Orion Q&A Session #15

By Wes Penre, May 15, 2023

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Dear Reader! Thank you for your contributions this week! I need more questions, however, for the next session. If I don’t post anything next week, it’s just because I am collecting questions, and I don’t have enough. So, please send questions about The ORION Book, or questions in general, to wespenre2@gmail.com, and put either “Orion Q&A” or just “Q&A,” respectively, in the subject line.

If you are interested in The ORION Book, on which this Q&A is directed, you can order it on Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BRLXB8Y3.

Question 1: In the Orion Book, pg. 389, etc., you speak of the great value of having an intimate partner whom we can completely open up with. I have wanted that for so long, and your book is helping to clarify even further—a partner aligned and ready to do all it takes to prepare to exit the Matrix, while being the best prepared as possible.

I’ve done so much of the regular manifestation practices and still no signs that a man of this quality is presenting for me. Any thoughts on what to do about this?

I’ve been starting to focus on being sure I feel worthy and deserving. Not sure how to get to clarity on that either.

Comment: I think this is a very common problem amongst people who are waking up. How do we find a partner to truly communicate with and expand both our consciousnesses? It doesn’t need to be a romantic partner, although I know many people look for that first. It can also be a friend we completely trust and can open up with and is on the same path.

First, don’t give up. Keep your wish and your intention alive inside and convince yourself that you will find such a person. Even better is to tell yourself that you have already found him. That can potentially speed up the process because you exclude the passing of time in the latter version. At the same time, don’t be overly obsessed with it—just keep that thought alive now and then without putting tons of effort into it, or it may delay the process (energy at work. Just let it flow freely). Chances are, regardless, that you will find someone like-minded down the road. The more we heal from past abuse, the easier our own energies flow, and we are more receptive to what we really want. And we need to get over this feeling that we are not “good enough” for such a person, which is certainly not the case. You are good enough, and so are others. This “not good enough” issue is always a consequence of having been emotionally or physically abused. The only way to get rid of this feeling of unworthiness is to heal. Some of it we can do on our own, but more often than not, we also need help. And like a famous therapist said, “Finding an intimate partner you can heal with is the best way of healing—even better than having a therapist, which would be option #2, if #1 fails” (paraphrased).

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Question 2: Hi Wes, I was wondering how Orion relationships are created. For example, Isis being the offspring of Archangel Michael, did he have a physical relationship with another being to create her? Or for that matter, the father/son relationship between En.ki and Marduk. Also, I assume these beings have elemental powers as well? I don’t know how much can be trusted by Sitchin’s Anunnaki work. Thanks.

Comment: I know this may seem confusing because, of course, we compare the relationships in Orion to our human relationships. They are very different. Beings in other star systems, who are still developing, possessing physical bodies like we do, I would imagine procreate similar to us. This does not apply in the KHAA (Spirit Universe), however. There, beings don’t have a solid body, although they can easily shapeshift by rearranging their soul fires. Therefore, they don’t procreate or recreate like we do, and “family” relationships are not like they are here. I am certainly not an expert on Orion relationships because they are confusing to me, too, but here are my two cents:

For the most part, I think father-child, brother-sister, and mother-child is metaphorical. Let’s say you meet someone in Orion that you like a lot, and that soul-mind or soul-mind-spirit body (human) feels like a daughter to you, you might “adopt” her as such. There are no genetic connections in that sense. I think this is what happened between Michael and Isis, for example.

Then we have another example, where En.ki and En.lil were “conceived” by the Queen—they were born from “unfertilized eggs” (no father), i.e., it was a “virgin birth.” This, I believe, is different because these Archangels were directly created by the Queen, and that was done differently.

A third option I’ve stumbled upon is that certain beings divide themselves into many, and these splinters become their “children.” Such is the case with En.ki/Yaldabaoth and the rest of the Archons in the Gnostic texts. All Archons stem from Yaldabaoth, and each of them possess a particular main trait of their “father” (Yaldabaoth). Therefore, one Archon might express anger (Marduk), and another expresses knowledge (Thoth).

This might all sound vague, but it’s my best estimate for now.

Question 3: I’ve been intending to hold my consciousness and awakening efforts towards that of building critical mass for a great awakening. I’ve even gone so far as to clarify my vision for the tipping point, https://www.heartplanvision.com/vision-new-one-percent-movement/. Some of us do feel the tipping point is building. At least as far as I’ve been reading in the Orion Book, you are saying there is no hope for the whole Soul Group now.

And how big is our Soul Group anyway? Are we in pockets of small soul groups, or are we just in one big group? Any thoughts on the tipping point efforts?

I’ve barely had any effect on my immediate peer group to discuss the real issues of the last 3 years in regards to medical freedom, injections, fake tests, masks, etc., even with my Red Pill newsletter of the last 6 months. https://www.heartplanvision.com/enewsletter/.

I feel now adding in the Exit. The Matrix while people are pretending to return to the good life does feel like an uphill climb. Would love to hear any thoughts you have on all this.

And yes, I’ll be joining your new Patreon replacement. I so want to support your ongoing work.

I am concerned though, with FEDNOW coming out, it may be hard to use PayPal soon?

Comment: One of the things I’ve taken away from my own research over the decades is that the world we live in is not our world—it’s a simulation and a hologram (something scientists are realizing now, too), and we were once captured here. This simulation, including our biotechnological sapiens bodies, was created by En.ki (in the Gnostic texts called Yaldabaoth, the Demiurge). I always like to compare the Matrix with a computer game, even though it’s a rough comparison— it’s nonetheless a great metaphor. When the creator of a computer game writes the algorithm, he or she also sets the rules for the game—you can do certain things, and other things not. And your abilities in the game are limited. It’s the same here. This construct has an algorithm written into it that is made with the purpose to control the “players” (we humans). No matter how we try to reconstruct the Matrix, we can’t do it because it is not written into the algorithm. When we make progress, opposed energies work against it. It’s set up that way to keep us here.

Our home is outside the Matrix. This is why we must exit through the Grid and not stay here to be further traumatized and deprived of our natural creative powers. We can’t “fix” this Matrix, and why would we? It’s a Matrix of decay and death—it’s written into the algorithm, as well.

When we talk about the soul group, we talk about the connection between ALL humans in this construct. We are told there are about 7 billon people on Earth, but not all are human—not all have Spirit. And there are NPCs, i.e., beings that are background people, who the “System” created to distract the real humans from finding their true selves. I don’t know how many humans are here—I can’t even guess. But there is some science backing up that if 3% of the population wakes up, the rest will follow because we’re all connected (the 100th Monkey Syndrome). This applies to monkeys, and it might apply to us, too. This means that roughly 192 million people need to wake up before the rest can start waking up, too. And these 192 million must also learn how to get out of here. There is a chance we need to be that many people, even if the 7 billion are not all humans because everything is trapped in the Grid anyway, and energy is energy, and it needs to be redirected.

Is this impossible? Anything is possible, but it needs to happen soon—before Metaverse and the Singularity, or it is to no avail. In the Singularity, the chances are very slim. But yes, the awakening and the information spreading about the Grid is an up-climb. We can only hope it’s not too late. In the meantime, we are expected to leave the Matrix, one by one, after this life, if that’s our choice.

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If PayPal will be an issue in the future, I’ll find another way. Right now, it works great.

Question 4: I guess I’ve been in the stage of thinking we are building critical mass for New Earth. There are those of us seeking to Exit the WHO and to bring forth Free Energy, protect our medical freedoms, etc etc etc. Wondering how you see all that in context to The Orion Book. I certainly don’t want to partake of injections forced on me, cash taken away, and more controls.

So, it seems we need to stay engaged with all that so to at least have some semblance of a decent life while we do our healings and get clear on how to exit the Matrix.

Any thoughts on this?

Comment: Changes of any magnitude in the Matrix won’t happen unless Global Elite approves. And they will only approve if it propels their Agenda. They do nothing for us, unless it benefits them. Therefore, it sometimes seems like we are making progress in some areas, and we might, but it comes with a cost because those in control let it happen for a reason, and it was not meant for our wellbeing. This may all sound like a very dystopian worldview, but it is what it is, unfortunately. There is no use in sugarcoating anything—that will only come back and slap us in our faces.

Question 5: It’s sounding like, if I use God, that is implying I’m invoking En’ki. Is that true? Even if that has never been my intention. My intention always being to pray to the Highest Source of my Creation. Praying to Orion makes no sense to me yet.

I would also like to invoke assistance from the highest realms. For myself and also the soul group. Any suggestions how best to do that?

I notice I’m having conversations inwardly, imagining saying to En’ki I withdraw all alignment with him. It’s over!

Still not clear how to direct my prayers.

Comment: Addressing the Highest Source of Creation would be sufficient. If we pray to God, similar to what is common in Christianity and many other religions, we are praying to En.ki, which is unbeknownst to most people, of course. Therefore, I would avoid praying to “God.” Praying is not bad in itself, but it depends on how it’s done when it comes to how effective it is. Keep in mind that everything in the Universe is energy—everything! Therefore, be sure you don’t give your power away to a God or even a Goddess. If you “pray,” I would personally suggest you either imagine yourself connecting with your Highest Self (which is your Spirit), without any worship or inferiority on your behalf. Speak to Her (Spirit) as if speaking to yourself (which you actually are doing). Connect, and address what you need, and then leave it by that. If you connect, you might get what you want. It’s rarely instant—it usually comes in “hints,” so be alert. If you pick up on these hints, one “clue” will lead to another, until you get what you want. The thing is that you need to do what is needed for it to happen, but powerful energies that you have set in motion will help you accomplishing your goal(s).

You can also directly talk to the “Universe” (Spirit Energy) in the same way you talk to Spirit that is genuinely part of you. The thing would in that case apply. Same thing with “The Highest Source of Creation.” Your choice.

I hope this helps.

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  1. Hi Wes,
    Thank You for this important information, it is appreciated! Quick question, when Jesus refers to God (his father) is he referring to Enki?

    1. Yes, there is a false Jesus and a false God, represented by Marduk and En.ki, respectively. However, there WAS a true “Jesus,” whose teachings were distorted in the Gnostic texts and the NT of the Bible. The true Jesus taught the ways of the Goddess and our place in the Universe. That was not allowed to spread, and it was made sure by the Patriarchal Regime. In my work, I am trying my best to convey the true message.

  2. Yes kind of related to this. I believe there will be a harvest in which the chaff is separated from the wheat, in our case to them we are the chaff. Those going into the AI cities are the wheat of course. And the question is will they leave those communities alone outside their system, I believe at first they will, but they cannot in a long term because just like Yaldabaoth preventing his archons from seeing through the veil and Sophia’s true universe, they have to keep their lie alive to those in their system once they are trapped to not see us living in what little freedom there will be in this construct at that point. But at that point it will be too late for them. Very sad but I just got this insight. But that is not incentive to go into their system, far from it!

    1. But I do believe the moment we are living in is determining the ratio of that wheat to chaff and it’s not going very good for them. Keep up the Great Work folks!

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