FAQ: Different Traveling Methods in the KHAA, aka the Greater Universe

The Universe looks like a spider web.

We sometimes get questions about how star beings travel across the KHAA from one point to another. In the Wes Penre Papers (WPP), I (Wes) explained how nano-travel works, but is this the only way to travel? Also, how fast is nano-travel (traveling with thoughts) compared to, let’s say, speed of light? This FAQ is attempting to answer these questions in more detail and in one place.

Regarding the speed of thought, here’s an exercise: close your eyes and then think yourself to the neighbor’s house/apartment. You perceive that as quite instant, right? Now, think yourself to the moon. Did you notice any difference in speed? Probably not. So, it doesn’t matter if you think yourself to the moon or the other side of the universe–you will basically perceive it as the same “speed.” What we consider the Universe (KHAA) ultimately exists inside of us, but in order to have a mutual experience among star races, etc., we project our inside outwards. It’s quite similar to a film projector. The film is inside the projector, but we watch it on a movie screen, outwards and outside the projector.

The blueprint for the KHAA/Greater Universe is like a spider web. When astronomers photograph the Universe in infrared, they can see it (see picture above). However, we can’t see this spider web with our naked eyes–it’s beyond the narrow spectrum of visible light, which human bodies are limited to. The strands that make up the spider web are the universal highways, upon which thoughts travel from one point to another. The space between the strands is the VOID, i.e. a part of the KHAA where nothing is yet created. Then, you might say that there must be different speed of thoughts depending on which highway you choose. In a sense this is correct, but it’s so marginal that the mind does not notice it.

What we’re talking about here is souls who travel without 3D physical bodies. This is where shapeshifting applies. The soul can travel from one place to another and manifest herself in any shape and form she wishes at the destination by decreasing her frequency. We will fall into this category when we leave the Matrix.

It’s my understanding that virtually all star races start their evolution as “physical” beings–each star race having their own physical template (human-like, reptilian, bird-like, etc.), and even when they leave their physical form behind, they usually manifest in shape of this original template because that’s their signature. However, if they want to mingle with another star race and want to blend in, they can take on other forms, such as that of the particular star race their are visiting. Our original template is that of the Namlu’u, so that is probably how we will manifest by default, although we can take other shapes and forms, as well. We will be able to travel across dimensions and also choose to mingle with the 3D Universe when we wish to. In this state, we are creator gods, and we can create our own worlds and environments and populate them with our own soul energy–we can make them 3D, if we want to (think “Q” in Star Trek–that’s how it works. Q is nano-traveling, and he’s a creator god).

“Q” in Star Trek to the right, having created an afterlife environment.

Then, we have star races who are 3D just like humans on Earth, but they are of a slightly higher density than we are. They live and evolve on planets, stars, or elsewhere (something we can’t completely grasp right now). As they evolve, they might or might not build spacecraft in order to travel from one point to another. There are hubs (star gates) leading from one point to another–similar to Star Trek, but not completely–which can be used, so these 3D beings can travel on the spider web strands, as well. They might meet other star races over time and start trading with them–even starting wars if they are so inclined.

However, this kind of travel and interaction is cumbersome, time consuming, and limited. Later on in their evolution, they will usually learn about nano-travel, i.e. they stay in their home environment and travel with thought (they send out fires across the dimensions or when they want to travel to another location in the Universe). They realize this is much faster, and eventually, they make a choice whether to continue being 3D beings, physically stuck on a planet or star, or to abandon these relatively solid bodies and become non-physical, so they can travel instantly and manifest wherever they want in no-time. It’s up to the star race what they want to do.

When I wrote the WPP, I had a source that is from the KHAA, and we discussed these matters. Most star beings, unless they want to be genuine creator gods, have some kind of physical existence in one solar system or another, but can also leave their bodies at will through nano-travel. Thus, they can meet with other star races far away and trade with them, using the spider web–the intergalactic highways. They manifest (like “Q”) on the other end to trade, or whatever they wish to do. Then they return home. If they are trading something “physical,” they use technology to get merchandise from here to there (almost like we use the postal service).

Regarding star maps: yes, star maps are used when someone has never heard about a certain location and can’t visualize it. This is used in greater capacity by star beings who are physical and want to nano-travel somewhere. It is my understanding that because we humans were creator gods already from the start, we have a lot of choices when we leave the Matrix. And we don’t need star maps that often. We think ourselves to Orion or the Queen, for example, and there we are…

On occasion, star gates are owned and guarded–particularly if those who guard them feel threatened (or it could be for other reasons, too). Star beings, who want to pass through a star gate, might need to address their reason for passing through. This is if they use the star gates; nonphysical beings don’t need to use them. You can compare the latter with a ghost being able to pass through walls.


  1. Hi Wes and Ariel hope you are well.Thank you for your hard work it is greatly appreciated by the Wanderers.For years I can remember seeing spider webbing appear around me on top of me when I am in my bedroom close to the ceiling.I am always about to fall asleep so just before REM sleep I see it.Not sure about which brain wave frequency this is.It would appear and dissapear.It will then appear in other areas.Someone told me I have been seeing the Grid and could be a gridworker.I have also been told that I am a Walking Stargate and portal since I can see spirits.Is this true about the grid?Thanks

    1. These days, when the Grid has so many holes, it can be perceived as a spider web, I would assume. I don’t know, of course, exactly what you saw because I’m not you, but I don’t see it as impossible that you saw the Grid.

      1. Yesterday night i saw it too before i was about to sleep. I was covering my whole body in blanket. I saw flashes of light, spider web I thought it’s some mind makeup. Wow i’m stunned now. Is it really the grid i saw? Wes what do you think about flashes of light in the corner of eye. I checked with eye doctor everything came out good. Thanks in advance🙏

    1. Yes. But once you’re out of here, your frequency range will increase exponentially. You can access different dimension with thought. On Earth, our range of vibration is VERY VERY limited. No so when you’re out of here. Anyone who’s leaving will be able to go to Orion, for instance, if they choose to.

  2. Thinking oneself to go somewhere to visit someone in the astral and arriving sounds much like lucid dreaming. So with our original connection we were able to travel the universe, but the paths now have gatekeepers, unless we are vessel-less. If our astral dreaming is only able to access the 7 patriarchal dimensions of the patrix, how in the world can one be assured they have made it to the highest grid. Should we count the number of land/water to sky layers until we reach eight? Maybe it will be quite obvious. if the dasterdly duo characters get wind of beings attempting to escape his patrix, by the time I get there, they will have built false layers, or patched the crumbling grid. I must keep a positive view that I, and others, will make it through, but at the same time, nothing will surprise me.Not.familiar with Q material, will check site search.Thank you for all your forthright knowledge and answers

    1. Q was a character in Star Trek. You might be able to search for him in Google if you didn’t watch Star Trek.

      People who have had near death experiences (or OBEs) have a lot to tell us about the astral. So, when we die, we leave our bodies with all the artificial light-bodies intact (astral body, etheric body, emotional body, etc.), and we normally go through the Tunnel of Light and get recycled. Instead, you “look up” in relation to your dead body below you and you will see the Grid. You will see it has holes in it. Choose any hole and THINK yourself through it (you set an intention). On the other side, you’ll shed your artificial light-bodies automatically–those who have kept you in the Matrix. You don’t need to go through layers of dimension. The soulution is so simple that people in general over-complicate it. Just spot the Grid, choose a hole, and leave. 🙂

  3. Hi wes.. i have a question.. i watched endal beal videos about orion queen and from their point of view they dont trust the queen.. its also another trap.. they say the controller establish this new trap to trick us again in their plan B.. you said the universe is feminine in nature.. but i do believe its not feminine at all.. its both.. masculine and feminine.. what can you say about it?.. and about the hole in the grid.. can we create our own portal using our thoughts if we dont trust the hole just to get out of here?

    1. All I can say is that I stand behind what I’ve been writing and saying. Then, it’s of course up to each individual to make up their minds about it by doing what you’re doing, for one—check out a number of sources and come to conclusions and by using intuition and discernment.

      Regarding the holes…I stand by that, too. It’s simple, and it’s important not to complicate it, IMO.

      1. It seems to me that this is a war between gender.. once we go to orion after body death we choose sides.. now if enki attacked orion it is likely we are again engaging in war as foot soldier.. i said its enough.. i dont participate any war anymore.. i dont need to choose one side over the other anymore.. i am sovereign..

  4. Hey Wes.. thank you for all the informarion. I have a few questions… Are the holes in the grid connected to the universal highways? Suppose a hole in the grid leads to the void where nothing is created, what then? Will a soul be able to create a passage way to connect with one of the highways? Or it will be lost in the void?

    1. Yes, you will be on the highway when you exit. The VOID is a nothingness, from our perspective, and you wouldn’t be able to exist there. If you think of the Universe as infinite (from our perspective) a highway is not narrow–it’s VERY wide. Earth with the entire solar system is sitting on the highway, as well…

  5. Wes, with regards to your reply above (or below) regarding our physical and light bodies – this is my understanding per your explanation: We lose our physical bodies once we croaked (i.e. drop dead) but we lose our artificial light bodies (astral, etheric, etc.) only AFTER we exit the Matrix. Correct? Thank you Wes and Ariel for all your work. Much love.

  6. Thank you Wes,for more info on leaving here and enabling us to envisage ourselves doing it with confidence.I am sure we will remember how to operate in the KHAA when outside the grid.It will not seem strange.
    Also many thanks to your source from the KHAA(John) I for one am so grateful for his mission to earth.LOL to all

  7. I wander if there is time involved when I think of a location. It seems so incredibly instant. If getting through the grid also happens that fast we have nothing to worry about. Unless of course we start complicating it as we so easily tend to do.

    1. There might be a LITTLE bit of time involved, but it’s not noticeable. If we consider the energetic universe being a hologram, consisting of matter, energy, time, and space as its components, I see thought as bypassing matter and space. However, if thought is energy, it’s part of the overall universe, so it might abide to the laws of time to some degree.

      And I believe you are absolutely right; because exiting the Grid has to do with intention and thought, we don’t need to worry about anything, except whatever we add to intention and thought (and focus).

  8. Hello Wes, thank you for this wonderful work you do. If we belong to soul groups, and we are to be reunited with them, is this inside the patrix or in the Khaa?

  9. I suddenly think what if the queen already anticipated that the experiment will surely be hijack .. she let it happen and this is a part of the experiment to test our endurance and she always knew we can graduate it in the future no matter what happen.. hmmm..

    1. I somehow believe that the whole point is about free will. The highest advanced beings must reverse their decision to give all beings free will. The primordial decision obviously doesn’t work. Some beings have fallen so far from the Source that the Source must rethink Its decision and revoke their free will and face the consequences of abusing it to unthinkable levels… I could be wrong, of course. Just a thought.

  10. Hi Wes,

    I and a friend of mine have been discussing metaphysical issues for several years and came across something alarming and something new to us a couple a week ago: the Death Trap. It was through a video from The Farsight Institute that does remote viewing sessions by very experienced remote viewers. We begun to search for more info and found your site and your papers where you described the same thing.
    You decribed a way out of the Trap by going through one of the holes in the prison-grid which led to freedom in the KHAA. That gave us a feeling of relief.
    Corey Brown at The Farsight Institute mensioned that they would do a follow-up to the Death Trap session that would target ’Where We Came From’. They have done it now and presented a trailer that we have watched. It is alarming too, big chaos.
    After seeing it we wonder if that chaos is a chaos in the KHAA or something else.
    It feels frustrating to say the least not to know what to expect after escaping the Trap if one manage to do it.
    We would very much appreciate your take on this if you could take a look att the ’Where We Came From’ trailer from The Farsight Institute.
    The link is here:


    Best rgds,

    1. We’ve been following Farsight for quite some time, and we’ve watched the videos/trailers on this and other subjects. We agree with other prominent remote viewers; farsight is compromised, from what it seems. Although much of what they publish aligns with our research, it’s still not done per protocol, so we can’t even use it as a reference. I can’t reveal anymore than that without mentioning names, which I don’t want to do. But regardless of what other world-class remote viewers say about it, it’s been our observation, as well.

  11. You say that when we die (silver cord has been cut) we may automatically wake up to Spirit. Do you mean that we may go straight to the Khaa as opposed to going to the astral first? If so, do you know why this would be?

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