Orion Book 1 and 2 Q&A Session #1

By Wes Penre, July 10, 2023

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Hello, Wes Penre here. Today I am starting a new Q&A series, now mainly based on The ORION Book 1 and The ORION Book 2, but general questions are welcome, too.Please send more to wespenre2@gmail.com and put Q&A in the subject line. If you haven’t read the two Orion books yet, you can find them at amazon.com if you type in Wes Penre in the amazon search engine. Or you can follow these links:

The ORION Book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BRLXB8Y3

The ORION Book, Volume 2: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C9SP2T8L  

Question 1: I have been looking to your opinions on karma and the manipulated reincarnation cycle. You said in your article, “The Death Trap and how to Avoid it[1]” that karma is actually a trap to recycle us back under a strict set of rules. But in your previous Q&As and other articles you say karma is used as a tool for learning, so does that mean that the AIF aren’t manipulating karma? For some reason deep inside me, karma feels like an actual trap used to reincarnate us back into this place. (I’m not going to come back here, setting that intention.)

Comment: Not sure why I would say that karma is a learning process. Because of research over the last decade or so, I understand it’s a trap and not for learning. Karma is something we are told about by the astral workers, who recycle us back to Earth. We have a life review after death, and our flaws during our last lifetime are particularly pointed out. Because of freewill, the astral workers need our permission to recycle us, and karma is part of that. They strongly suggest we go back to Earth and take care of our “karma.” Most souls feel bad about themselves and agree to do that.

In addition, the astral workers also project their own crimes and flaws on the soul they recycle, so when reincarnated, the soul then carries the burden of the Overlords, too, while the Overlords get rid of it because we took it on. At least, that is how they see it. Karma is not real unless we make it real. Regardless of what was said in the recycling center, all we need to do is to disagree to any karma, and karma won’t affect us. Only if we feel we need karma, it is applicable. I am discussing the afterlife and recycling, including “karma” in The ORION Book, volume 2.

Question 2: You’ve stated before that there is infighting between factions of the Overlords. I’m wondering if there is conflict between a faction of the Elites who want to depopulate the Earth and those who want to bring in the Singularity?

It seems the faction who would want the Singularity would want to maintain a sufficient population to run an industrial and technological base with infrastructure to drive progress toward the Singularity. The other faction is more interested in control of the population and managing resources.

The faction who needs the Singularity is up against a deadline.

Could this be the source of the theater going on between the white hats in the patriot or Q community and the WEF, globalists or black hat community?

Comment: It is true there are two factions fighting each other—the En.ki team and the Marduk team. At the core, both factions want the same thing—the Singularity. But they differ in the details on how it should be done. Therefore, Marduk and En.ki work together on some issues, and they are enemies on others. For instance, the United States is En.ki’s domain, and Russia is Marduk’s country. Therefore, most negotiations, and even wars, are real, and not for the show. Sometimes the two nations agree, and sometimes they don’t. The reason for the infighting is that both En.ki and Marduk want to be the King of the Universe, and there is only room for one King of Kings, KHAN.US KHAN.UR.  So, I think one of the two will defeat the other—both afraid of being killed or otherwise eliminated.

The Overlords can only handle perhaps 3% of the world population—the rest they have little use for when it comes to riding our Avatars into Orion and take it over in battle. The reason we have 8 billion people on the planet is because they need all of us to build the AI database that makes up the Cloud in the future Metaverse. We are going to see a huge population reduction over the span of about two generations. Although there are wars and other catastrophes, where they are killing people off, it will not take care of the depopulation issue. Instead, they will make us infertile so we can’t procreate, and shots and other nanotechnology will also kill our libido. No more urges to have sex. That’s how they will mainly do it. After that, they will have approximately the number of people they really need. I write about this some more in The ORION Book, volume 1 and 2.

Question 3: I asked this question before, but in light of my mother’s recent passing, I thought I should ask it in a different light.  When my mother’s soul left her body in the hospital room, could she see me and my brother from above while in the BLA?

Comment: I am sorry for your loss! When your mother left her body, she could probably see the hospital room from above, if she was in a hospital, that is. If you were in the room, she could see you. But this only lasts for a very short time before her spirit guides come and take her, or she goes through the tunnel to the recycling center. After she is taken away, she will not return to Earth until she is recycled again, and then she will of course not know anything about you because of full amnesia.

Question 4: You’ve stated that it’s important not to be distracted in the astral and execute our intention to leave through a hole in the Grid. It is sometimes said that our memories of our life begin to fade in the astral after we die. Is this true? If so, what is the cause? It does not sound like anything natural or normal. Is there a technology that does this? Is there a field that affects us in the astral?

Comment: We humans have a real Avatar and we have a false avatar (soul), also discussed in the Nag Hammadi Gnostic texts. The false soul/avatar is our astral body. Scientists always say our memories are stored in the brain, which is partly correct, but it is also stored in our astral body, which is the blueprint for our physical body. It is shaped the same way, but it’s metaphysical. We, as Namlú’us, have at least a part of our spirit energy invested in our false avatar, created by En.ki/Yaldabaoth. After death, it’s the false soul/avatar that goes to the Between Lives Area (the BLA). The false soul contains the memories from our current lifetime, and it brings those memories to the astral via the astral body. However, soon the deceased notices that their memories start to fade. It seems like the Overlords are “sucking out” the memories from our lifetime with technology and store them somewhere, e.g., in the Akashic Records. So, when it’s time for a life review, a big part of the deceased’s memory is gone, and the astral workers can make up whatever they want to create an illusion of karma. Then they destroy the astral body and give you a new one with a blank slate. Therefore, you have no memories of your past life, other than through your ancestral DNA because you are always recycled into your own bloodline, such as into the body of your great granddaughter or great grandson. Much more about this in The ORION Book, volume 1 and 2.

Question 5: I recently saw movie Bloodshot (2020), starring Vin Diesel. It shows a soldier who dies in service and is then revived using nanites. Post resurrection his whole body tissues and blood are made only of nanites. As such, it is made obvious that his personality has made a transition into this body somehow. Now he can’t die by any means; any injuries are auto repaired by nanites, and he can connect to the internet cloud on super speed without any device. But he can still be controlled externally when such required, and then his memories can be changed easily to motivate him to kill his next target. While watching I was thinking that this was exactly your prediction about what they want humanity to be. A nanites infested immortal programmable soldier with human soul fire. It looks exactly like a demo . Am I right Wes?

Comment: I haven’t seen that movie, but from what you describe, it’s right on. That’s exactly what I’ve been saying, and it’s exactly what will happen. Our cyborg bodies, in the near future, will be self-repairing. So yes, you’re right!

Question 6: What do you think the Antichrist is? Prince Harry?

Comment: The term Antichrist has lost its meaning for me. Here in this Matrix, everything is inverted. The Jesus we read about in the Bible, the Gnostic texts, and elsewhere, we call the Christ. Jesus was Marduk, and his Father was En.ki. Therefore, the real Antichrist must be a good person, or someone who is on the side of humanity, per definition. Then, if we move to the Book of Revelation, it is also inverted. It says that Archangel Michael (who in reality is Ninurta/Prince En.lil, and allegedly Jesus) is coming back to defeat Satan (Marduk). But the Book of Revelation, channeled by John the Divine, was a story told to him by the Overlords—perhaps En.ki himself. So, the Savior in the Book of Revelation, Michael/Jesus, is Marduk, i.e., Satan. Christians and others will welcome him as their Savior, Jesus Christ. I don’t like to be the bringer of bad news, but Christians who go with “Jesus” will not end up in a good place.

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  1. Hello Wes! Congrats on your two new books! They are phenomenal! I have been reading more and more of being sucked into the tunnel right away after death or NDE through a wormhole of which one has no control over nor stop oneself. That this happens instantly and immediately without time to make any other decisions or look up for holes! Additionally, that there are guards by those holes that will not only prevent us but follow us outside the grid. This is disturbing in light of what we are expected to do to exit the matrix! What are your thoughts? Thanks!

    1. Hi Evelyn, and thanks for reading the book. Even though you have had an NDE, you were not dead and could still be controlled via your physical body to enter through the tunnel. But aside from that, when you had your NDE, were you aware of the holes in the Grid before the incident, and that you could exit through them? If so, had you made a firm decision before your NDE that your intention is to leave after you die?

      Also, regarding the holes being guarded… if you went straight into the wormhole/tunnel, how do you know the Grid was guarded?

      How long ago was this, btw?

      Just curious…

      1. I am so sorry my question was not clear enough! I did not have a NDE, it is what I have read from remote viewers and other researchers that present this information. Specifically, one who did have a NDE and was sucked into the tunnel right away, without any control over it. Sorry for the confusion!

  2. I have noticed that about 99.5% of the comments on my blog are written by decent, respectful people, and those who criticize something do so respectfully and constructively.

    Then there are the 0.5% of trolls and very toxic people. Such comments will be deleted without warning. This shouldn’t come as a surprise for these people because they know very well what they are doing when they gaslight and try to sound innocent. They have no business here, where we try to build a non-toxic environment.

  3. …..Instead, they will make us infertile so we can’t procreate, and shots and other nanotechnology will also kill our libido. No more urges to have sex…….HAPPENS already…..

    1. Yes! The plan is to turn us into an androgynous species, with no sex and biological procreation! Talk about population control! That is another reason the Autism agenda is promoted and they want very intelligent autistic people devoid of emotions and attachments for an easy upload into the machine kingdom! Just read a book by Wayne McCroy- The Austism Epidemic:Transhumanism Dirty Little Secret Mind blowing and so on point!

  4. Hi Wes, congratulations on the release of your new Volume 2 book. I didn’t even hear about it till now so it must have came without much fanfare.
    But this whole man-made climate change hoax is really a big threat folks bigger than anyone thinks. Especially if you bring these truth facts up to other people, the fact that the sun is now causing all this radiant heat, heating the oceans, everything, it’s not CO2 folks! It’s not greenhouse gas emissions! Never has been! They have weather modification techniques down to a tee, just read Elena freelander’s book, and they are using it to move highs and lows around etc. Then couple with the fact that the sun is fed in from Sirius as Wes has said, and they are controlling the energy from it, that’s when you start losing interest from people, but folks this is the only place we can get this information, and can understand it, and we need to put it back out there big time because this is a runaway train folks, I know it all doesn’t matter in the end, if we can get out, we got to do what we can while we’re here! so put this information out folks please, WE can’t let these freaks get away with all these lies! And manipulation, despite all those who can’t see it,WE need to take right action and hopefully the WE grows.

    1. Thanks for posting this necessary information! I will spread it! But how can we protect ourselves is what I want to know besides the obvious things one does!

      1. Yes that’s why I say this is the biggest threat at this point because we can’t protect ourselves, without a lot of money etc, this is weather! Affects everybody worldwide and they know it and it’s what’s they think going to bring us to our knees and bring us into their digital currency and all the hell that comes from that so we need to start making a stand now folks it should have been done 20 years ago but god darn, let’s go! I’ve got a song called “how many lines”, put this information out anyway you can! Take some right action!

        1. Remember folks they had to keep the sun relatively calm during the industrial revolution and beyond while we built this slave system for them, but now since that’s done they can start killing us off and coming out and driving all this weather crap, to finally get us to submit once and for all. And a real problem is now is a time people need real Knowledge to even understand what’s going on! They have intellect, no heart, which is true intelligence coupled with wisdom.

      2. In general, the best protection is extensive Knowledge–both outer and inner Knowledge. The less of that we have, the less choices appears to us. The more we know, the BETTER choices we can make for our survival. It’s very important to know ourselves because from there, we can gain higher knowledge. There is no way to completely protect ourselves in the Matrix, but we can certainly change the odds in our favor by continue educating ourselves. And again, not only by reading books and listen to videos. The best education comes from within.

        1. Well said Wes! I also find that putting the truth back out there any way you can is very therapeutic for me. I could never just sit on this information, but there are many that are doing that, so keep up the great work folks! We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore.

          1. I remember early in 2020 when they first started the plandemonic, I watched a video, you can probably still find it with David Icke and Celeste Solum, you could probably still find it but she was part of FEMA but has a very occultic background. But she was already talking about the nanotech in there and everything else but she said she wargamed this thing out from all angles, and she said they have it sown up so tight that the only defense we have against it is putting the truth out there and helping people to come together over the truth, so that’s the Great Work folks. But she goes into extreme depth on what their true plan is and what’s really in these clot shots. The best wake up call I’ve seen since.

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