Q&A Session #1, October 2023

By Wes Penre, October 2, 2023

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Now to this week’s questions:

Question #1: You say one should not bring children into this world as we should not want babies to go through this nightmare i.e., the singularity. And there will be repercussions for the parents when they enter Orion who bring in children in this world after getting this knowledge.

However, since so many of us have woken up and are waking many more people every single day and are also resisting each of their plans, isn’t there a possibility that their Singularity plan fails once the masses wake up?

Comment: It is true there are people who are waking up, but there are also a lot of people who love the new technologies and look forward to the Singularity and Metaverse, and the rest of it—particularly physical immortality, which the Elite promise us. Particularly the young generations. If we have children, we have no guarantees they will escape the Singularity, regardless of how we educate them. The chances are great they won’t. And they will have a hard time, being young and all, when the Singularity is in place, to survive on this planet for a whole lifetime, living outside the smart cities, in which they can’t live without implants and Metaverse connection because everything will work through implants. No more buttons to push—it’s all happening from inside people’s brains. If you don’t have implants, you can’t operate the future smart machinery, not even turn on and off the light in the apartment. The children we put into the world are our responsibility, and we don’t want them to suffer. I would certainly not want to bring children into this world, knowing what’s ahead. I think that’s irresponsible, to be honest.

Question #2: There are certain people that have been contacted in some sort of way or form or had some type of mysterious experience that led them onto the path to search for the truth, like David Icke, who claims to have been contacted by spirits for a while, giving him needed knowledge to spread a message. And there have most likely been a bunch of others as well. For example, Alex Collier has been contacted by different races. When it comes to your normal everyday person, why wouldn’t some spirits contact them? If they awakened to the deceit of this world, wouldn’t they contact them in some way, shape or form? What reasons would a spirit have for contacting a specific person? There are many people who could be influential and spread a far message (Billy Carson for example).

Comment: I get highly suspicious when people say they have been contacted by metaphysical beings, who have given them messages, etc. And I don’t trust channeling or other connections people allegedly have with what we call the “spirit world.” It’s all coming from the astral, which is a very deceptive place. Beings in the astral have a broader perspective on things than we do in our 3-D box, so it’s easy for them to give some truth and mix it with lies and tricks. I would say that people should be glad if they are not contacted by someone from the astral.

These astral beings select people who have wide-open chakras, usually, where it’s easy for them to get in and intrude, and then they are playing their games. Many of them think they are just having fun with humans who take them seriously, and they continue feeding them with information. All channeled material I have looked through is deceptive, and their info just keeps us even more grounded in the Matrix.

Question #3: I heard in someone’s YouTube video recently that the ghosts, or entities which we hear about, are the ones who did not go into the white light, so all should go into the white light. Otherwise, all the negative beings will catch you and make you a ghost somehow. This does not make any sense to me because again, going into the white light will put one in the never-ending reincarnation cycle. But what do you have to say about ghosts etc.?

Comment: OMG, there is so much nonsense out there. No one is going to turn us into ghosts—that’s ridiculous. There are many narcissistic YouTube so-called “teachers,” who feed from those who elevate toward them, and they make up any story if it works. Anyway, it’s true there are ghosts who linger in the astral in the near-Earth vicinity. These are usually very traumatized souls who either don’t understand they are dead, or they are utterly confused and hang around for some time. But sooner or later, they will discharge from their trauma, and they will go to the light anyway and get recycled. Their ghost stage just delays the process, that’s all.

Question #4: As to the first moon landing in the 1960s, and further projects and successes allegedly achieved by different countries, I had more doubts than I believed in this.

Now, I’ve come across a book written by a certain Tim Marshall, “How Power and Politics in Space Will Change our World” –

It’s about the geography of the future, strategic positioning of space weapons, colonization, the creation of new habitat.

The NASA budget is high; a certain Wayne Hershal is not the only one writing about child labour in the mines on Mars. And so on.

How have they been able to get through the grid – if at all – and how do you see and comment on this?

Just another psyop and part of the “campaign?” All in all, there are so many conflicting narratives.

Comment: Yes, it’s all about aliens and space colonialization these days. We have the Secret Space Program (SSP), super-soldiers, slave labor on the Moon and on Mars, etc., mixed with Reptilians and Dracos, and so on. They do all they can to confuse us. So, what can we take away from all this? I can only give you my view, that’s all.

Yes, I certainly believe there is a Secret Space Program and slave labor, and super-soldiers. By now, science knows very well how to clone our bodies, and they can transfer our consciousness into these clones, which are apparently much more resilient to the conditions in space.

The Overlords have always been able to go through the Grid and back again because they have outposts in the solar system. They normally use the bodies we call Grays, which are A.I. cyborgs that can live in the harsh conditions in space. These days, they can travel through holes in the Grid, but they also have portals and Einstein-Rosen Bridges they can use. It is my understanding there is a portal from the Moon that is most likely located in our atmosphere and Mars. The tunnel of light, I would say, is a portal between the Moon in its astral manifestation, and Mars.  So, with the Overlords’ permission, they can transfer humans in and out of the Grid, too. In some instances, Military hijack the human soul from the sapiens body on Earth and transfer it into the clone, which may be on Earth or on Mars. Then that person can operate on Mars, while the physical body rests on Earth. Some whistleblowers say they have experienced being gone 40 years on Mars or elsewhere, only to again wake up in their original body, perhaps 10 minutes after they were hijacked. Time, as we know it, is an illusion.

When people are stuck in Metaverse and the Singularity, anyone can travel to Mars or other planets from within the AI Cloud in Metaverse. That’s where the heavy-duty space program will take place, and this is what Elon Musk most likely is talking about when he is so excited about Mars. We are not going to Mars in rocket ships. We will travel there in the Nanoverse, i.e., Metaverse, which operates on a nano-level (as in quantum and subquantum mechanics).  

3D illustration tunnel or wormhole, tunnel that can connect one universe with another. Abstract speed tunnel warp in space, wormhole or black hole, scene of overcoming the temporary space in cosmos.

Question #5: You were speaking, thinking yourself somewhere in the universe (multiverse), but you have to first know the destination. How do we get to know the destinations? Is there a not so quick way to get around everywhere, like a “highway” for physical spacecrafts? Or are all beings in existence able to just think themselves somewhere or is that only for Spirted beings?

Comment: So long as the soul is inhabiting a physical body, they usually travel around in spaceships and rely on hubs, stargates, wormholes, and Einstein-Rosen Bridges, and what have you. That’s the “slow travel,” and it does not happen on a nano-level. But the soul and Spirit exist in the Nanoverse—that’s why we can’t see the soul in our 3-D world, the Matrix. As soon as we go to the astral, we’re in the Nanoverse, where souls reside. When we no longer need a physical body to move around in the Universe, we travel instantly and with thought. You can think yourself to any destination, and you’re there in a second, traveling on the cosmic spiderweb. If you know which planet you’re going to, or whom you want to meet, you can just think it, and you’ll be there. Sometimes, however, your idea of where to go is not clear enough to take you there, but then there are star maps, etc. to use. But if you go through the Grid and want to meet your dead brother, let’s say, whom you suspect made it through the Grid before you, you just think about him and set intention: “I am with my brother NOW!” and you will be there. Where in the Universe he is, is then irrelevant. You will get to him.

We don’t need to be spirited to travel with thoughts. We can travel with thoughts so long as we have a mind and a soul. That’s all that’s needed.

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  1. I like the theme of this q&A, it shows how we must use Discernment in this age, in this construct (capital D because that’s how important it is). I liken it too mining, where you have to sift through a lot of “stuff” to get to the Truth Nuggets as well as we can know them in this construct). In fact I believe that’s what the Orion books do is to concentrate these Truth Nuggets in one place, with Wes showing us how to do it through his WPP papers leading to these two books. However this is a skill that We need to build in ourselves as well, but it will build by use. But it’s truly a eureka moment when we get it right!

  2. Hello,
    another outstanding book (Orion 2) Wes, like all your work so far, from WPP, articles, videos to books.
    I am also grateful to the Source from Orion for passing certain information through you.
    I wish all the “good” ones a happy and successful passing through this difficult life and a happy return
    home to Orion, where, when we learn to be Creative Gods, we can create much better and happier
    worlds than this one.

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