Hymn of the Pearl (Nag Hammadi text)

By Suzaku

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This writing is a result of much reflection about the Gnostic Hymn of the Pearl. It is written by a non-scholar, who is not a spiritual teacher or sage. This writing is pure speculation, using my intuition. Clearly, my conclusions may be wrong. I encourage the reader to do their own research to determine what is the truth about the real meaning of the Hymn of the Pearl.


Imbedded within the Acts of Thomas we find a beautiful and complete statement of a classic Gnostic myth describing the exile and redemption of the soul. The text is known both as the Hymn of the Pearl” and occasionally as Hymn of the Robe of Glory”. What astounds most is that such a clear rendition of the Gnostic mythos was allowed to survive within a text which resided for centuries on the shelves of orthodox archives.

-Paraphrase from The Hymn of the Pearl – The Acts of Thomas 2  in the ‘Gnostic Scriptures and Fragments’ section of The Gnosis Archive website

According to the Gnostic texts, the Apostle Thomas, went to India to spread the Christian faith there and actually died there. While there, Thomas is arrested by his enemies and thrown in prison and later eventually martyred. While in prison, all the prisoners gather around him and beg him to tell them a story that would instruct them in spiritual things and divert them from their troubles. After praying, the Apostle Thomas chants “Hymn of the Pearl” or the “Hymn of the Robe of Glory”. Was this a complete fabrication that was inserted into the Gnostic texts?

I strongly suspect that the Gnostic Hymn of the Pearl was inserted into the Gnostic texts and predates Christianity, because Christian and Jewish characters and references are missing. The Apostle Thomas supposedly sung this parable to encourage fellow prisoners in jail. If this parable was to proselyte the “pagans” into accepting Christianity, why are Christian themes and Yeshua, the Savior, missing in the parable?


The Gnostic texts are corrupted through mistranslations and doctrinal bias to support a Church and Clergy. Many Gnostic texts are missing and unreadable. Humans desiring prestige, power over, others and elitism, kept the Christian gnostic knowledge as secret teachings passed to loyal adepts. Most of what was publicly disclosed to non-adepts and the public were parables, fabrications, and allegories; some in neurolinguistic programing and others in simpler language.

The Christian Gnostic secret teachings to gain passage through the Seven Heavens were fabrications that did not provide exit. The Archons and the Elite knew that these fabrications did not provide salvation. Instead, the Archons (Overlords) allowed Gnostic “faithful” religious worship because worship provides “loosh” to themselves and their allies. Consequently, the Christian Gnostic texts were preserved and made publicly available because the texts did not provide a threat but benefited the Archons and their allies.

It is plausible that the Gnostic texts, especially the Gnostic Creation story and Hymn of the Pearl, were deliberate religious myths, intentionally designed to withstand thousands of years as a self-sustained system to convey essential truths to a people of another race and distant era.

This video, “How and why to communicate 10,000 years into the future? – VERSADOCO”, speculates to transmit a story to a distant people of another race in the unseeable far future, truth should be transmitted through religious myths, legends and parables.  As religious myths, legends and parables, the story would be strongly revered though uncounted generations.  The authors knew even if many successive generations did not understand the truth that the intended future race would possess the technological understanding to comprehend the “truths” shrouded within the religious myths, legends, and parables.

My opinion on the Gnostic texts is that these writings are a corrupted derivation of writings or oral histories that predate Christianity by thousands of years. The undiscovered or lost histories were recorded by humans lacking true understanding of high technology. These unknown authors interpreted the events that they recorded into stories and terms that their contemporaries would understand. Humans, who witness events or things that are beyond their experience, technological capabilities and understanding usually ascribe these events or things as “divine”. The basic gnostic truths have been seeded through ancient religions resulting in corrupted religious texts. The nonphysical, multidimensional, and ethereal nature of the Archons, Aeons, and star beings could be stories about beings possessing extreme high technologies (“magic”) and intrinsic abilities. 

Consequently, my reading and interpretation of the Gnostic Texts is not literal but speculative. It is speculative because absolute proof of truth is not possible.


The pre–Christian Era Gnostic Hymn of the Pearl text survived because Hymn of the Pearl, by itself, does not provide a guide to salvation. When the parable is combined with the Wes Penre Papers (WPP) the lost meaning of the Hymn of the Pearl is revealed. The Gnostic texts were originally only directed for the benefit of the spirited humans (Namlu’u) and no others. The discovery of Archon-kidnapped star beings, who are souled spiritless beings by Wes Penre’s contact within the Kenoma (“physical world”), was long after the Gnostic texts were written.

I speculate the existing Christian Gnostic Hymn of the Pearl, was adapted (corrupted) to be more understandable to the people living within Persia. The original unknown writing was written long before the Christian Era. Since the parable was most likely embellished, what is discussed in this writing is the most likely fundamental meanings interpreted using the Wes Penre Papers (WPP). The Hymn of the Pearl writing must have occurred after the Saturn Gate sealing and before the grid was fully completed and operational.

The parable’s fundamental purpose was to provide to the Namlu’u gnosis and to encourage the Namlu’u to return to the Heavens after successfully completing their life purpose in the Kenoma. This gnosis was the self-knowledge that Namlu’u originated in the Orion heavens, their life purpose to improve their personal character to be better creator gods through their experiences on earth, and to return to Orion after successfully completing their life mission. Also, the parable was to explain how the Namlu’u lost their gnosis, to show that the concern of all spirited beings was for the Namlu’u’s safe return, and the reason why some Namlu’u may never return.

The Hymn of the Pearl Parable’s setting is the events immediately following Enki’s destruction of Tiamat. In the parable, the King is Khan En.lil and Queen is Orion Queen Zoe Sophia ( Highest Avatar outside the Pleroma of the Aeon Sophia). The King’s and Queen’s empire is Orion. The nobles and royalty are the spirited beings within the Greater Universe. Unmentioned in the parable are Orion souled spiritless beings. The crown prince are the Namlu’u who descended to the Kenoma. The prince’s brother are the Namlu’u who escaped Enki’s invasion through the Saturn Gate and never descended from the heavens to enter the Kenoma.

When reading the parable, it is important to remember that Aeons and all spirited beings are androgynous beings, who are identified as either male or female by their dominant personality traits. So, when reading the parable, it is better to focus on title and position rather than the assumption that sex gender is indicated by position and title.


A translation of the “Hymn of the Pearl,” and occasionally known as “Hymn of the Robe of Glory” translation by G.R.S. Mead is found at www.gnosis.org/library/hymnpearl.htm


The “Hymn of the Pearl” is the story of the spirited humans participating in Sophia’s “Great Experiment”, to descend to the physical world and return to the Heavens (Orion) for the purpose to become better creator gods by developing greater “Divine Traits” (such a benevolence, kindness, justice, truthfulness, love and etc.) than what they possessed before their descent.

In Sophia’s original “Great Experiment”, spirited humans were to experience “hardship” on Tiamat and graduate as a group as better benevolent Creator Gods. After Tiamat’s destruction, the environment where the Namlu’u were to develop was changed to the physical world (Egypt or Earth), ruled by Sophia’s enemy and Tiamat’s Destroyer, Yaldabaoth (Demiurge or Enki), under extremely much harsher conditions than planned by Sophia.

In the parable, the King makes an agreement with his son, the crown prince to go to Egypt and bring back one pearl which is guarded by a “hissing serpent”. The King promises that if the pearl is obtained, “you will put on your glorious garment and your toga which rests (is laid) over it. And with your brother, our second in command, you will be heir in our kingdom”.

The prince descends to Egypt (“Kenoma”). Before the prince arrived in Egypt, the prince’s glorious robe and purple toga was removed. I speculate that the prince’s glorious robe and purple toga are actually Namlu’u soul splinters that remained in Orion. Before the destruction of Tiamat, it is likely each Namlu’u, to avoid total capture of their being, sent their soul splinters to the same destination that Zoe Sophia escaped to after destruction of Tiamat. Sending their soul splinters to the Orion, these soul splinters would live in safety, continue to learn and preserve the Orion memories of each Namlu’u.

The prince incarnated on our earth alone as a free born being with all his memories. The Hymn of the Pearl stated that the crown prince lived in wealth and luxury and had servants before his journey to Egypt. Continued living in an environment could produce a ruler lacking divine spiritual qualities (benevolence, mercy, forgiveness, tolerance, kindness and etc.) that are necessary for the beings of the kingdom to be happy and to prosper. The prince was sent to Egypt to gain experiences that would develop good divine spiritual qualities. If the prince returned to the Heavens with possession of the Pearl, the Pearl would confirm that the Prince through transcendental life experiences gained the divine spiritual personality traits to be a good benevolent ruler. For the Namlu’u, returning with the “Pearl” is a confirmation that the Namlu’u successfully made a transcendent change to become a great benevolent creator god.

The prince knew that he should not associate with the Egyptians and the unclean. Yet he forgot he was a son of the kings, forgot his mission to obtain the pearl, served the Egyptian King (Yaldabaoth), and fell into a deep sleep (spiritual sleep) because of the burden of the Egyptian (Demiurge’s rulership) oppressions. Additionally, the prince dressed “in their (“Egyptian”) dress, that they might not hold me in abhorrence”.

After the conquest of Tiamat, Yaldabaoth captured unconscious Namlu’u, who did not escape through the Saturn Gate. These Namlu’u were brought to the earth that was created from Tiamat’s planetary remnants. The grid that blocked communication from outside the Kenoma was not yet erected. Death did not exist prior to their descent to earth. What happened over time on the earth, the Namlu’u, through successive generations, lost their gnosis and adopted the mainstream values, goals and behavior of Yaldabaoth’s Kenoma.


The prince’s parents perceived their son’s situation, were greatly grieved, and wanted their child to return home successfully. So, a very personal letter was sent to their son. This letter reminded the prince of his mission, that he was the son of kings (free born royal being), and the prince’s servitude as a slave to the King of Egypt (“Yaldabaoth”). The parable states that a very personal letter, signed by the King, Queen and all the nobles, was sent to their son.

In Orion, Sophia, through the link of sharing her own spirit between her and the Namlu’u, perceived Namlu’u’s loss of gnosis. Like the parable, Sophia and all the Orion spiritual beings (similar to the parable’s nobles) wrote and signed a personal “letter” in the form of a group intent using the Manifestation law of Attraction to awaken the Namlu’u to gnosis and to successfully return.

The Law of Manifestation states that the object of our constant focus will manifest in our lives, irrespective of whether it is positive or negative. All our thoughts and feelings are mirrored in the world around us, making our minds an incredibly powerful tool. The more positivity we manage to infuse into our minds, the more we get in our lives. The converse is also true, i.e., the more negativity we manage to infuse into our minds, the more of that we get in our lives.

In the parable, the king placed his seal on the letter. To read this letter, the king’s seal must be broken. The prince broke the seal, read the letter, and gained gnosis. Gnosis is intuitive self-knowledge gained through a life changing experience, not a mere accumulation of facts and an ability to make decisions using our intuition.

To break the king’s “seal” on the letter, one must have a receptive mind. Sophia’s and the other Orion spiritual beings’ group intent for Namlu’u to gain gnosis caused Wes Penre’s Orion contact to first try to provide gnosis via the internet to an unreceptive human audience. The human audience was not receptive meaning that “seal” not broken. Later this Orion agent, contacted Wes Penre, who possessed a receptive mind that broke the “seal”, allowing Mr. Penre to gain gnosis.

In this Universe, every being has “freewill”.  Freewill is the freedom for people to choose, but they must accept the consequences of their choice. People choose whether their mind is receptive or not. The reason why good people, who are truth seekers and critical thinkers can not break the seal on the King’s letter to gain gnosis is because they lack the receptive mind. Namluu (spirited humans), who lack the receptive mind to break the seal” are those who will not gain gnosis and return to the heavens.

The key aspect of the receptive mind is acceptance that the world is not all good created by a good perfect creator. Once the possibility of Yaldabaoth as the imperfect creator of the world is realized, much gnosis is possible. The New Age Ascension and religions portray the world as essentially good, with good aliens or god(s), whose goal is justice and are working to make the universe better. This feeling of everything is good makes breaking the “kings seal” that seals the King’s letter difficult, if not impossible. Once the seal is broken, Sophia’s intent can be fully realized.

To gain gnosis, more is required than merely breaking the seal with a receptive mind. Being told or reading literature will not fully convince a person what is their life purpose. Only from inner self-knowledge gained from a life-changing experience can a person truly know their purpose in life with the self-confidence that the conclusion is true. To gain gnosis, a life changing experience was needed to awaken the prince, heal his lost memories, and regain his purpose.

The parable does not specifically describe what was the prince’s life changing experience. For spirited humans, a life changing personal experience is required to gain Gnosis. This transcendental experience is a unique personal “Aha” moment, for each person, so that they gained the intuitive self-knowledge of who they are, where they came from, where they will go, what their mission in life is, and the true reality of the Kenoma.

The WPP is the product of the Sophia’s manifestation intent and Wes Penre’s gnosis experience. Wes Penre has written Wes’s contact with the Orion visitor and the WPP was not planned. Without divine (Sophia’s) intervention through “intent”, the Namlu’u would not awaken by themselves. Without the Orion visitor’s collaboration with Wes Penre, the WPP would not have be written. It would be impossible for awakened Namlu’u to exit the Kenoma without the WPP’s disclosure of the holes in the grid.

The letter (Sophia’s manifestation intent) proves the Namlu’u are cared for and were never abandoned. The WPP is the missing information that makes the Hymn of the Pearl an understandable writing that has real world meaning. What is important is to know that we were not abandoned but it takes a receptive mind to break the seal on the letter to gain gnosis.


In the Hymn of the Pearl, the prince goes to the serpent, using the names of his father (king) and mother (queen) to charm the serpent. I think that the use of the names of the King and Queen is an embellishment of the original lost writing. The names of power are the secret names of God or deities, or words substituted for those names, which in magic are used to raise power. Names of power were used by ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Hebrews, Assyrians, and Gnostics, who believed that incredible power could be unleashed by the sound vibrations of the words.

The serpent symbolizes the Archon’s “artificial spirit” within ourselves that causes humans to go into a spiritual sleep. The Gnostic texts describes this “artificial spirit” as the “despicable spirit” and “contemptible spirit”. This despicable spirit is often manifested as the reactionary mind that is manifested in our behavior. When reactionary, we react to stimuli rather than thinking about the consequences of our actions before acting. The “artificial spirit” diminishes and goes to sleep when the trauma that produces reactionary behavior is healed. So, the prince, without using violence, sends the serpent into a deep slumber and takes the pearl. What this means is that we should not use violence or “force of arms” against the Archons and Elites. We should just peaceably exit without confrontation.

True healing of trauma results from a life changing experience. Religious or secular doctrine merely covers the trauma wound but does not truly heal the trauma. What this means is that mere acquisition of knowledge will not provide true healing. Like gnosis, true healing is a personal life changing self-knowledge experience. What it means is “shadow work”, to truly heal trauma, and minimize reactionary behavior, so that we do not manifest the Archons’ “artificial spirit”.

Our goal is to exit the grid at the highest aspect (best version) of ourselves. The “highest aspect of myself” location is the most desirable (best) dimension, space (location), and safest for yourself, where you will be at the best version of yourself. Where we relocate after exiting the grid will be the highest aspect of yourself as determined by your personal development at time of death.

We are not waiting to die and exit. We have major tasks in life that we must complete successfully to elevate our character to the best version possible given our personal circumstances and abilities. We need to resolve our affairs so that we will not have attachments or regrets to this world after death.

We need to associate with those people who will help us become the best version of ourselves and avoid associations and influences with those who would lower or impede our character development and distract us from our goals to successfully exit and return to our origins.

The importance of good companions was emphasized in the parable. In the parable, the prince knew that he should not associate with the Egyptians and the unclean. Yet he forgot he was a son of the kings, forgot his mission to obtain the pearl, served the Egyptian King (Yaldabaoth) and fell into a deep sleep (“spiritual sleep”). Additionally, the prince dressed “in their (Egyptian”) dress, that they might not hold me in abhorrence”. Associating with “bad associates” will change one’s personality traits to allow the archontic reactionary mind to dominate our consciousness, so that we enter into a deep sleep (unawakened spiritual state lacking gnosis). Our dressing in the Egyptian clothing is the adoption of Yaldabaoth’s and the Overlords’ mainstream narrative, values, goals, and behavior.


The prince snatched the pearl and started to return to his father’s home. He stripped off his “filthy and unclean dress” and left it in their country. In addition to adopting the Egyptian behavior, the Egyptian dress also means the Yaldabaoth’s created physical body (“garment”) that entraps the spirited humans.

The crown prince found the “letter” again, after he dropped his “filthy garments” (physical body) on his return back to the Heavens (Orion). The “letter” rediscovery provided the prince another very personal experience. The parable states,

with its voice and its guidance it also encouraged me to speed, and with its love it drew me on.”

After leaving the Kenoma, we will continue experience Sophia’s Intent, when we encounter our “letter” again outside the Kenoma. This means that Sophia manifestation intent would provide us guidance and encouragement to relocate home, quickly and safely.

As the prince ascends, he finds his glorious robe. I speculate that the glorious robe, described in the Hymn of the Pearl parable, is our own Orion soul splinter that remained in Orion and did not descend with us. The merging of this Orion soul splinter with the spirited human soul, returning from the Kenoma, restores Orion memories and all other memories.

To understand what this means, we need to understand what a soul is. My opinion is that the “soul” is similar to a hologram (Holography – Wikipedia). The soul splinter of the whole soul, no matter how small, will show the entire whole soul, with resolution (accuracy) in proportion to the splinter size. Therefore, the more soul splinters one has in a single location, the more accurate the representation of the entire soul.

There is a grid surrounding our physical world. This grid is a vibratory energy grid, preventing exit out of the Kenoma. Outside the grid, when a soul is divided into “soul splinters,” each soul splinter normally transmits and receives information (consciousness experiences) to each other in real time. When all the soul splinter’s memories are shared with each other, the soul is “whole,” united with all its memories and experience as a complete hologram. What is usually called the “Oversoul” is really the complete united summation of all the soul splinters making up a single soul. So, all the soul splinters combined is the whole complete holographic “Oversoul “image”. In other words, outside the grid the “Oversoul” is contained in each soul splinter similar to a hologram.

Within the grid, soul splinters are prevented from communicating memories and from merging together. Consequently, each isolated soul splinter contains the unique memories and experiences of a past life. The whole soul, united with all its parts, does not exist within the grid. Since the whole soul united with all its soul splinters does not exist within the grid, the “Oversoul” does not exist within the grid.

Outside the grid, soul splinters are no longer blocked from communication and access to the person’s unique soul splinter and personality, that exited the grid. Consequently, a person will gain the memories, experiences, of each soul splinter, as it is withdrawn from the Kenoma. You do not need to worry about other soul splinters, remaining within the Kenoma, once a single soul splinter has exited. Only one soul splinter needs to exit the Kenoma for all the other soul splinters to successfully exit the Kenoma and merge with the original soul splinter that exited.

A person’s Orion soul splinter can not retrieve their soul splinter(s) within the Kenoma. Only a soul splinter that has completed its life mission, recovered the “Pearl” and successfully exited the Kenoma, can retrieve their other soul splinters that remain in the Kenoma.

Once all the soul splinters have merged, the person will regain all their memories while retaining the original consciousness of the first soul splinter that exited the Kenoma. Restoration of memories is a type of self-knowledge (gnosis). Once all the soul splinters have communicated their experiences to each other, the soul “hologram” becomes complete and most accurate in “resolution.”

Consequently, we can not  return to our “Oversoul” because the “Oversoul” is split. Therefore, the command intent “going to the highest aspect of myself”  is more accurate when going out through the Grid. The highest aspect of oneself is the location where a person is complete with all the soul splinters merging into a single being, where a person is the safest and its best version.

My writing, “Afterlife Exit” has my suggestions how to exit this reality through a hole in the grid. This writing is at https://wespenrevideos.com/2022/07/21/exit-handout-steps-to-leave-the-matrix/ .

If each of us has an Orion soul splinter waiting for us outside the grid, merging with our Orion soul splinter, will make integration into Orion much easier. Immediately after soul splinter merger, we would know the Orion language, Orion social customs, and to use all our abilities.  Additionally, we would know how to block our thoughts and remote viewing of ourselves for privacy.

In the parable, the prince with the Pearl returns as a hero in the Heavens, to a warm reception and praises. The parable ends with the prince returning as a beloved hero. This ending was encouragement for the Namlu’u to successfully complete their life mission of returning as better Creator Gods to the spiritual Heavens.


The three essential truths within the “Hymn of the Pearl”, are summarized in the King’s letter to his son. Using the translation by G.R.S. Mead (The Hymn of the Pearl – The Acts of Thomas)


“From Us – King of Kings, thy Father,
And thy Mother, Queen of the Dawn-land,

“And from Our Second, thy Brother –
To thee, Son, down in Egypt, Our Greeting!

“Up an arise from thy sleep,
Give ear to the words of Our Letter!

“Remember that thou art a Kings son;
See whom thou hast served in thy slavedom.

Bethink thyself of the Pearl
For which thou didst journey to Egypt.


“Remember thy Glorious Robe,
Thy Splendid Mantle remember,

“To put on and wear as adornment,
When thy Name may be read in the Book of the Heroes,

“And with Our Successor, thy Brother,
Thou mayest be Heir in Our Kingdom.”

My Letter was [surely] a Letter
The King had sealed up with His Right Hand”

The first truth is that the Prince is royalty, a King’s son, and not Yaldabaoth’s (King of Egypt) slave.

The essential information is the Prince is a spirited being at birth. The Namlu’u, like the “Prince” in the parable, are royalty at birth because they were given Sophia’s spirit at the time of their creation. The parable conveys the ancient Namlu’u gnosis to their unknown future descendants (present day humans) that they are royal beings.

The second truth is the “glorious robe” will be reunited with the Prince after his successful return. This “glorious robe” is the “soul splinters” that escaped capture during the Titan Wars. Each spirited human will reunite with their Orion soul splinter after successfully exiting from the Kenoma.

The third truth is the promise for the Prince to be restored to be an “heir” to the kingdom. The ancient truth is that the returning Namlu’u will be restored to their former positions as powerful creator gods, who will assist Sophia in the expansion and creation of the Universe.


The ancient Namlu’u conveyed the essential truths of the Namlu’u stories of creation, Titan wars, “Consumption of the Age,” and gnosis in myths, legends and stories through different ancient religions and secular histories. The Gnostic texts were one of the vehicles used to transmit the Namlu’u stories. Although, much of the original information is lost, mistranslated, or corrupted, the essential “gnosis” was conveyed to us through comparison of Wes’s Contact’s disclosures and ancient writings such as the Gnostic texts.

What I intuitionally learned when I studied the Gnostic Hymn of the Pearl Parable, is that to recover everything that was lost as a result of achieving gnosis or what you most desire, you must go forward and can not go back or stop on your gnosis path. Very often, the things that we most desire in life are completely elusive and impossible to attain, despite our continued best efforts. Yet, these most desirable goals seem to naturally appear with little or no effort when we no longer actively pursue and value their attainment. Therefore, one should focus on going all the way on one’s gnosis path because after completing the gnosis path, everything that was lost, and our most valued desires will be gained with little or no difficulty. Therefore, ascending to any higher dimension or Heaven within the Kenoma will not complete your Gnostic path. Completion of the Gnostic path means successfully exiting and returning to your true natural abilities and origins.

Sophia’s Manifestation Intent into the Kenoma was blocked by the grid until the grid was weakened during the “nano-second” time period. The “nano-second” is the time period between 1987 and 2012, when the mass awakening on the planet occurred due to our solar system’s alignment with the Galactic Center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Enormous quantities of energies were released, particularly in the gamma ray spectrum, hitting the Sun and the Earth with full force. Since approximately 1987, these cosmic bodies gradually came more and more in alignment. The Orion-Archon battles of 2008-2009 created more holes in the grid. Prior to the “nano-second”, the grid blocked entry and any communication between Orion and the Kenoma.

After the holes in the grid were created, Orion agents passed through the holes in the grid to gain intelligence and to perform other work. These Orion agents may have been sent to lands outside the ice wall, other “planets” and the underground worlds that were still inside the Kenoma. Wes Penre’s Orion Contact discovered souled spiritless star beings were unwillingly captured by the Archons and allies, unsuccessfully attempted to directly provide gnosis to humanity through the internet and contacted Wes Penre. The holes in the grid allowed communication using double-terminated crystals between the Orion Agents and Orion and Sophia’s intent to manifest within the Kenoma.

To gain gnosis and exit the Kenoma through a hole in the grid is not possible in any other timeline than our own.  Exiting through a hole in the grid is only available for a short time on this timeline. After the next one to three generations, exit may be impossible because almost all humans will be trapped within the Singularity’s “immortal” cyborg transhuman bodies that are unable to exit through a hole in the grid.

I do not think that gaining gnosis and learning about the “holes in the grid” is due to random chance. Gaining the gnosis to exit is due to exercising a freewill choice to have the receptive mind to break the king’s “seal” and to gain gnosis.

May 19, 2023                             Suzaku

                                                   (Also known as Guy and  浦田  雅意)


  1. I don’t think I could have understood it nearly so well had I not read your book, Orion. The thing that floored me the most was your observation that even if a person is good, has critical thinking skills and searches for truth, they may still not be receptive to gnosis. Isn’t gnosis the ultimate truth????

    1. Gnosis is Greek and means “Knowledge.” Gnosis in religious/spiritual terms comes from the Gnostic texts. There it says that if you understand the message of Christ (in the Gnostic texts), you get Knowledge that is necessary to be able to bring it inside you and have a Spiritual understanding. The problem is that the original message of “Christ” was distorted and directed toward a male God (En.ki), and his son, Jesus (Marduk). The real Gnosis comes from the Goddess (Sophia), and her “son” (Michael/Ninurta/Sabaoth/En.lil). This is one of the things I want to declare in my books and in the Wes Penre Papers.

      But the Hymn of the Pearl seems to have been written long before the Gnostic text and the teachings of Jesus/Marduk. It holds a more spiritual truth, IMO.

  2. Hi Mr. Suzaku and Wes,
    I am writing this because after reading Wes last book ” The Orion book “last night and I had a powerful flash coming to me in early dawn while half asleep with Wes saying “John please contact me”.
    Just getting this off my chest as it was quite powerful.

    Now going back to the post I wanted to thank you for posting this amazing post. It has particularly touched my companion/partner heart and deep inner spirit as she recalls some of this in the song of the pear. As far as me this is very Special as I have been at door (physical) death in the past few week. I am not looking at sympathy asit turns out to be a great epic journey where my inner spirit is having an extraordinary adventure and with your amazing information I am getting my game plan or map. Wes I have been a follower and student of you for a long time; I bought your books to support you but didn’t want to be a patron as my partner and I got so entangled with gurus and teachers that we are extremely careful to keep a safe distance now.
    Both my partner and I had deep mystical experience in our ealy 20’s that started our awakening. Of course it was just in the beginning and happening in the mid 70′ s as we are both around 70. Very harrowing journey.
    As I am connecting more powerfully with my inner spirit since my sickness as my body got very week I am getting information that his tying up this final incarnation that is so awesome, incredible and beautiful; even the name of my splinter soul in Orion and my partner’s name and we both volunteered for this “mission impossible’ and now we remember what’s it was all about.
    I have no death wish but not fearfull at all if games over for me in this realm. I have no interest
    or attachment to this fuck up reality; it actually disgust me and I feel so sorry for poor human soul entrapped in this non ending rigged game. I have children and grand children and dread what they are facing in the near futur but they have their own free will and can just go so far with them. If you watch any TV show watch the newest from Keifer Sutherland “Rabbit Hole”.; they put it right on your face in plain sight as they are way above even that. It is also disinformation to hide something worse.

    Anyway I think this was enough as an introduction and of course you are totally free to contact me or not.
    Thanks and take care

  3. Hey Wes, I do plan to go through all that you have put out both here and on your original website, so i apologize in advance if you’ve gone through this already but, why do you regard Orion to be Heaven, and not Ophiuchus? I ask from both personal experience and well that which I’ve been able to uncover online, and although the later is up for interpretation, what I, and my GF have experienced points more towards Ophiuchus. There is a possibility that the intention of something otherworldly is distracting us from truth, but then again the topic I bring up is what brought her and I together since her description of a marble man with a golden head, arms, and legs ended up matching my syncretic gatherings of information in regards to the matter. Hope to hear from you soon, thanks for everything!

    1. Hi C,

      That’s a good question I would like others to read, too. Are you aware of the Q&A sessions that I post here every 1-2 weeks? It’s in the ARTICLES section of the blog. If you haven’t done so already, I suggest you subscribe to the blog, and you’ll be notified when I post something new. Just go to the bottom of this page (or any page) and fill out your email address. That’s all you need to do.

      I would like to include this question in the next Q&A if you don’t mind.

      Warm regards,

      1. I don’t mind at all, please go ahead. I am indeed aware of your Q&A’s, and have been able to check out a few. Since you do plan to use my question, know that my derived thought on the matter revolves around the stories of the “silver (man) and golden gates (god(gods))” and their polarity to one another. If you could go into that a little bit in your explanation to my question that would help my subconscious and I greatly. Well thanks again Wes, especially for being both quick with your response and for being so personal, I will surely subscribe. Side note… it is interesting to think that a dream two nights ago of a round room, called Abraxas, with 12 humanoid dinosaur murals surrounding it brought me to your papers, coming back to you and your sites was truly meant to be. Until next time.


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