Some Thoughts on the Upcoming Orion War

By Suzaku (author of the popular “The Exit Handout“)

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Zhuge Liang

Absolute Freewill allows beings to gain talent, self-reliance and independent critical thinking. Sophia, the Aeon, chose to create a universe of absolute freewill to allow beings to aspire and reach their highest aspect of themselves.

To illustrate the importance of freewill to develop talent, the case of Zhuge Liang is insightful. Zhuge Liang (181 – c.September 234),[2] courtesy name Kǒngmíng was a Chinese military engineer, strategist, politician, and writer. He was chancellor and later regent of the state of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms  period.

When the Shu Han kingdom started, Liu Bei, the founder had many talented people. After Liu Bei, died and Zhuge Liang became Regent and Shu Han Prime Minister, the numbers of talented people declined as talented people, who were Liu Bei’s contemporaries died. Although absolutely loyal to Liu Bei’s successor and Shu Han, Zhuge Liang, through micromanagement, did not allow subordinates develop their abilities through making their own decisions and gaining talent through experiencing the consequences of those choices. Since Zhuge Liang, made all the decisions, his subordinates did not have to think but only do what they were directed. Subordinates were not able to develop talent through problem solving and learning through personal experience. Failure to delegate led to the eventual destruction of Shu Han due to lack of talented individuals. A contributing factor to Zhuge Liang’s, death is exhaustion, as a result of his micromanagement of government.

Sophia, unlike Zhuge Liang, has greater confidence in her helpers, through delegation and allowance of freewill. The Namlu’u creation was to be Sophia’s delegation of Aeon level creative powers to further expedient Universe development. Working through others rather than doing everything by herself, Sophia could develop talent and greatly leverage her own abilities in accomplishing her goals.

The Overlords, through their Elite minions seek absolute control of everything to the smallest details and control of thinking through censorship. The Overlords goals are opposite of Sophia’s intentions. The Overlords do not want to develop talent. The Overlords do not desire subordinates to make their own decisions. Rather the Overlords’ preference is that their subordinates do exactly as directed.

The Overlords’ desire to limit human talent for control is shown in the current human design of about 120 years life expectancy and the built-in molecule of forgetfulness designed into every human being. Past life memory erasure through reincarnation is another evidence that the Overlords’ desire to limit human talent and abilities through preventing life course improvements through past life learning experiences. Clearly, the Overlords’ intention is to prevent independent thinking that would lead to revolt through short lifespans and memory impairment.

The Overlords’ micromanagement as projected through the Elite’s proposals and plans (World Economic Forum, Digital Currencies, Digital Identities, Metaverse, Censorship and others) demonstrates narcissistic traits of insecurity, feelings of having superior judgement and control.

Sophia’s Universe of Freewill and Enki’s Overlords’ personality traits and philosophies are polar (e.g., positive and negative) opposites in “frequency” or “vibration”. There is no “meeting of minds” (shared beliefs and morals) between Orion and the Overlords. Consequently, in the end, this will be a war of genocide, only one group can survive. Lasting fully enforced peace treaties are not possible.

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  1. Dear Wes, just finished G. Lobuono’s book, “Alien Mind”, not easy to read. (Iam german) I read your books, very good, got a lot of
    infos; and I still reading “A Journey Through the Multiverse.” What an incredible work you have done. My question?
    How arrived Lobuono to such deep reports of the alien sources and quotes? And what do you think of the aggresive intervention of the Verdants and their breeding and brutal manipulations of humans? Isn’t it a most dangerest subjekt today?
    Please comment. LG Horst Schad

    1. If you’re German and managed to read that book, kudos to you LOL. It’s a very difficult book to read even for an American (and was for me). His writing style is very complex.

      When I was in connection with the A.R. Bordon team and the LPG-C (Wes Penre Papers, Level 1), I also got in contact with LoBuono, who was a fleeting member of LPG-C’s group. From what I can recall, George LuBuono said much of it was remote-viewed.

      The question is, who are the Verdants and those Grays that are reported on? I would suggest they are the Overlords (, Sirians, and other mixed star races who invaded Earth). Although George probably did remote view this, he was still within the Matrix. Therefore, he encountered these typical beings.

  2. Good article. I often find that people view the amnesia as some kind of malevolent act in relation to reincarnation and being a type of “mind wipe”. When taken into account that RE-incarnation (or recycle) is actually a misinterpretation of the process where all time is simultaneous rather than linear, there is no RE-incarnation, but rather concurrent incarnations. A better understanding of the necessity of not having these concurrent incarnations influence or “bleed through” into others might better explain the need for a type of “veil” between these simultaneous lives. If one lived with the full knowledge and memory of every single current life being lived by that soul (which could many), one might go insane, you could say. It would make “life” impossible.

    The 120 years life-span replaced the previous plan of one, very long-lived life path in favor of simultaneous, shortened ones to gain as much experience as possible for the soul. To divide into soul aspects does not diminish the soul in any way – each life possessing a fully intact soul – however, despite the veil, bleed through of alternate life paths *does* occur – rarely, but it happens.

    Yes, we experience suffering here. That is a direct consequence of Freewill. We exist in a simulation of what could be called “poverty”. The purpose is not to identify all the characters, but to identify ONESELF through these experiences of poverty (suffering). Yes, life is hard, so what are you going to do about that? In return, the ALL gains in experiential knowledge.

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