Orion Q&A Session #14

By Wes Penre, May 2, 2023

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Thank you for your questions. As usual, I appreciate if you all send more…! Please email them to wespenre2@gmail.com and put Q&A in the subject line. If you have not yet read The ORION Book, which these Q&As are based on, it’s available on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BRLXB8Y3. And here are the rest of the books I have written. Beware of the “Hidden Hand” books, though. Someone posted them in my name without my permission. If you want the information included in those books, I have it for free on my blog at https://wespenrevideos.com/?s=hidden%20hand.

Question 1: Even though our power to manifest comes from within, does that completely bar us from things such as pagan practices (minus giving our power away to a “deity”)? I’ve personally found that such practices, if used as a tool rather than a crutch, helped me direct intentions and energy and keep focused in protecting my energy. Maybe others feel the same way?

Comment: This is a good question that I think more people have asked themselves. What we call magic or magick (to separate from stage magic) here in the Matrix is nothing more than learning how to tame and direct energy. Everything is energy: we use it all the time when we create, think, move around… in everything we do. Therefore, “pagan practices” are the same thing, and it totally depends on how we use it—for “good” or for “evil.” It becomes dangerous when entities and deities are involved in the practices. It’s super-important not to try to connect with any such beings. It usually doesn’t end well.

Question 2: Last week I met a friend who is a lightworker and is into astral travel stuff, ascended masters etc. He says that he has met with ascended masters (Archangel Michael). I started discussing the Wes Penre Papers with him, and his reaction was totally against you. He was angry that you are saying the opposite and misleading people. According to him, Orion is the enemy and Sirians are the good guys (you have told this in level 1 how the things are manipulated to put Orion in a bad picture). Also, he says that exiting through the Grid is a coward’s idea. We have to serve this planet and make it a better place. I tried telling him that it’s a choice if we can’t come back or exit. Wes, how to explain it to the lightworkers? So many of them are not ready to listen.

Secondly, we know elites have a depopulation agenda, but ultimately Enki is going to recycle the souls, so don’t you think the depopulation agenda will put a break on this process? Why would Enki want fewer souls getting recycled, or is it that he wants to eliminate certain types of people and keep recycling the rest?

The way we produce children today is favourable to Enki’s soul trap. How will we bring children here who can work to destroy this matrix?

Comment: This lightworker, like you said, has made the exact opposite conclusions compared to me, and that’s of course his choice. He obviously relies on sources I don’t want to mess with. It seems he has made up his mind and is firmly holding on to it—at least for now. You ask how to talk to them to make them understand. The answer I will give you is that you don’t. Don’t try to convince anyone about anything—we all have freewill to think what we want. My advice in general is to only discuss these things with people who have an open mind and are at least willing to listen and ponder. Other than that, give people the information once and see how they react. If they are not interested or ridicule you, never bring it up again. If they are interested, continue discussing with them. They are ready when they are ready, and even if they never get ready, we must accept that. Also, the more we try to convince somebody who doesn’t want to listen, the more stubborn they will become to prove themselves right.

Orion stresses that we must NOT produce more children in this matrix. These children would be the ones who go into the Singularity, and as educated parents who are also aware of the Overlords’ agenda, why would we want that to happen to our children? But En.ki also wants to stop reproduction for entirely different reasons. He has more people than he needs right now for his agenda. He needed all these people to retrieve information about us through the Internet and social media. But the Overlords can only completely control and handle a certain number of people, so they don’t want us to reproduce anymore. Thus, people’s infertility rate is rapidly increasing by putting things in our foods, and by other means.

But more importantly, they want people to die off and become infertile for another reason. While people start dying off, the EL-ite scientists create cyborg babies in laboratories (they have already started—it’s mainstream news. You can google it). Then, they put human souls inside these cyborgs, and voila! There we have the first cyborg generation everybody’s been talking about. So, those who die off now and do not go through the Grid might end up in one of these baby bodies and become “immortal,” without aging and without dying. Even the Bible mentions this in Revelation 9:6, New King James Version: “And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.”

Regarding bringing children to the world to destroy the Matrix—we should not do that for anything. No more children. It is not our job to destroy the Matrix. If or when it will be destroyed is up to Orion.

Question 3: Hi Wes! At the end of your book, you make the claims that Pleiadians are back here from the future to try to warn us, but also to deter us from a tyranny in their timeline. So, to me that means that there were truth-people in the Metaverse, possibly with the chip in their head, but still retained the truth and rebelled? So based on that theory why couldn’t some truth speakers today, as we are, insert themselves into the metaverse, like an undercover operation, get the chip and then organize a revolt within it… just seems very hard for me to accept, especially once you take the chip. So, I’m just wondering how they did it the first time around because we know it’s going to happen because the Pleiadians already went through it, according to you.

Comment: Just a small correction: It’s not according to me that the Pleiadians went through the consequences of a previous Singularity. It’s according to them.

We don’t know exactly what happened at that previous event because as far as I know, the Pleiadians never revealed the exact chain of events. But what it seems like is that there was a previous Singularity (or perhaps more than one?), and the Overlords made some kind of mistake, so humans who were locked into the Virtual World “woke up.” They still could not be free, but they could choose to invade the creator and the mastermind of the Virtual Reality World (the Singularity), which is En.ki.

Could that happen again? Hypothetically—yes. Would we want to send in agents who take the chip, trying to wake up people in the Metaverse? That would be the same thing as coming from outside this current Matrix (Earth), trying to warn humankind. Unless you know what you’re doing, you will be trapped in the reincarnation cycle with everybody else. A similar thing would most likely happen in Metaverse. Even if we do that and cause a new rebellion, what do we gain? Those who rebelled previously, according to the Pleiadians, are still trapped in En.ki’s simulation as cyborgs. There is only one way out I know of, and that’s through the Grid, and refuse to get lost in Metaverse/the Singularity.

Question 4: So, this question would be for those who are in their 20’s and have learned from your information and their own research. Maybe they aren’t financially stable yet and are still figuring out how to get themselves out of the system, or cities. I’m sure this might be a concern for them and may even induce a panic response in a worst-case scenario. There may even be some that can’t tolerate being in the workplace, the reason being it’s too toxic. What would you suggest that could make their situation lighter, so they could eventually achieve some level of independence?

Comment: These are very important questions, and I wish I had some brilliant solution for this dilemma. I am not in my 20s myself, but those who are likely to have a long, full life ahead of them that they must deal with. What to do? Well, although we might have figured out some of the details of what is awaiting regarding Metaverse and the Singularity, we don’t know everything, and plans can change at any time. I think we must play it by ear. I have no good solution for what to do if people are young, and Metaverse will take over everything. The EL-ite and the Overlords can’t force people to enter the Metaverse, but they can make it very difficult for those who refuse.

I think there will come a time when those who are awake will come together because they have little to no choice, and they will create their own communities. There are a fair number of people worldwide who do not want to participate in this vicious agenda and have seen through it. Rather than giving in, necessity will be the mother of invention. The important part is to find solutions that last throughout their lifetime and make sure no more children are brought into the world by their doing… no more children! That should go unsaid because why would we want our children to succumb to the Singularity, while we, the adults, do everything we can to avoid it ourselves?

I’m sorry I can’t be of more help than this now, but currently, I am of the mindset that we must keep ourselves educated on what is happening in nanotechnology and play it by ear…

Question 5: Is Marduk (Satan) still at war with his father En.ki (Yaldabaoth/Lucifer/Krishna)? Is he working “with” his father? Are they playing roles? Marduk is the extreme or super psychopathic being—something unique to him and Ereshkigal—so, will he combine his faction of the AIF with Yaldabaoth’s faction?

Comment: It’s not possible for us to know exactly what will happen, of course, so we can only guess and hypothesize. It’s always seemed to me that En.ki and Marduk want the same thing—the Singularity—out of necessity. If they don’t go on with it, they will eventually exhaust their soul energy, and they will die permanently. The arguments between En.ki and Marduk seem to be mostly about how the end goal should be achieved, by what means, and who should be in charge. Could their conflict be good for us? Hard to say. It could, but then again, I doubt it.

Question 6: I’ve followed you for years now and just recently learned about Howdie Mickoski, who follows a very similar path to yours regarding exiting the grid. He lays out parts of a plan but not the entire thing. He says one has to do a recapitulation – writing down every person and event in your life from now going backwards to birth. He says we will need this to not be tricked by the archons into returning here. You’ve said we just have to look for the hole in the grid and if we somehow don’t get out then to not follow them in no matter what. What is your take on this?

Comment: My comment to that is short. No, we don’t need to do that.

It’s a very good idea, however, to work on ourselves to wake ourselves up and to get to know ourselves on a deeper level. That will benefit us on the other side if we want to be effective creator gods. I think it’s important to work on getting in control of our emotions and use them wisely instead of reactively. I have shared my own healing process on my blog[1]. It might not be for everyone, but it works well for me. If not for you, do some research until you find something that is customized for your own healing.

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[1] https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Video-263-Needs-Trauma-Behavior-and-Reprogramming.pdf


  1. ‘He was angry that you are saying the opposite and misleading people.’ Although this light worker to talks nonsense in most instances, this bit I agree with.

  2. ‘Also, he says that exiting through the Grid is a coward’s idea. We have to serve this planet and make it a better place.’. He does have a point.

      1. No, really he does have a point. Also, All of your writings are assumptive. You seem to be hell bent on pushing this narrative that this is a matrix, mixed up with this Idea of who is spirited and whom isn’t (supremacist point of view). All of this is based upon the Idea that we are for definite in a matrix. There is literally no critical thinking, only self centredness. At least the light workers are not exclusionary from what I have seen.

  3. It takes courage and determination to break out of this matrix, and the only intelligent move, if you know about the grid, is to save yourself.
    And to serve whom? Maybe to Overlords and Elites like before? What has even changed in all these millennia? Same shit – different packaging! We are at the same level and we are sinking even worse as far as life is concerned.
    What an illusion it is to believe that one day we can change the world for the better, when the world is always dominated by a mass of uninformed or unawakened people who are easily manipulated by the leaders? But we know who the leaders are and that most of them are corrupt.
    How and where then with such a distorted consciousness? To an illusory better world???

    Let’s ask ourselves who is deceveing whom here, seekers of Truth or new age light workers? It seems that these light workers have been blinded by the En.ki’s light…

    1. Great argument, Shine. If we think about it as a computer game because it’s easy to comprehend: If I create a computer game that a lot of people want to play because it’s incredibly engaging, people would love to play. But I was the one who set the rules for this game. Even if you “beat it” and reach the highest level of the game, you’re still in the game. And if the game’s algorithm is destruction and death, why does anyone want to save the computer game, when the REAL game is created by us all, individually, in something called the Spiritual Universe, i.e., the Real Universe? Why hold on to an oppressive lie? We have to think bigger. We can get rid of ALL the Overlords, and what if we succeed? Will this be a better place? No, not really, because of the algorithm. If you play a certain computer game that’s not open source, you can’t change the algorithm. Only those who have access to it can.

      1. Yes I was just thinking about this too, if we’ve been incarnating here for say 10,000 years, I’m still here, I’m not part of an elite bloodline, I was never offered an Ascension yet blah blah blah. It’s all a crock people! Move on! and apply what we’ve learned from here.

      2. Totally agree, Wes. And if we wanted a better world, all humanity would have to get rid of darkness from their minds, which is unfortunately a utopia.

        1. Right. Also, if all humans woke up, there would be no Matrix anymore. It’s a holographic reality, so if we all woke up, the Grid would come down and we could all go home.

          1. Hang on, humans are spirited, they are already awake. They already possess an advantage according to the writings you wrote over the overlords. I thought that being spirited would have covered that Wes Penre.

      1. Okay I don’t engage but this is a great platform to get these ideas out. The anonymous that made this comment, there are many different out here, seems extremely left brain or you’re a bot. If you’re the former, take a look at David Icke’s recent video on left and right brain and there is so much information on this, Mark passio as well, on and on. I wish you luck. If you’re a bot, people beware, AI is on its move big time its impersonating people, they’re all over the internet. And on that note beware of the composite EL-on Musk, always been talking out both sides of his mouth and his recent Tucker Carlson interview saying basically that he wants to be AI god, not the others. Think about it folks you want to continue in a matrix like this??

  4. Yes, the false light! Very well said. We have to learn as much as we can from this construct because we will take this knowledge with us. I never knew how much I would learn about evil here, However we can’t get too close to it, it’s like a fire that burns. I’m not a coward because I want to try to improve myself to the best of my ability and also to help others on the way to wake up, and whatever they need if I can help. And when I’m done here I’m going right to the Queen and ask Her what I can do from that side! That’s how serious we need to be about this folks! The pieces all fit throughout history to this day.

    1. This by far has to be one of the worst arguments presented that I have ever seen. And this is what Wes Penre is fostering.

      1. Stop spamming and trolling the forum, Anonymous, by speaking in broad generalities. Back up any point you have without insulting people here. What you’re doing shows the signs of a certain “personality trait” if you get my drift (probably not). If you can’t do that, and you are opposed to this information, why not moving on to somewhere else, where you can find like-minded? Staying on a forum or blog you are opposed to doesn’t make much sense, does it?

        1. Great post Wes, I seen this after I just posted mine, but please don’t let this get to you, put you on tilt. This is what they want to do, they want you to get so disgusted that you just shut down the site, please don’t. WE need to save Free speech as much as we can. Thanks for all you do man!

        2. Right, this is the third response I wrote after two disappeared previously. To address your first point, I did back up my points, I actually took the time to look at what light workers had to present, this is what critical thinking entails. I am not spamming, and neither am I trolling, if something is misleading, then it is misleading, do not care who you are, or where you claim you come from (the onus is on you and you alone (and those that are promoting you)); independent without any aid to ascertain that. And with your harsh supremacist point of view and with the severity that you promote, you best make sure that you and the likes are very very certain. As for the personality trait, that is a you thing and not a me thing, so no I do not catch your drift.

          Its not about being opposed, its about just as you a promoting your supremacy in the way and fashion you’re doing it (and the likes), so to will your so called claim to homage and supremacy will be challenged. Like-minded people in Juxtaposition to this ‘Right. Also, if all humans woke up, there would be no Matrix anymore. It’s a holographic reality, so if we all woke up, the Grid would come down and we could all go home.’ Need I say anymore in terms of sense making. Now for the Orion queen and your impression that she would endorse fully what you and the likes of you promote; Again, you best make sure with your supremacist truthful point of view that you’re very very certain about/in your assumptions, and this is all dependent upon the Mythos that you claim you have acquired and pieced together about her.

          1. @Anonymous I’ll let you stay here, so long as you don’t insult people and their ways of thinking. This is very important on my platforms. No insults from anybody, and definitely no abusive language toward anybody. If that happens, I usually delete the posts. It’s not about the context of the posts, or people’s beliefs or conclusions–it’s about how they communicate. So, that’s the deal. Calm discussions are perfectly fine.

            Personally, I am not going to get into a debate with you because I notice from what you have posted so far that you have not read my material–probably not at all, or if any, very little. If you had understood me from my research point of view, you would not have written much of what you did. I can’t discuss with you if you have made up your mind without having read me or listened to me to any significant degree.

            Also, more or less everywhere I post, I am very clear to stress that all I’m writing and discussing is my own conclusions, based on my research. I also advise people that if they read my material, take what resonates and disregard the rest. Then use what resonates and do your own research. What I dislike the most is when people follow me religiously, as some kind of leader. All I’m doing is sharing my research, which I’m fully in the right to do.

            What I wrote about Ascended Masters and other New Age material is very much based on my own research, and from my point of view, which again is based on years of studies. I am personally convinced that what I said is basically true. Others might think differently, and that’s fine with me.

        1. Y coent was firected to Anonymous who criticized people’s comments here. Its easy to criticized but do you have better idea? Backed up wt proof?🤣 pls give it to us. We would, i would love to have a different, solid proof. Seriously .

          1. You seriously want me to do that. You seriously want me to back up what I stated with proof. No problem 🙂

          2. And Just remember, I will hold you to this. Remember you’re the one that was laughing and wanted proof. Fine.

  5. You know, Indirect commenting with literally nothing to back up a statement, speaking nothing more than rhetoric, reflects the conditions of such individuals doing it. These individuals seem to think they are thinking, when in fact they are doing the counter opposite. The light worker seems to be correct in some assertions and makes valid points, we are dealing with an excuse making coward entitled mentality, speaking on things they really have no Idea about as can be seen within the very answers the provide, despite all the knowledge they claim they possess; Now if this isn’t ignorance and arrogance, then I do not know what is :).

  6. ‘Also, he says that exiting through the Grid is a coward’s idea. We have to serve this planet and make it a better place.’ And touching on this I think ‘Save’ would be more appropriate than serve in this instance. The light worker community generally speak of ‘love and light, and betterment, from this stand point, I see no reason as into why save cannot be used in this instance also.

    1. Yeah so this is the reason I don’t participate in social media anymore. But I will answer this, no matter how you change your introject, reality is not going to change, you say more appropriate word should be saved instead of serve, well they didn’t use the word save did they? they used the word serve! Serving Enki, and the so-called love you talk about is conditional at best, as long as it’s love that serves their agenda, not Ours! Please wake up people there’s nothing saving worth saving in this construct! Period. It was failed from the beginning when they changed our true destiny!

      1. Anonymous I didn’t mean to be so harsh, but this question comes up a lot. People just get glazed over eyes when you start talking about a Queen and thr god of their world is evil, and it’s better just to start over. However one thing we really do need to save from this experience is the Knowledge of it and what we have learned and to go on as true creators to never let it happen again, or at least to know how to handle it if it does happen again. Peace out.

      2. ;well they didn’t use the word save did they?. The source is not even first hand, so to make this idea so definitive is very limited indeed; However, just by searching the community, they are about love and light, the betterment of humanity, saving the planet as they are genuinely concerned with the current state of it.

        ‘they used the word serve! Serving Enki, and the so-called love you talk about is conditional at best, as long as it’s love that serves their agenda,’. This sounds Dogmatic and contextualising a certain narrative of which you state Serving Enki. Again, just by taking the time to read what they have to present, it in no way reflects the statement serving Enki. If anything again, they are more about ascension, connecting with nature, saving the planet etc. I now have to question the individual who presented the serve En.ki narrative, whether or not they are sincere and are they fully conveying the light workers message.

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