My Goal Changing Platforms

By Wes Penre, May 7, 2023

Hi good folks…

I have seen how one after the other is unsubscribing from Patreon. I assume most will sign up to Ko-fi ( by the end of the month or so.

I want to further explain: My “goal” is to have enough donators leaving/month on Patreon (which is U.S. based) , so that I earn LESS than $600 a month on Patreon, and the rest on Ko-fi. Why? Because if I earn less than $600, I don’t need to pay taxes in the U.S. IOW, I won’t be double-taxed (U.S. and Serbia).

Therefore, those who find it inconvenient to switch platforms, for any reason, can stay on Patreon–no problem. And those who prefer to sign up on Patreon rather than Ko-fi because they don’t have a PayPal account (or otherwise) can do so–both options are MUCH appreciated.

By the beginning of June, I will see how we’re doing. If my income on Patreon is below $600 a month, we’re completely good–even if we’re slightly over that amount, the taxes in the US will then be insignificant. This will all be okay in the end!

Warm regards and much love to all of you,



  1. Thank you Wes, I am a new subscriber to this blog and plan to register to Ko-fi.
    I truly appreciate all the excellent research that you do and share with humanity. I am continuing to learn so much from your writings and videos. A big heartfelt THANK YOU!!! Please keep on writing! 🤗✨

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