad, although some people still do, on a gradient scale; we call it mental illness.

Question 2: I’ve noticed that ever since I found out about the grid and the truth about our origins, as well as the Goddess, that sometimes odd things happen in my life. As if there were some glitches in the matrix. If I re-read the WPP and your magnificent Orion book, things appear that distract me from thinking about it. It might sound foolish, but I swear that I’m not being overdramatic. Fights happen in my life, my emotional state worsens and sometimes people enter my life who would call me a crazy Q-ANON theorist and nothing else, and it happens only when I’m reading your work. I’ve been thinking, could it be that somehow En.ki (Lucifer, Uriel etc.) knows that we (the few people who know the truth) have awakened, so he sometimes tries to make our lives harder, just so we can focus on the matrix and not our spirit and truth? Could it be that when we die, we should be on extreme alert, since the spirits who’ll try to approach us will be more extreme, just so we can’t escape? I’ve thought about this for a long time and the ideas might be dumb, but I wanted to ask you for your input. Many people have managed to awaken these days, but I know that they don’t know about the grid and who God (Goddess) truly is. They might talk about the occult music industry, but they still respect Uriel by calling him a Father or God. The realization saddened me, it’s only us, who are reading this, that will manage to escape. I apologize for the long Q&A and possible dumb ideas, but they’ve been sitting on my mind for a really long time. I wish you (and everyone who’s reading this) a very good day, morning, evening or night!

Comment: Waking up from the slumber and hypnotic state of the Matrix and continuing searching for truth is probably the bravest thing a person can do. Why? One reason is that the more we explore, and the more we find out and process within ourselves, the more alienated we become to the world we were once a part of—the Matrix. It can be an extremely lonely path for many, and we find ourselves going through all kinds of emotions and rollercoasters as we move on. We no longer find joy in that which previously excited us, and eventually, we realize that nothing (and I mean nothing) in this Matrix is true or real. It’s all fake. I know these are big words, but I stand by them.

Also, people we previously went along with just fine now might feel like light years apart from us, emotionally and otherwise. It’s important that we don’t isolate ourselves completely. If we find someone in our lives that is on the same path, and whom we can get along with, we might often think that is enough—and it might be. If we can’t find such a person, it’s important to at least engage in forums or in other groups of like-minded. This is the main reason I have my forum (wespenreboards.com). Most of the forum is free of charge—you just sign up and you’re in—and some of it is Patreon-based.

When we realize that all is fake in this simulation we call life, we usually want to focus on how to get out of here. That could take most of our time, but it’s also valuable if we have some kind of passion or interest that can keep us going here in the Matrix, without getting so obsessively attached to it that it will prevent us from leaving. But we know inside if that happens, and we can then work on detaching. The beauty of learning about this Matrix and beyond is that the more we know—particularly about ourselves—we automatically get less and less attached to this physical world. I know the opposite is true, as well: We must let go of what we once had—at least to a point where it no longer becomes an attachment that prevents us from leaving.

I don’t think the Overlords, in general, try to make things harder for separate individuals who are in an awakening process—the gods are usually not doing anything out of the ordinary against us. They are not interested in individuals unless they really create an immediate problem for the authorities. Instead, they concentrate on the soul group in its entirety. And of course, it means that we who wake up also get affected by that.

But mainly, I suggest that what you experience is just a consequence of waking up. It has to do with frequency and vibration—we don’t match most of the Matrix anymore, and this is what we incrementally notice—directly or indirectly. Our only defense against that, as I have come to see it, is to continue our path and break through the barriers. Eventually, we get to a point where our environment—people of otherwise—more and more cease to affect us negatively, and we become observers. My suggestion is to just continue learning, and particularly spend time learning about yourself and who you are behind all the trauma, lies, and manipulation we all have been subjected to. Thus, you peel your inner onion and reach deeper inside yourself, which will bring more and more stability, even in this unstable Matrix.

Regarding the Grid and the exit. Don’t worry. All you need to do is being determined to leave and not listen or pay attention to anyone else in the astral. Just focus on exiting. No one can touch your mind without your permission, regardless of how strange that may sound.

In conclusion: The way you feel is normal under the circumstances and a sign that you are awake. Most people still must work and have a job, where they meet people daily whom they might have a difficult time relating to. This is why it is important to also have at least one or a few people in life we can relate to.

Question 3: After reading the Orion-book twice, I still do not feel a resonance at all to wish myself to Orion upon death and after making it through a hole in the grid.

I’ve tried to get in contact inside, to imagine what might happen, but still would prefer to choose a different place…

You once mentioned that we can go anywhere we wish, but also, that Orion – in a sense – is everyplace “out there”.

Any further light on this topic? Thank you very much.

Comment: Thanks for bringing this up and being honest with how you feel. Here on Earth, we live a very dense and challenging life, mostly based on pain and suffering. We try to avoid this, but in this realm it is impossible. So, the longer we live, the more trauma we are subjected to. How we deal with this depends on the circumstances, and it doesn’t help that we have amnesia, either.

Anyway, what I have learned and concluded is that there are two main “realities” for us to choose from: the Matrix and Orion. I think we agree that the Matrix is not a place we want to return to. Some might think that they don’t want to go to Orion, either, because people are tired and feel they don’t want to participate in what it means to live in a much Greater Universe. Many people just want to rest and be left alone. This is totally understandable after all we have experienced here. However, we must remember that we are now in the Matrix, locked into heavy, dysfunctional sapiens bodies, and with a very restricted mind. Once we leave this heavy burden (which is the entire Matrix) behind and get out of here to Orion, we will be completely different in the sense that our weariness, tiredness, and burdens will fall off our shoulders. We will reunite with the TRUE us that is the true soul-mind-spirit body, which I called the 3-UC in The ORION Book. The real us is enthusiastic, creative, happy, curious, and eager to explore.

So, what I’m trying to say is that once you’re out of the Matrix, I bet you will not think in the terms you do here in 3-D—none of us will. And Orion, in our terms, is nearly infinite, so there is no lack of places you can go to. Hope this helps.

Question 4: Do you have any idea of where the overlords of the matrix are right now, specifically En.ki or Marduk? You’d think they would want to incarnate and rule over their human “slaves”, seeing as they are unwelcome anywhere else in Orion. Unless I’m wrong and they’re just biding their time in the astral dimensions.

Comment: The Overlords are “all over.” There are, from what I understand, a few of them here on Earth at this moment, in special bodies, but this is rare. Last I heard was that Marduk is still here—at least he was a decade ago. I don’t know where En.ki is now. Their main consciousness inhabits cyborg bodies, so they are half machines. Because they were stripped of their creative abilities once upon a time, they were unable to move around; so apparently, the few of them who already had (cyborg) bodies from before, when they were rescued by En.ki after being imprisoned by the Orions in the Sirius Dark Star, helped En.ki and others to get similar bodies. So now, they can move around, but they are very “physical” in nature. That sounds like a contradiction if they live in the astral and such places, but who says they live in a higher dimension/density? What if they dwell in a lower one, even more physical than ours? The astral is vast, too, at least from our limited perspective, and it also has different densities and dimensions.

The Overlords, in general, prefer not to incarnate here. They want us to do the job for them (which we do on a daily basis), so they can blame us later for things that are being done here. They want to take on the attitude, “We didn’t do it. The humans did it to themselves.”).

Question 5: Is applying magic dangerous? Christians are against it, and people who use it often act weird.

Comment: It depends on what we mean by magic. We humans tend to call everything that is not normally perceived as being of the 4% Universe (the 5 Senses/visible light) magic. Magic can be dangerous when we don’t know what we’re doing and don’t understand the consequences. Therefore, Crowley’s magick, and similar, where pentagrams and circles are involved, in conjunction with sigils and symbols, can be very dangerous. Usually, people who apply this kind of magick evoke demons or entities from the astral and use them for their own physical needs and achievements. Although the called-upon entity sometimes obeys, no such thing comes without a price. The entity wants something back from you in the future, and when that future comes, the magician is not so happy about the deal anymore. Many people who start dribbling with this stuff might do it out of spiritual curiosity, but often, and contrary to what they might think, the more they get into that stuff, the more physical they become.

Creating with our minds and our thoughts is also “magic” from a homo sapiens perspective, although it really isn’t. It’s our natural state. Unfortunately, what is natural for us as 3-UCs is magic to us now, when living in ignorance within the Matrix.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the forum question. So far I have read your Orion Book three times and I am just about finished with the fourth reading. I’ve read your WPPs twice and find the information you’ve shared with us all to be in my estimation absolutely priceless. You have connected all the dots and I have every expectation that the grid does exist and I have every intention of going out of one of holes. At the age of 72, I find myself wishing for death. This matrix simulation death construct makes me very uncomfortable and I detest my life on this prison planet. Thanks so much Wes for all that you have done for us.
    Gregery A. Mueller

    1. That’s amazing, Gregery! I appreciate you sharing this. Just know there will be a Part 2 of the ORION book. I will probably start writing on it fairly soon.

  2. Questioner number two….you are not the only one…..we are many like you out there…..although some of ”us” are too fuckin dumb to accept an invitation from another of our kind to walk together……

  3. Hi Wes, so you talk about archangels, Arch coming from gnostic archon I believe, which just means ruler which means something over something else, etc. And reading the Orion book we know who these are and we know there are “good” and “bad” ones. So I’m assuming, and remember this is just assumption, that angels are maybe descendants from archangels, and do they have any powers, or merely Messengers for the Archs. I’m thinking in terms of guardian angels etc. so would say ISIS be an angel since she was descendent from archangel Michael? Maybe you’ll address these in a second book I apologize if I’m premature with the question. Thanks

    1. Anon, this is brilliant questions. Sorry I’m so late to reply. You are right about the fairly recent origin of the word arch:

      “-arch- comes from Greek, where it has the meaning “chief; leader; ruler. ” This meaning is found in such words as: anarchy, archbishop, archdiocese, hierarchy, matriarch, monarch, monarchy, patriarch.”

      At this point in time, I am not completely sure about the hierarchy of angels and archangels. But from how I see it now, I mostly agree with you. We have the archangels (we’re talking Orion now) who are the highest in order (not in a controlling sense, just when it comes to abilities and traits), followed by the angels. I don’t see the angels are offspring of the Archangels–just another type of creation (by the Queen) with different tasks. Now, bring all that down to the Matrix…. As above, so below. En.ki is copying the real universe (Orion), bringing it down a few notches.

      Archangels in this Matrix? Disregard…

      1. Archangels are not the highest order of emanations from God. The Highest Order is composed of the Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones. This is the first rank.

        The second rank consists of Dominions, Powers, and Authorities.

        The third rank consists of Principalities, Archangels, and Angels.

        Archangels are only above the Angels, where humans are concerned. They are the second to last order of the lowest rank.

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