Q&A Session #2, October 2023

By Wes Penre, October 10, 2023

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Now to this week’s questions:

Question #1: I am finishing your second book for Orion, and I have a question.

My beloved husband passed away recently, and I made up my mind to join him and be with him when it’s my time to go, regardless of where he is. If he is in the BLA area in the soul trap, is there a way to exit the Grid from there, and how?

I appreciate your work and all you do.

Comment: First, I am very sorry for your loss. It must be very difficult. This is also a very difficult question to answer when the receiver of the answer is the one grieving. My reply is probably not what you’d hoped to hear. You know your husband as the individual he was when he was alive. This individual no longer exists. His soul, mind, and spirit still exist outside the Matrix, so to speak, but his memories from this life are swept clean, and he no longer remembers who you are, or anything from his recent life. That’s taken away from him in the BLA. Then he will be reincarnated again with full amnesia, and he will build a new personality, completely different from the one he just vacated from. His new personality will be determined by his upbringing, his environment, and his soul development to a small degree. Even if you would reincarnate as his neighbor, let’s say, you and he would not recognize each other, and you would not remember that you were searching for him.

The absolute best you can do for your husband is that, when your life is over, you exit through the Grid and go see the Queen. Tell her your story and tell her about your experience in the Matrix. We humans who exit should come together then and consult with the Queen, trying to find a solution to the Matrix problem, and discuss ways to free the trapped humans.

Once you’ve gone to the BLA area, it’s probably too late to exit. Theoretically, it’s possible, but once you’re in there, chances are the astral workers consider you having come to them willingly, and from there, they might implement their rules, and you will quickly lose all your memories from the last incarnation. You will no longer remember that you were supposed to exit.

Question #2: I’ve seen some videos on YouTube regarding Gematria.  This is something like numerology where it can predict political events, sporting event winners, etc.  How valid is this?  I remember you saying Wes that the Matrix is mathematical in nature.  Does that mean the KHAA is too?  I read Gematria is taken from Jewish mysticism.  Please share your thoughts. 

Comment: I must admit I know next to nothing about Gematria, although there is a person on my forum who studies it thoroughly. However, it’s true that the Matrix is mathematical in nature. It’s built on math and science. I think Gematria works to some degree here in the Matrix, but not so much in the KHAA, which is mostly spiritual in nature, and not mathematical. Yet it could work, and probably works to some extent in the developing worlds, i.e., the physical/material worlds.

Question #3: Who really is Marduk? In the WPP, you state that Marduk is the son of En.ki with consort Bau – I’m not sure who Bau was either. However, in the Orion book volume 1 you state that he was an Archangel Metatron. I quote “in the Bible, it says that Lucifer managed to persuade a third of the angels in Heaven including some of his Archangels such as Metatron AKA Marduk”, basically to come with him in the start of Lucifer’s rebellion. What does that really make Marduk? According to this, he is not his son? I’m just trying to understand what power this entity Marduk has, is he an Archangel or is he a son from a consort? Of course, we know that their powers have been stripped, but what is he running around as on our planet at this time? Thanks.

Comment: First, just to clarify, what I stated in the WPP was that Bau and Gula are the same goddess, and she is Ninurta’s consort. Ninurta and Gula/Bau are Isis’ parents. Marduk has another history. He was allegedly born on Sirius, just like Isis, but from other parents, unknown to me and to Earth’s history, as far as I know.

Not until Marduk came to Earth in the Second Construct did he become En.ki’s son. En.ki and Isis had a physical son, born into a human body. His name was Horus, and it was Marduk who inhabited that body. This is why Marduk is considered En.ki’s son. It’s purely physical—there is no soul relationship between En.ki and Marduk. Since he incarnated as Horus in Egypt, Marduk has reincarnated over and over through the millennia, and he is still here in a human body, although I doubt he calls himself Marduk now, except perhaps before his Inner Circle. He could be anyone—any ruler or authority behind the scenes.

Yes, Marduk is Metatron, and he rebelled with En.ki when he created the Matrix in the Third Construct, in which we live now. He was a part of Lucifer’s Rebellion. Still, he is not a true archangel. But he has apparently elevated himself to Archangel Metatron, which is something the Overlords like to do to feel powerful and grandiose.

Question #4: Why doesn’t the GRID stop people from traveling beyond earth during astral projection?  Is it because the astral realm we enter (while still connected with the silver cord) is a false/manipulated version of the real astral? Created by the archons?  This is my assumption, but I don’t recall if you have addressed this or not.  If this is the case, is there any way to explain why this is so?  In other words: Why is the astral we enter after death different from the astral we enter while still physically alive?

Comment: The astral is not physical, obviously, but is an intermediary between the physical world (Earth) and the KHAA (Orion outside the Earth Grid). So, the astral is inside the Grid and of a much lower vibration than the KHAA outside. So, the Grid does stop people from traveling beyond Earth. The Grid surrounds the planet at a certain altitude if we may use that term in metaphysics. The astral is real—there is no false astral. Those who have OBEs and NDEs are entering the same astral, just like we all do when we sleep and dream. Then we leave the body and usually hover above it—in the astral.

Saturn is the frequency regulator, and the Overlords use the planet for that reason. Saturn transmits sound frequencies that keep the Earth and the astral within certain low vibrations.

Question #5: With the impending one-world government ahead of us, what do you recommend parents with children do to prepare for their future?

Comment: I would educate them as soon as they are old enough. It’s crucial that they know as much as possible about what is happening and tell them to try to find like-minded when they get a little older to prepare for what is to come. Make friends and build communities. Learn how to live in nature. Be self-sufficient, and tell them to avoid Metaverse, implants, vaccines, and the Singularity with all their might, and why. Necessity is the mother of invention, and it’s always surprising to have seen in the past how clever and proactive people get when they need to. But there is no way around it—education. And I don’t mean mainstream education, of course. There is no other soulution than to exit through the Grid. If the child does not want to listen to this at all, there is not much the parent can do.

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  1. Thanks for clarifying Marduk’s identity, I couldn’t see how he was part of the original raid in the Titan war, probably even part of conceiving it, then becoming En.ki’s son later — he had to incarnate here because he probably was not welcome any other way.

      1. Yes “timelines” really screw me up with all this. But I can see now how En.ki could have been here working on the living library at the time of the attack, maybe lying in wait? Like guerrilla warfare they know so well.

  2. I don’t agree that you lose your memory when you leave here and go into the Astral. I think the senses are actually magnified. This is coming from knowledge from the East, some of the oldest information available to us and therefore closest to the truth you can get (we are talking 10000 yrs old! not 500, etc.). You do lose your memory, however, if you reincarnate, which you will if you are not fully realized person and haven’t achieved the ultimate goal of liberation. You really have to “know thyself” to get a fighting chance at liberation and study all you can from the east (i.e. Hinduism, Taoism, Buddism – all of these lead you down the right path but are just a bit of help for you to your self discovery journey – we may not have these resources if we keep reincarnating the way things are going). So no grid or hole for me, I do not want to be in the system anymore, these are just delusions that you can leave that simply (by going through a hole in the grid…). Please. It can take a few lifetimes to get liberation, there is so much to realize but no one is putting the pieces of the puzzle together. It can also be achieved in one lifetime but its usually too much for people. To summarize, if you are not liberated (fully realized), then you will go to the Astral realm which is an even more complex place that has everything you can ever imagine there and will be even more difficult to get liberated. You really do have to do it here and now if you are serious. You need to be serious and have that fire within.

  3. It’s Friday the 13th folks, today many of the Knights Templars were executed back in the day. They were, in my mind, Keepers of the Truth, the Keepers of the Holy Grail and of course 13 is the Queen’s number. Of course the overlords have co-opted this number as evil and be fearful blah blah blah. There’s probably many of you that know the basics of this information, I don’t know the dates and who’s who but I’m sure there are people out there that do, if you would like to chime in. Of course we are the Keepers of the Truth now, please spread it far and wide!

  4. I sent the question about the GRID not stopping people from leaving during astral projection. The reason it confuses me, is because there are tons of AP and OBE stories out there where people claim to have traveled to other planets during astral projection. If this is true wouldn’t the GRID have stopped them? Or are they all lying? Sorry for my confusion on this.

    1. I must assume they are not lying, but the astral is a tricky place, where “nothing is real,” to quote John Lennon. The astral is full of projections–many of them are our projections as creator gods–things we created without being aware. Other things are created by other soul-mind-spirits, who dwell in the astral for different reasons (read “Seth Speaks” by Jane Roberts). You can find Heaven, Hell, forests, planets… almost anything you can imagine in the astral, but none of that is part of the Orion Universe (outside the Grid). Robert Monroe of the Monroe Institute (for OBEs) talked about this, too.

      1. Thank you for further clarifying. The subject of Astral Projection has always fascinated yet also confused me. I had only one OBE experience many years ago when I was a child, but I was not far from my physical body and it was brief. I have been afraid to Astral Project ever since, because I have heard some scary stories about it over the years. I have a friend that claims to have Astral Projected dozens of times, and he has had some crazy stories about it, but he may have just been confusing Lucid Dreaming with Astral Projection. I did a lot of my own research, going down the rabbit hole on every issue I could over the years, and I have concluded that we are in a prison matrix. Simply from studying science and different theories. I learned about the Grid/barrier and tunnel of light trap, long before I came across your WP papers. I feel intuitively that you are genuine and correct in much of what I have read of your work. Thank you again.

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