Q&A Session #1, May 2023

By Wes Penre, May 9, 2023

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Hello everybody! This one will be a mix of Orion Q&As and regular Q&As. I am now running out of Orion Q&A questions, so if you have any of either or, please send them to wespenre2@gmail.com, and put Q&A in the subject line. Those who have not read The ORION Book, please visit Amazon.com and search for Wes Penre or use the direct link in the PDF transcript: (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BRLXB8Y3).

Question 1: They say if you have a problem or concern, important decisions, or need an answer to a certain situation it’s best to sleep on it, and then an answer will come right as you wake up the next morning.  In “The Orion Book” you mentioned OBEs are derived from the mind (according to Robert Monroe).  Where do we get answers to our problems when we sleep on them?  Do they come from The Matrix or the KHAA?  Is it like an OBE?

Comment: The main reason why we should “sleep on it” is because the mind tends to complicate things when we have problems and concerns, and we get tangled up in it in our awake state, and we fail to solve them. When we sleep, we rest our minds, and we can think more clearly when we are alert in the morning. As Einstein said, we can’t solve a problem from the same level it was created, and because a rested mind thinks better than a tired mind, it’s more likely we can solve the problem the following day. Sometimes, it’s enough to solve the problem from a “matrix frequency,” depending on the problem, and sometimes we get true epiphanies, where we use our spiritual connection to solve certain problems.  

Question 2: There is a lot of talk now about earth being a simulation and not organic. Is there not a natural, organic world that connects us with Mother Earth, who is also Sophia?

Comment: Yes, there is a “natural, organic world,” which is the foundation of the Matrix. Earth is a chunk of Tiamat, our planet of origin. Tiamat was multidimensional in the KHAA (Spirit Universe) and existed across many dimensions. It was a purely spiritual world, but after the invasion and the explosion of the planet, some of it decreased in density and fell into matter. These are the chunks we see in the asteroid belt now. En.ki took a fair chunk of the remnants of Tiamat in the physical realm and used it as a foundation for his own experiment—Earth. Sophia, in her manifestation as the Orion Queen, inserted herself in Tiamat. So, we humans, whom I usually call the Namlu’u, while we were in our essence, and when we roamed Tiamat, we were actually walking on the Queen as a planet. Thus, she was always close by. When Tiamat exploded and parts of it fell into matter, some of the Queen’s spirit remained, and still remains at the foundation of Earth. I presume that is the reason why Thoth, in The Emerald Tablets say that there are 9 guardians of the Sacred Fire at the center of the Earth. These guardians are Overlords.

But a part of the Queen is trapped, too, just like we are. And humans have forgotten how to connect with her. They say we are “children of nature.” This is true, in a Tiamat sense, but Earth as a planet still contains a small part of Sophia’s spirit.

The problem for humans is that we have amnesia. En.ki made sure we forgot about our Mother and started worshipping him. Nature, although extremely diminished in vibration, is still to some degree a spiritual part of this construct.

Question 3: Hi Wes, I read the Orion book, and I was wondering: If you’re a guitar player or musician, or artist, will you still be able to express that and all that you’ve learned in this construct in the spiritual realm, i.e., the KHAA, Sophia’s universe. I know we’ll keep our memories, but will we keep our muscle memories, and we’ll be able to pick some physical body out there to express that again, or will it be through only telepathic communication? I know we won’t have mouth to sing or voice boxes, but can we pick an avatar to do that in some world we create? Things to ponder.

p.s. Thanks, great book by the way. I love the sections on narcissism comparing it to law of correspondence as above so below. I see it all around me now, from one extent to another, and how can we be set free out there with a mindset like that?

Comment: It is my understanding that those who wish can take a physical body somewhere if it suits their creative purposes, or even create a world and insert themselves into their creation. The question is if you really will think of music the same way you do now. Music is an immense part of the overall creation—it’s cosmic and is everywhere. When people compose great music, they “pick it up” from the Universe, which comprises unfathomable numbers of symphonies, harmonies, and just sounds, which keeps the physical universe together. Imagine the symphony of a galaxy.

Therefore, you might have a completely different mindset when it comes to music, and you will more than likely be able to utilize your talent on a much greater scale than here on our limited Earth. And after all, whatever you create as a creator god, you use harmonies and music in general to create worlds, etc.

Regarding muscle memory, I don’t think so, unless you manage to create a human body similar to yours. Still, your skills will help you learn quicker.

Question 4: I’m still unsure what “elementals” are and exactly what role they play in our whole situation. Many researchers keep mentioning them as universally benevolent, so I’m curious what you think about them personally.

Comment: Everything in the Universe is alive. The four components in creation are the elements (with the fifth being spirit, from which we can create with assistance from the other four). Elementals are, from what I understand, forces of nature that are semi-conscious, and they are controlled by Archangels, according to most Mystery Schools. Archangels can call upon elementals to do their bet, but Archangels are not creator gods, like humans and other soul-minds out there who have gained spiritual abilities over time. Archangels, however, can control and manipulate the elements in from which something is already created.

Question 5: With the advanced development of technology and ai we are witnessing the progress in this machine era at a rather rapid rate and with the release of the GPT series language models. The things these Androids and others like them have been saying over the years is nothing less than terrifying, which leads me to see that the dystopian society you mention in your Singularity Book[1] is not too far off! What are the chances of AI going Rogue and turning on their creators? Some humans have been abusing robots and “they’re sick and tired of it” [their words]!

Comment: I would argue that we already are A.I. to a large degree here in the Matrix. We have artificial sapiens biotechnological bodies, a Matrix based soul, and a Matrix mind, lesser than the mind we possess outside the Matrix in our 3-UC (mind-soul-spirit body). That’s quite some A.I. to me—we are created by the Overlords with our true cosmic selves attached to the Matrix but in slumber. Only when we wake up and start thinking outside the box are we connected with our true 3-UC. Other than that, we are certainly in a Matrix-mind.

According to Barbara Marciniak’s “Pleiadians,” A.I. has already gone berserk in a previous Singularity (these “A.I.s” were humans, transformed into cyborgs). But besides all this, I think humankind (directed by the Overlords) are on a very dangerous path, and we are already on our way to being controlled by the A.I. we created. I think that perhaps people like Dr. Ray Kurzweil and other Singularity enthusiasts in Silicon Valley might think that once we’re in Metaverse, we are a billion times smarter because we will then become a hive-mind, where everybody knows what everybody else in the human soul group knows—in the present and in the past and future, as all time is simultaneous—wheels within wheels, as explained in The Orion Book. Therefore, we can outsmart A.I. If that is true, they are very naïve.

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[1] “Synthetic Super Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind: A Roadmap to the Singularity and Beyond.” Can be ordered at Amazon.com.

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  1. Wes,
    I really look forward to the Q & A Sessions. I learn so much from people’s questions and your comments. Good food for thought. I think what woke me up was seeing numbers in sequence of 3 and 4 throughout the day, every day for a number of months. Maybe my spirit body was trying to get my attention to connect. Well, I guess I did. I’m awake and aware and happy to see others are too. Your work is a breathe of fresh air. Looking forward to the second Orion book. Keep studying everyone!!!

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