I Have Started Writing a New Non-Fiction Book

By Wes Penre, October 12, 2023

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A few days ago, I started on a new book. It’s not in the ORION series, but a separate book, non-fiction, based on the WPP and the rest of my material. The main topics in the book will be:

  1. The story of Isis. Many people wonder what’s up with her. I wrote about her creating a new bloodline, but I have come upon way more information about her, and what happened after that.
  2. More details about what happens in the BLA.
  3. Very precise ways the Elite are now taking away much more of our creative abilities.
  4. Life in the KHAA–some of what we can expect.
  5. How to exit through the Grid (something I’m going to end with in all my books from now on).

Subject to change, but at the moment, these are the topics.

I have now written the first 22 pages, and more coming. I think you will really like this one! Also, there will be more confirmations and references to the accuracy of the Wes Penre Papers. I must say I am very excited about this new book myself.

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Hace unos días, comencé a escribir un nuevo libro. No está en la serie ORION, sino en un libro aparte, de no ficción, basado en el WPP y el resto de mi material. Los temas principales del libro serán:

1.    La historia de Isis. Mucha gente se pregunta qué le pasa. Escribí sobre ella creando una nueva línea de sangre, pero he encontrado mucha más información sobre ella y lo que sucedió después de eso.

2.    Más detalles sobre lo que sucede en el BLA.

3.    Formas muy precisas en las que la Élite nos está quitando mucho más de nuestras habilidades creativas.

4.    La vida en la KHAA, algo de lo que podemos esperar.

5.    Cómo salir a través de la cuadrícula (algo con lo que voy a terminar en todos mis libros de ahora en adelante).

Sujeto a cambios, pero por el momento, estos son los temas.

Ya he escrito las primeras 22 páginas, y vendrán más. ¡Creo que realmente necesitarás este! Además, habrá más confirmaciones y referencias a la exactitud de los Papeles de Wes Penre. Debo decir que estoy muy entusiasmado con este nuevo libro.

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  1. Thanks Wes for all that you’ve done for mankind and the information you’ve freely shared with us by way of the WPPs, which I have read twice. What an awsome read that is. I also have The Orion Book 1, which I have read 6 times,(believe it or not) and The Orion Book 2, which I have read 3 times. I consider your information to be the most important collection of data I have ever read. My thirty years of research has helped me to see that you’ve connected all the dots and I have every expectation that your exit strategy will prove to be real. At the age of 72, I can’t wait for the leap into hyper space. See you on the other side pal.

    1. Wow! 6 and 3 times, respectively! I have a deep respect for you and your dedication. I really do. Thanks for letting me know! And absolutely, we Namlu’u will gather together in a group on the other side of the Grid. I want to see that happen!

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