Gnostic Musings #10: The Divine Mind (Part 2)

by Wes Penre, October 25, 2020

I said to Him, Lord, how does he who sees the vision see it, through the soul or through the spirit?

The Savior answered and said, He does not see through the soul nor through the spirit, but the mind that is between the two that is what sees the vision…

The Gospel according to Mary Magdalene

In the above gospel, we are clearly told that it is the Mind, not the Spirit or soul that recognizes the Truth and achieves Gnosis. The way I see it, it’s not that humans have different minds—it’s all one Mind, whether we are talking about our own awareness, Sophia’s awareness, or the awareness of the Monad/Source/All That Is. There is no Mind outside or beside that of the Monad—we are all part of IT’s Mind, operating within different manifested realities and from different perspectives.

When manifested in solid human physical bodies on this planet, the average person operates with only a fraction of their entire Divine Mind. We call it the conscious mind. In addition to that, we divide the Mind into subconscious and unconscious mind, like if they were separate from the Divine Mind, when they are simply different aspects of the same Mind, operating under different conditions. This is also where manipulation comes into play:

They gave us their mind! Do you hear me? The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. The predators’ mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now.

Carlos Castañeda

Those of us who have read Castañeda realize that he knew what he was talking about. From Yaldabaoth’s and his Chief Archons’ perspective, it was a clever move to take advantage of our amnesia and reprogram our Divine Minds and “replace” it with their minds. As I wrote in the “Wes Penre Papers” (WPP), it’s not so much that they are lying to us—they just want us to see things from their perspective. And here we are as a human species, thinking and acting very much like the predators, as Castañeda calls them.

In a literal sense, it’s not that we have lost our own minds in the process—we have simply exchanged most of our own thoughts and beliefs with theirs. In other words, we have misdirected our thinking and our concept of reality to fit with the concepts the Archons want us to adopt. We, who are waking up, are now in the process of once again reprogramming our minds so we can regain the access to our higher Divine Mind that we all still have available to us.

We know that it’s the part of the mind we call the subconscious mind that holds the hidden trauma, triggers, and memories that we can’t easily access—thoughts and emotions that still affect us, often negatively, on a daily basis, not exactly contributing to our progress and wellbeing. Our personal and collective subconscious mind is at the same time a part of Sophia’s subconscious mind, which is Darkness/Ignorance, as discussed in earlier articles. Thus, by doing our own inner shadow work, we are also helping Sophia doing hers—we can perhaps look at ourselves as her “probes,” who are sent down into this realm of Darkness to help lighting it up. We are not separate from Sophia in that sense—we are all her and a part of her Mind, as well as Sophia is a part of the Monad’s Mind. Ultimately, all of us are the Monad—only different expressions of IT.

Then, we have the conscious mind, which is the part of our minds we call the ego. It’s nothing wrong with having an ego because without it we couldn’t exist here. It’s only when the ego becomes super inflated that it’s unhealthy, such as in malevolent narcissism and psychopathy. However, we humans erroneously consider the conscious mind we are using in our daily lives being the core of our being, which is not true. The part of the Divine Mind we humans call the conscious mind is also, at least to a large degree, part of the programming we have received during our lifetime/lifetimes here on this planet. It is formed according to our upbringing, our adult life, our environment, culture, education, and various types of manipulation that we have adopted as truth and strong personal and common beliefs, which combined create our collective reality. The identity or personality we develop is almost completely based on the factors just mentioned. Still, both the subconscious and the conscious mind are parts of the Divine Mind.

Maybe a good way of looking at it is as a spectrum with two open endings; on one side we have deep Ignorance and on the other side profound Knowledge/Gnosis. Everybody is operating somewhere along this spectrum. For instance, the subconscious mind is within one range of the spectrum, the conscious mind is within another range, while the “cosmic” mind exists within yet another range, and the “Highest” Mind within the top range reachable. They are different levels of programs, until we leave the Kenoma altogether. For those who aim to leave the Kenoma, achieving Gnosis as it was presented to us 2,000 years ago might help the individual to see what can possibly be achieved in the higher states of the Divine Mind.

Only by opening our minds to a degree that we are willing to ask ourselves the questions, “Who am I?” “What is my purpose?” and “Where am I going?” and start our journey to find the answers to these questions can we connect to the higher aspects of the Divine Mind inside us. This is what is called Gnosis in Greek, and the Gnostic texts are designed to help us self-reflect in order to find the answers to these questions.

The Mind is a powerful thing, and the Archons know this. They are jealous and afraid of us at the same time, although we have been programmed to be afraid of them. They know that humanity can potentially wake up at any time if left alone, and if we do, they understand that they are defeated—they no longer have anyone to feed from, except themselves, and they will self-destruct. This must be avoided from their point of view. It’s fine with them when a few people wake up here and there because the Archons have a contract with the Divine to let us “evolve,” but they do not want us to wake up in droves! Therefore, they need to keep us constantly distracted for us to steer our thoughts away from exploring our Minds on a deeper level, and instead they try to force us to put our attention on worldly problems that they themselves created with a lot of help from their minions—the Elite bloodlines and our compliance.

Thus, we have all the chaos we see around us. Chaos comes from Darkness, and the Archons and the Elite are manifested representatives of Ignorance/Darkness. This is where they exist—they can’t exist elsewhere, so they need to hang onto Darkness. Yaldabaoth, the Archons, and the human Elite are all manifestations of Sophia’s and our own Darkness and Ignorance. If they can’t maintain this Darkness in this part of the Universe, they cease to exist, and they understand this. Therefore, they need to be clever when they manipulate us.

So, how do they do it? Well, they have created so many problems in the world, which they try to force us to engage in, leading to that we have little to no time to reflect over our own spirituality.

Have you sometimes wondered why the government and other institutions at times are so bluntly in our face when it comes to their own criminal behavior and their attempts to force control over the population? It’s like they want us to see these behaviors to make us upset and engaged. As a result, people go out in the streets to demonstrate and protest. Some participate in riots that are often, unbeknownst to them, planned and led by agent provocateurs, working for the Intelligence Agencies. This creates even more chaos and distractions to keep us away from focusing on our inner spiritual journey, such as imperative existential questions and our inner healing process.

Others put their energy on trying to overthrow the government, either by replacing it with trustworthy people, abolishing it altogether, or taking down the Global Elite, thinking that this, overtime, will bring us peace on Earth. What humankind fails to realize is that we can’t get peace on Earth because this realm is not designed to be peaceful. This is a construct where everything dies, regardless of what we do because per design, this is where true Darkness/Ignorance exists. Although many people understand this, they think that by making the above changes in the physical world, it will replace Darkness with Light. This will not happen until humankind has achieved Gnosis on a collective level. THAT will light up this realm—nothing else will. Where people get their Gnosis from is up to them, so long as they get it, but it has to be achieved collectively before any major changes can be made to this world. Otherwise, things will soon go back to “business as usual,” because Yaldabaoth and the Archons—the manifestations of Darkness—are still here, so long as we humans have Darkness and Ignorance buried inside ourselves. If, hypothetically, most of the mankind wakes up and start making changes in society, replacing Darkness with Light, it would still be the same as Gnosis, leading to the destruction of this Realm—the Kenoma. Starting by making major changes in the physical world, putting most of our energy into it, is like reading a book from the end to the beginning, instead of from the beginning to the end.

Thus, if we really want to make a change that eventually affects most people on this planet, we all need to do our inner work so we connect with the higher aspects of our Divine Mind—that’s the only way this can be done. It’s not a selfish or cowardly thing to do—in fact, it’s the bravest thing we can ever do in this reality—to confront our inner darkness and turn it into light. By doing so, we affect the human mass consciousness. The more of us who are doing it, the faster the progress, and more people will wake up. That’s where our focus must go, or we’re doomed as a collective human soul group. We can’t do it the other way around.

Peace on Earth is not achievable in a Realm of Death and Darkness because if and when that is achieved, the entire Kenoma will collapse anyway. We can’t create a paradise on Earth and maintain it in this reality. By concentrating on fixing the outer world, we prevent real changes from happen because real changes happen from within. When we change from within, what we perceive as the outside world will also change accordingly. It’s called apocalypse or revelation—what’s hidden will be revealed. Thus, when Gandhi said that we need to BE the change we want to see in the world, he was correct.

We also need to learn how to become observers instead of participants in the chaos around us. Order out of Chaos must happen from within ourselves first. We can’t make significant changes in the outside world if there is Chaos and Darkness inside of us as a collective consciousness—we will only repeat the same misbehaviors, even if we, for argument’s sake, would be able to make some changes that really count. Only when working on ourselves can we envision the Bigger Picture and a real solution because we will no longer be a part of the problem. And again, a problem can’t be solved from the same level it was created.

In summary, the only way to make a change is to connect to the higher aspect of the Divine Mind and start doing our Inner Work, i.e. shadow work. We need to bring to the surface what is hidden (Darkness/Ignorance), which creates Knowledge. From Knowledge we can achieve Gnosis, if we self-reflect on the Inner Knowledge that we gain and start using it in our own lives in relationship to ourselves and others.

Still, this is exactly where most people have the biggest problem—when looking inside themselves. As mentioned above, it’s the bravest thing you can do in your life. It’s not easy but necessary.

Here is one way to start, if it feels right to you: learn to recognize what is coming from your subconscious/reactive mind, and instead of acting upon it, stop and reflect while bringing it to surface. Take a good look at what is being revealed to you and reprogram yourself. Don’t fight what is coming up from inside; instead, just exchange the negative thought or attitude with a positive attitude that will support your progress and repeat this process over and over every time a reactive thought comes up. After about 21-30 days of consistency, the reprogramming of a certain repeated reactive emotion and thought pattern will be completed, and you will start acting in a way that you consciously have chosen to act. The reactive thoughts will not disappear, but they will diminish significantly, and you will become stronger than it and learn to effectively override the old programming.

As mentioned, this is one way of starting the process—there are many other ways. We suggest you find something that works best for you. If you are uncertain, research it. Read articles and watch videos by life coaches online—the information can be quite helpful and is often for free. Then find procedures that work for you.

Part 3 in this series on the Divine Mind will be published soon, so stay tuned…

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  1. Very valuable work

    I got 2 questions

    1) When we do the inner works to reprogramming our mind , what are the roles of Spirit during the process , and how do we maximize it ?
    2) The possibility of mass human awakening seems high, so the Chief of Archon pushes the singularity. Does it get the Approval from Yaldabaoth (to fullfil his destiny, as it is said that he should go home too) ?

    Many Thanks

    1. I bet if you devour and digest all of the collective Wes Penre works, you will have both answers and so much more, + be on your own path to being more in command of your own life and outcomes, + inspiring others along your new path + contributing to change in more ways than you can see, as others around you take more pause to ask more questions… {we can only hope they too will allow more light in and attain Gnosis, changing the whole…} all the best, keep at it!

      1. @JD ~ Great answer! If I may, I would only add one more thing and that would be to not stop with the WPP…keep going. There is more to discover about yourself (and myself) as long as we are willing to keep evolving and expanding our understanding of who we are, where we are, and what we are doing here. Your path is your path, and no two paths are the same. How could they be? Wes Penre is no spirit guide. His path is his own and he’s sharing that path for others to *hopefully* look for signposts of their own by seeing the ones he found in his own life. We can’t find our own path in life by following the directions that were meant for someone else. They will lead to dead ends for us, ultimately. I agree with you 100% when you write, “…be on your own path to being more in command of your own life and outcomes..” Thank you for your encouragement. 🙂

      2. Thanks JD

        inspiring others along your new path + contributing to change in more ways than you can see, as others around you take more pause to ask more questions

        I m still trying and learning how to awake the gnosis and minimize the ignorance, but it will be nice if I got the opportunitty to share my learning process and result to other people

    2. @Indra ~ “When we do the inner works to reprogramming our mind , what are the roles of Spirit during the process , and how do we maximize it ?”

      By observing, taking to heart, and applying to your life what you have learned from not only the programming but the reprogramming in a way that encourages growth. It is *Spirit* which allows us to turn knowledge into wisdom. You can understand why you react or experience things the way that you do – that is knowledge. Spirit demands that you turn that knowledge into something that benefits you and others – that is wisdom.

      Remember the two wolves’ story? The one between the evil wolf and the good wolf that we all have inside us?

      Spirit is what allows us to take ALL life experiences whether soothing OR suffering and use them to feed the GOOD wolf. Hope that makes sense. 🙂

      1. @Ariel, Wes,

        Initially, we were told we have to stay on Tiamat and descend as deep as Y. and the Archons taking us. In the hope, we’ll enlighten them from inside someday.

        What that means, PRACTICALLY speaking:

        One, on Tiamat we had our Goddess given “gifts” because we are HER. Some of us make beautiful music, others became great philosophers and teachers, some born to be leaders and demonstrated great strength and courage and faith, other write well etc, … All these gifts, in their pure state, were designed to enlighten Y. and the As, ourselves and the community.
        (By pure state I mean before we weren’t manipulated and the rest. When our consciousness was hijacked, we were focusing on drama, suffering, and gave away our power to false Gods and entities. All this reflects in artworks, spirituality, societal structures etc. keeping us in an unhealthy state.)

        Two, once trapped, we went through trauma, abuse, hardships. Through healing, using various methods like meditation, counselling, learning about the particular issue further, reading spiritual text, studying metaphysics etc., ultimately we end up looking inside and facing our deepest and hidden fears, pain, and subconscious programming. At this point we arrive at spirituality, start clearing up the subconscious/shadow side / raising one’s vibration.

        Now we can bring that knowledge and wisdom to the community so others can heal themselves as well. This can be in a form of a book we write, giving interviews on a subject matter to help and guide others, or start a blog or a YouTube channel with the same intent.

        I started eight years ago and still not there. The first time when I dig my subconscious (four years ago) I thought it was silly because I was a happy lucky go despite all LIFE. I thought I had no problems. It took a LONG time until things started to resurface and recognized limiting patterns then I begin to understand the reasons.

        Indeed, we are all different so I looked at the science, read, studied, and practiced what Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Joe Dispenza and others had recommended. Dr. Bruce says, “if you want to know where do you have limiting subconscious programming, look around in your life, and the area where you are stuck in (relationships, finances, career, self-esteem…) is the culprit.”

        I took metaphysical classes and applied related meditations. Read literature that I felt was helpful including the WP papers and following this platform. I’m now reading the Gnostics.

        Was Spirit with me to help? Only in one practice, I feel the connection. Sometimes.

  2. I have to express how much I love this art. & and my appreciation for You-W&A- and Your work.May I say that Ariel completes you perfectly.As you,Wes, are strong-fierce-determined ,she is wise and kind. Thank you for showing natural beauty in this artificial realm! I c u(feel the good vibes)!

  3. The quotes Castenada and Ghandi both hit me like thunderbolts when I first read them many years ago And they still do! It was as if I was in a kitchen and someone dropped a whole tray of crockery onto the floor behind me! The crash and shock both woke me up instantly to a different focus in ‘reality’ That does fade with time and has to be worked on I find. Thanks both for all you do. You are beacons of strength in this chaos

  4. WES! Who is really Yaldabaoth? Saturn-Lucifer or Jupiter-Beelzebul? See Matthew 12! Beelzebul-Jupiter is named The Chief of Demons. Jesus said in Apocalypse 22 that is The Star of David which is Saturn-Lucifer-Bapfomet – ENKI – “The Lord of Heaven and Earth” See the Picture with Bapfomet! Strangely…Bill Gates’ Vaccine is named LUCIFERASE – Lucifer Erase? The Soul/Spirit of Lucifer-Baphomet is in DNA?

    1. Yaldabaoth is the shadow side/dark side of Sophia. Sophia, as we know, is an Aeon in the Pleroma, representing certain traits and attributes of the Monad/All That Is. She is not essentially “dark.” But she created this universe without her consort, which made the universe deficient. She ‘cast away’ her creation, just like we ‘cast away’ bad things that happens to us or bad things we do and bury them in our subconscious mind, which is the hidden part of our mind (this is how trauma is stored–we separate ourselves from the incident). As above, so below. In Sophia’s process of not being willing to acknowledge the deficient universe, Yaldabaoth, which is a thought-form within Sophia’s mind, was created in the process, and in the process of externalizing herself from her own creation, she put Yaldabaoth in charge of Darkness/Ignorance, aka the Kenoma. It’s a metaphor so we humans can understand this, but from that perspective, this is what happened. So, Yaldabaoth is a part of Sophia, just like everything in this universe is part of Sophia–a part of her Mind, as I see it.

      Regarding the planets and the ownership thereof…then we can go back to what I wrote in the Wes Penre Papers about the Overlords and how they took over each other’s titles. All these “names” in the ancient texts are just titles. It’s similar to if you were a baker by trade. Now you can say you’re a baker. Then you quit and become a carpenter instead and someone else takes your position as a baker. The baker title does not change, but now it’s another person taking over the baker title. It doesn’t seem like the ownership of the planets changes from Archon to Archon–it seems like the ownership’s remained pretty much the same over time. Saturn is considered having been hijacked and is since then ‘owned’ by Marduk. Jupiter is considered being owned by (represented by him holding a lightning bolt–the symbol for creation), the King of the Gods (Zeus in Greek mythology).

      Depending on how we look at it, there is only Yaldabaoth/, who is the archetype of the Father in this Universe. The other Archons are in turn thought-forms of’s–each Archon having his/her specific attributes of, out of which they operate. So, saying that Marduk is in charge of Saturn is correct from one perspective, and from another perspective, is in charge of Saturn as well. If you create a thought-form in your mind, you can give power to that thought-form and put him in charge over something in your mind, but ultimately, you’re in charge of your own creation (the thought-form), so the thought-form is YOU.

      All these demigods throughout history are personifications of archetypes that exist in Sophia’s mind, and ultimately in the Pleroma. We humans have all these archetypes embedded in our psyche/soul. See Carl Jung’s research on archetypes–it’s quite interesting.

      I know this might sound very esoteric, but I just want to throw this out there so people can go a step further and perhaps look into these things…

      1. Hi, Wes!
        Is there any possibility that Sofia or Black Sofia is Earth-Gaia-Geea? I just discovered (maybe I’m wrong this time too), that Baphomet-The Devil is The Soul of Earth. Baphomet sits above the Earth. The cross inscribed in the circle I think is the astrological symbol of Earth. Christ said in the New Testament that we are from our father, the Devil…that we live in the Devil’s Kingdom. She is also associated with the goddesses Demeter, Cybele, Tiamath, Maia, Rhea, Isis, Mother Nature, Magna Mater. I noticed that all these goddesses have something in common, and are considered Mothers of the Gods.

        1. The Devil, Satan, Marduk, etc. etc. are archetypes of the false Father. Many people think that Satan is real. Is he? Yes, because we create him continuously. He’s become an archetype that anyone can “embody” by doing devilish deeds or have devilish thoughts.

          Let’s say we have a thought-form/Archon that we call Marduk. He takes on the role of this archetype, and there we go! Same thing with the Mother archetype, such as Sophia, Inanna, Isis, Demeter, Cybele, Tiamat, Rhea, etc. Anyone who wants to play the Mother archetype can take on any of the above characteristics. In the WPP, and in our previous work, we said that, Inanna, Shiva, Vishnu, or whomever, are just titles that can be used by anybody. It’s a concept that originates in archetypes.

          And Yeshua was right, of course. We are from the father, the Devil (Satan). The Devil/Satan is originally Yaldabaoth/, who is the Father archetype in the Matrix/Kenoma. Yaldabaoth, as the false Father, manipulated our human bodies and solidified them to the current form. Thus, so long as we live in Darkness/Ignorance and don’t accept Gnosis, we are from and of the Devil, if this makes sense.

        2. @Artorias Abyss Walker ~ Archetypes are a very complex concept and I am only just beginning to try to understand them. When we speak of Feminine Archetypes, they go by many names depending on which expression of the Feminine is being experienced. ALL archetypes have a feminine AND a masculine expression and each of those also has a light and a shadow (or negative/distortion) expression.

          There is an archetype referred to as the Hero and from what I’ve read, Satan (or the devil – but NOT Lucifer <- that's something different) would be what is called the ANTI hero. It is an opposing force but not an external entity. It is an adversary or an obstacle – a monster or an inner "demon" that a hero (us, when we are trying to grow up) must confront and overcome. Make sense? These aren't entities or people although they *can* be if one is in that place in their life. For example, I am a female and I embody many of the Mother archetypes but that's not ONLY who I am. I also embody other archetypes such as the child. We all do. Everyone is playing their own parts in their own lives.

          The names of these different roles are just used in mythology, religion, and other tales to illustrate and describe this process of maturation and growth of they human psyche (soul). There is no "devil", monster, boogey-man, satan, or any of these things as they are portrayed in fairytales, folklore, or horror stories. These are only all the archontic or negative qualities within each of us that we either feed or starve. For those of us who feed these negative qualities, the more we *become* that thing. We create them within ourselves and that is what is "feeding" from us. We are focusing and giving our energy into developing an unwanted and nasty aspect of our personality and bringing it to "life". That's the "vampire" of mythology. That's the parasitic energy "feeding" that is spoken about – it's just us. We are creating these things, and they can eventually kill us if this is the path we take.

          That's how I have come to see it. No one knows for sure, and I'm only expressing my own conclusions here based on what I am attempting to learn and what I have experienced. Others may see things and believe differently. That's okay.

          For your consideration, though, have a look at this diagram for examples of the different archetypes which are all represented by the Mother:×952.jpg

          edit to add – others will project certain symbols or anthropomorphic images of these types of negative personality traits and convince us that they are actual demons or evil spirits or all kinds of things, even ETs and people believe them. When we believe in them, we bring them to life in our reality. We literally *make* them real for ourselves and they can have *real* influence in our lives, but they are nothing more than thoughtforms. If we stop feeding them with our beliefs, they go away. It’s that simple. Reality is a lot more simple and a lot more different than what we think it is.

          1. satan is the adversary-yes it is a force within us(ego-mind?)- but there are also physical beings who got that Title! where do our thoughts(unpleasant,bad,negative) come from? who controls the game?

            1. @esnskrs ~ Yes, there are people who we could say embody satanic energy or that archetype. There is not just one individual who holds that title. It’s not a title. It’s a description of a type of soul characteristic that these people are strengthening within themselves.

              Our thoughts come as a result of playing in this unique reality realm. We are presented with challenges that are unique here, which cause our minds to produce thoughts that are meant to help purify our soul or transform it. Those negative thoughts are supposed to give us something to grind against, for lack of a better phrase, so that we can sharpen the edge of our sword. Our “sword” is our *knowing* of who we are, where we are, and where we come from. It’s our eventual Gnosis and remembrance (resurrection) and baptism or rebirth. It’s meant to produce a kind of transcendental experience of the soul (and I’m not talking about some bogus kundalini thing). All the writings and sayings about “gold” are referring to our soul. We come here as one thing and we are supposed to leave as another. This is described as an alchemical process because writers needed to keep certain things hidden from the churches a long time ago and so most of these things are told in metaphors which make it confusing. The philosopher’s stone is one of these. The Holy Grail is another.

              Who controls it? WE do, ultimately. Yes, there are people on this Earth that make a lot of money and they gain a lot of power when they have that money, but we are the ones who allowed it and in some cases even asked for this system. We wanted it. We wanted an easier life so we accepted the Industrial Revolution. We accepted and even asked for the progression of technology into our lives. If you don’t want it, you don’t *have* to use it. That makes for a really hard life here, but the knowledge and determination it takes to succeed with that kind of life is what we were willing to give up to hand over control to people who have more money than us. We wanted it and we still want it. We don’t get to have it both ways. It’s time to grow up and realize that we don’t get to ask for things like convenience and entertainment and then get pissed off because we’d rather watch TV or scroll through videos than get more education and study hard, work a garden, or build a home for ourselves.

              We all still have this choice. You do not *have* to use money on this planet. If you don’t, you will have to accept that your lifestyle will be drastically different and you will have to work very hard for things, but there are PLENTY of people who do it, still, and even more who are going back to those ways. They are very happy and they are not under anyone else’s control, except maybe the weather. I will admit that once you get into the system, it can be very hard to get out of it and there are some people who are genuinely stuck, but there are creative solutions for that, too.

              We are all just people with different levels of awareness. “They” are not more or less special than anyone else. Some have worked very hard to achieve the power and wealth they have, some were born into it. If you aren’t born into it, you will have to educate yourself, be very creative, and very determined and goal-oriented, but it’s certainly not impossible. Most people who feel like a victim in this life are letting someone else tell them what to do. Who is in control of that? You are. Anyone you perceive as having any control over the way things are just seems that way because you aren’t willing to take that power for yourself. The more powerless you feel the more powerful they seem. There is no magic wand, though, that they wave and make you feel powerless. We (each of us) do that to ourselves.

              I’m going to share something personal with you…

              I’ve recently come out of the conspiracy mindset that I’ve been in for the past 15 years. I was in a very, very dark place when I fell into that rabbit hole and my vibration was a match to that hopeless, powerless, and depressed state of being at that time. I was very afraid. I almost lost my child and my fear of death grew exponentially. I was feeling burdened and overwhelmed with the care of my child who had been diagnosed with a life-threatening, chronic condition. It was the lowest point in my life up to that point. I don’t feel that way anymore and now that I have come out of it, guess what? It’s like the sunshine is hitting my face, again. There is no “hidden hand” out here waiting for me. It’s just me and what I want to do with my life and it feels very, very good. I no longer want to give up. The only time I felt imprisoned and victimized by my world was when I was in the company of others who were telling me I am. No one tells me that anymore and when they try, I don’t listen.

              Also, I have a LOT of choices to make now which I have been neglecting because I was in that hole. No one is going to make those choices for me. I must make them for myself. There is NO ONE out here trying to control my life. I must decide.

              I had to go into that hole, though, to find this part of myself. I lost myself to that darkness, but that darkness was not something external. It was something that was growing inside of me and coloring my perception of the things I was experiencing. I thought the world was dark, because everywhere I looked around me I saw such awful things. That was really the illusion I was creating by projecting what was inside of me to the outside. My entire world had become dark, but it was only due to my own dark state of being. As long as I kept my focus outside, that darkness *seemed* external. When I focused inward and found the root of that darkness within me, I found the part of me that I had lost. The darkness that was the world around me is suddenly not quite so dark anymore. Why? Because *I* am not quite so dark anymore on the inside. Hope this helps. 🙂

              1. @esnkrs ~ Have a look at this lecture excerpt by Jordan Peterson. It deals with what we perceive as tyranny vs. order. Tyranny and Order are both expressions of control which come from the Father archetype. Tyranny is a distortion of this control (shadow/archon) and Order is the desired soul characteristic we need to develop (Light/Aeon). Chaos (which is an archetype of the Feminine or the Dragon) is meant to help us know which one we want to choose – the tyranny or the order. This happens collectively as we form systems of control or tyranny, and individually as we face life’s challenges. Choice.

                1. This is a great video, thank you for sharing. I would like to add to something that Wes has also written about and it has to do with integrating all of our traumas and the many fractures we all have endured. I have developmental trauma and have really tried everything to help me integrate, but I recently came across neurofeedback which was basically 20 years of therapy in 3 weeks. It appears as some stupid gimmick but it isnt. In fact, I was guided to it through a dream. I had also come across some documents about the rods of horus (enki), which you can find online. I know it sounds like a stretch, but the rods did really act like a neurofeedback machine. It rolled the three lower chakras up into completion. Yes, meditation helps, but integration is really hard here.

              2. thank you for sharing with us! I was (am?not so much now) the same-try to let go,but sometimes I see the antagonist “outside”-but now, I also know(see) the ways of the deceiver archontic is not stranger to me!
                In the end ,I could say and understand when you stated:”YOU are the ONE who you were expecting-looking for!”
                I am happy for you and the sun that shines over you,is reflected in your attitude and your kind but powerful and wise words.
                May I say that every word you wrote-the place they came from- ,landed inside the same place within myself.

              3. I am with you,Ariel, 100% !I believe we had to go into darkness(ingorance-forgetfulness) …to fall…in order to have the aspiration to transcend-light it up(yaldebaot’s world-mind).it’s a beautiful game,that we create, to obtain the diamond , burning all the extra impurities . In a way , I can say that all is preplaned and unfolding in perfect timing, right in front of our eyes and I can appreciate it! live TV Show,we are the Stars. Magnifique!

              4. Ariel, you are awesome, I just want you to know that. I think you would really appreciate listening to Neville Goddard. He was a biblical scholar and mystic who taught that the stories in the Bible were all metaphorical. I like to listen to Josiah Brandt who reads his lectures. Sound Investments, Building your Temple, Law and Its Operation and Predestined Glory are really beautiful lectures. A lot of people on the internet use his works to talk about manifestation but his teachings are so much more profound than that. You can really feel him when he speaks.

                1. @Anonymous ~ Thank you very much for the wonderful sentiment – I appreciate that you took the time to write this. Thank you for the recommendation of Neville Goddard. There’s always so much more to learn, isn’t there? We never reach the limit and I’m glad for that. 🙂

  5. Hi.. do you believe that our mind is unstoppable and limitless? If yes, even there is no hole in the grid, if we think you want to see the real universe will you instantly get out from the matrix? And why is it we cant make heaven on earth? What if we help gaia to ascend into 5d to make heaven on earth? Perhaps the reason we have to consume each others energy is because of the density where gaia sit in … if we manage to help her ascend then perhaps heaven on earth will occur.. my thoughts..

    Thanks in advance..

    1. It would be goodness only if that were possible. The way I see it is that this is the UNDERWORLD and this is what happens within the rules. It’s as immutable as trying to turn a Lion into a tomato for example. WYSIWYG ‘What you see is what you gets‘ I have to work both within and with-out this construct and not waste precious energy wishing and hoping. Blessings be yours Forever

    2. Our minds are unstoppable if we are convinced enough that it’s unstoppable. We create our own obstacles and barriers. Yes, obstacles and barriers are obviously part of our lives, but our ability to overcome them depends on how secure we are that we CAN. Soon enough, we’re going to post an article about the Grid from another perspective/dimension. Nothing of the “old” info regarding the Grid is invalid, though, IMO…it will just be an addition, and I think it might answer your question.

      We can’t make Heaven on Earth because if we could and if we did, this reality would vanish. This is what the Gnostic texts teach us, as well. That’s actually what we’re here to do. The parts of this reality we DON’T like, in general, are the parts that are shrouded in Darkness and Ignorance (amnesia). We have Light and we have Darkness–both outside of us and inside of us. If we take the Darkness away, which can only be done if we conquer it inside of us (Heaven on Earth), what will be left is Light, and that would absorb this realm of Darkness and dissolve it because the Earth, located in the Kenoma, is based on and created in Darkness (subconscious mind). “Heaven on Earth” can’t be accomplished on our Earth because the Heaven we basically want is not in the Kenoma (under Yaldabaoth’s ‘reign’). Heaven is first created inside of us, and then it can be projected outside of us…it’s an INNER journey. How can we create Heaven on Earth if each human has his/her own darkness inside his/her mind? When so, everything remains as it is now.

      5D is a New Age concept based on who-knows-what. 5th Heaven? I don’t know. Everybody has the right to go wherever they want, of course–wherever they are spiritually ready to enter, but I’m basing my information on leaving the Matrix/Kenoma altogether. 5D (whatever that is), based on what I’ve read about it, is still within the Kenoma. What you are suggesting in general in your post is basically also what the Gnostic texts say. Ascension, according to the texts, is to ‘ascend’ ‘beyond’ the 7 Heavens, i.e. the Heavens of the Archons. The consummation of each other’s energy has to do with lacking in personal boundaries, which comes from Ignorance/amnesia, which is a characteristic of this low density reality. As I see it, you are still correct in your thinking–the only thing I personally look at differently is the Heaven on Earth concept and 5D. Helping “Gaia” (Sophia) to “ascend” is exactly what we’re here for, though, according to Gnosticism–it’s done by gaining inner Knowledge/Gnosis.

      This is why self-reflection, so-called “shadow work,” is necessary. If we can’t confront our own minds because of fear (which is common), how can we change anything outside our mind? After all, we are creators and “think things up” into existence. What we see around us is OUR creation–good and bad. Yes, we have Yaldabaoth and we have Archons, etc., but they can’t do anything to us unless WE create the reality we are living in–they can’t. Therefore, it’s up to us, with or without Archons. It doesn’t mean it’s our “fault,” it’s just the nature of how it works.

      For example, if we would just sit and blame Yaldabaoth for everything in this world, nothing would change, except more power to “him.” We strengthen his power by acknowledging that he has power over us. If we instead realize that we have the power within us as creators, Yaldabaoth will have no power over us at all. I’m digressing a little, but that’s ok LOL. This is worth repeating for everybody who reads this, IMO.

        1. @Anonymous ~ “Did not the Monad give the gift of an ‘indomitable’ mind to man?”

          No, that is not my conclusion or interpretation of the Gnostic material. If anything, our mind is the opposite. We are easily corruptible, easily fearful, easily lazy, and tend to lean toward insult and injury, either to self or others, when not held in check by discipline and intense self-control/responsibility. That is why the “gate” to righteousness or “heaven” is narrow. Many will go through the wide gate because it’s easier. I think the concept of original sin might come from this observable bend that humanity has toward corruption if left alone. I can’t say for sure. It’s just my own thoughts on the topic but as a general observation, this is my conclusion.

          1. Ariel
            That sounds aweful. Those attributes you listed are just terrible. I’m quite certain the version I read said the monad gave man an “indomitable” mind. I remember it well thinking it was an attribute worth exploring. I got purity, innocence and awesomeness out of the way. The indomitable mind is next. Can’t tell me otherwise. Nice try though.

            1. @Anonymous ~ “Ariel
              That sounds aweful. Those attributes you listed are just terrible. I’m quite certain the version I read said the monad gave man an “indomitable” mind. I remember it well thinking it was an attribute worth exploring. I got purity, innocence and awesomeness out of the way. The indomitable mind is next. Can’t tell me otherwise. Nice try though.”

              Yes, they are terrible attributes and that is what I see in ALL the people around me (including myself) and have read throughout history. We are so easily deceived, it seems to me.

              This is not a competition for “Truth”. I simply gave my conclusions, which I stated were just that – MY own conclusions. Agree with them or not, that’s your business. I’m not trying to tell you or convince you of anything. “Nice try though” implies that you think I am trying to mislead or deceive you. I don’t appreciate that little sly remark. It’s an insult to my character. You can disagree with my conclusions all you want, but you do not know me, personally. What amounts to a shut-down in the discussion or dismissal from you is totally uncalled for. What makes my conclusions less valid than yours? It’s all based on a person’s experience, right? “Indomitable” means unshakeable, having an unbreakable foundation, not easily swayed or influenced, indeed NOT being vulnerable to influence. I do NOT see the human mind as being *that*. That is my conclusion and it is only based on my experience.

              Is there something equivalent to a Divine Mind that is also part of our make-up, and if there is, is it vulnerable to influence? I don’t know. I have not come to a personal conclusion about that. There are some who say our “mind” has been tinkered with and we’ve “programs” added to us that shouldn’t be there. If so, where is the Divine Mind that is protected against that? I’ve also come across information that suggests the whole “we have been genetically and otherwise manipulated” IS a program of disinformation itself. What’s the truth? Who knows, right?

              To think that the “Monad” *gives* us anything already tells me that you and I do not interpret Monad in the same way. That’s fine. I would never try to lessen your own sense of self-empowerment by suggesting you are wrong in your beliefs. I would appreciate the same respect and courtesy if we ever engage in a discussion, again. I haven’t got it all figured out, yet, but if you do…Congratulations and I wish you well as you continue with whatever is next for you, sincerely.

              1. Ariel,
                Fair enough. I’m just not having that weak-ass mind-makeup anymore. It’s not part of who I want to be anymore.
                Apologies if you felt slighted. That was not my intention. I can be a bit brash, working on it as an aftermath of my awesomeness.

                1. @Anonymous ~ “Ariel,
                  Fair enough. I’m just not having that weak-ass mind-makeup anymore. It’s not part of who I want to be anymore. Apologies if you felt slighted. That was not my intention. I can be a bit brash, working on it as an aftermath of my awesomeness.”

                  Thank you. I appreciate you saying this. No worries. I completely understand. You said, “I’m just not having that weak-ass mind-makeup anymore.” I could not agree with you more. I can see that you and I are just feeling it and expressing it differently. That didn’t come across in the original comment and I’m glad that you came back so that I could realize we aren’t as far apart as it seemed. As far as I’m concerned, we all just have to do the best we can with what we have. That’s going to be different for everyone. Whatever it is for you, best wishes to you.

                  PEACE 🙂

        2. @Anonymous … I see the Mind operating on a sliding scale, depending on how deeply rooted we are in the solid, material world, which is so solid that it gives us amnesia. Here, the ‘indomitable’ Mind can be corrupted and “defeated,” so to speak. That’s after we have lost ourselves to strong-willed masters, authorities, and other people’s viewpoints that we adopt without giving it a second thought, etc. We lose our own perspective and get lost in a maze of other’s viewpoints, beliefs, and convictions.

          All mind is Divine. However, the Higher Divine Mind, i.e. the Mind at the highest possible point on the sliding scale is indomitable because on that level the Mind has Knowledge. The Monad gave us IT’s Mind (or a part of it) for us to use, and from the Highest possible perspective, we all ARE the Monad. The Ultimate Divine can’t be corrupted–there is always a part of the mind that’s not corrupted and “defeated,” even when it seems like it is at times (in this 3D reality).

          1. Wes penre,
            I am intrigued by the highest part of that divine mind. I played pro sports for two years and during my best performances I would “see” what I did before I did it with complete confidence. As part of Sophia I feel the need to explore this mindset of the monad, even if it’s ineffable.

      1. ”Yes, we have Yaldabaoth and we have Archons, etc., but they can’t do anything to us unless WE create the reality we are living in–they can’t. Therefore, it’s up to us, with or without Archons. It doesn’t mean it’s our “fault,” it’s just the nature of how it works. ”

        Archons let those who wish to awaken and know about the real nature of this universe but at a high price to pay. Seclusion and control over information that can be shared prevent us from awakening those who are lost in the network of desinformation. One of our major challenges is to remain confident despite their efforts to crush us to kneel. . Staying confident is a threat for many of them and the only way otherwise they continue to influence the course of our lives.

  6. I am convinced that no one can stop me.. i am the king in my own universe (my mind).. thank you wes…

  7. I got a question for y’all what do you think about the hunter biden stuff coming out. You think he subconsciously left his laptop there for the 90 days or you think he really meant to forget it. We all know what satanic family they are. We know this is a realm of death but I’d say this was a pretty good hit for the True Light side. Just like to hear what you think.

    1. @Anon ~ “I got a question for y’all what do you think about the hunter biden stuff coming out. You think he subconsciously left his laptop there for the 90 days or you think he really meant to forget it. We all know what satanic family they are. We know this is a realm of death but I’d say this was a pretty good hit for the True Light side. Just like to hear what you think.”

      I really have no idea about the circumstances of that laptop, whether he did or didn’t leave it in a repair shop – I don’t know. So far, I have not seen anything which has been leaked that would indicate illegal activity. The drug use that is recorded is only *assumed* use and is not proof. The rest is just porn and narcissistic self-exposure, to be honest. There are rumors of activity with minors, but that has not been released. I HOPE something like that is only a rumor, and if it’s not, I hope it does NOT get released. Images like that cannot be *unseen* and we should take care with what food we are feeding our minds (or at least, that’s the way I feel about it).

      The rumor about Hunter’s relationship with the CCP would be considered a national security threat, from what I understand. That is a concern for the safety and security of our country, and both these men seem to be VERY vulnerable to blackmail and manipulation, considering their perversions and vices. However, my concern about Joe Biden becoming president didn’t start with his son, to be honest. Joe has A LOT of issues that need to be addressed in order for me to feel confident in his ability to lead a nation AND represent me as a citizen. HE DOES NOT REPRESENT ME. I don’t consent to that crap.

      1. “However, my concern about Joe Biden becoming president didn’t start with his son, to be honest. Joe has A LOT of issues that need to be addressed in order for me to feel confident in his ability to lead a nation AND represent me as a citizen. HE DOES NOT REPRESENT ME. I don’t consent to that crap.”

        Wow, I didn’t expect that response after just reading this latest Divine Mind musing. I do appreciate all your work, however I feel the exact same way about both sides. Maybe I shouldn’t have voted at all but I did vote for the guy that I know pays taxes. Goes to prove that Chaos and Separation is what the PTB want, keeping us from looking in at our own selves.

        1. @andy ~ “Wow, I didn’t expect that response after just reading this latest Divine Mind musing. I do appreciate all your work, however I feel the exact same way about both sides. Maybe I shouldn’t have voted at all but I did vote for the guy that I know pays taxes. Goes to prove that Chaos and Separation is what the PTB want, keeping us from looking in at our own selves.”

          The latest Gnostic musings have been Wes’s thoughts and writings. I have, somewhat, moved on from the Gnostic texts into other areas of research for myself, personally. I’m not sure what it was about my response that you did not expect. I do not endorse either candidate. I do not condone picking a side, since the ONLY right candidate for the job wouldn’t agree to take that position. In other words, the only man qualified to be king is the one who doesn’t want to be a “king”. lol That’s how I see it. People can do what they want and support whichever candidate they want. In my opinion, we lose no matter which one wins. I don’t care.

          1. You are right. I seen something that I believed rather than just seeing. Look forward to all your postings. Peace

    2. Everything you are watching is a movie, play, whatever. It’s all planned. I have run into some interesting information recently that just validates what some of us already know. Your vote does not matter at all. The president is chosen. Always. Every president ever has been related to every other president. Every single one of them are related and are in the blood line club. Including Trump. He is Illuminati also. He is just a puppet. He was bailed out of every bankruptcy by the Rothchilds. His son-in-law is Rothchild and owns 666 Park Ave. Hello. Wes has pointed this out before. This is just a changing of the guard from Marduk to Enki. Trump representing Enki. Trump will win by the way. It’s already a given. The Q stuff is all a psyop. It is real information, but it is just to trick the followers, who would be the most ready to probably fight for the country, to just sit back. Then when they self identify as followers, they will be the first to be eliminated because they would be the most likely to fight back. The Satanic stuff will be removed and that will trick the Christians, Q people, etc. into thinking evil is abolished and then the Luciferian ‘New Age’ will start where everyone will have peace on Earth because you will be a sheep downloaded into the cloud and not allowed to rebel at all. Wes has put out much info on this and mentioned other stuff to check out. Such as Edward Riordan’s remote viewing sessions about Q, which I found disturbing and have many questions about. The ‘rumors’, by the way, are not. It’s legit stuff. All these people are involved in human and child trafficking and abuse. The information is all out there and verifiable and yes, very disturbing. Some of it disturbed me for days and I agree with Ariel about what you feed your mind and for that reason I do not watch violent TV or movies or watch any horror stuff. However, this is reality and if it’s not exposed and people cannot look at, acknowledge it, and process it, it will continue.

    1. Yes I just meant that the left, Joe Biden pelosi all those trying to cause chaos as the dark side. And now this corruption coming to light at this time I was just wondering if it was on purpose (narcissism), or if it was just stupidity on their part. And bringing it to a repair shop like that instead of being tightly guarded it’s just strange. There’s definitely illegal activity on there both in terms of children and State. But we know what satanic families do, that whole Delaware area is pretty sewed up tight even up through police and everything. Follow some of Jay Parker’s work in that area. but I agree with Wes’s work that this is a dark realm to begin with built on ignorance but there is some True Light (meaning not the false light that yaldy brings) at work here. The veil is falling.

  8. Everybody I know who has educated themselves on this pedo-crap says the same thing. After a few days of learning they feel the need to stop because the information makes them feel sick.

  9. Hi, Wes, Ariel,and all participants on the comments!
    I would like to share some things about me and perhaps get some ideas of how to keep going.
    I often find myself bored, despite keeping myself working most of time on my area (I am a vendor). I am also trying to keep myself busy around home. Sometimes I feel like drinking a little beer not because I want to get drunk, but because of its taste. And I just can´t get to meditate because I fall sleep. I dont watch TV and I don´t like to go out often.
    I am aware I should be doing some service to others (STO) , but in the past I did a lot of it, and people took advantage of me all the time, and that was murder.
    It seems like nothing interests me anymore. I am fed up with living here on this construct which I consider a total waste of time. I am a 50-year-old woman, and I think doing the shadow work is not goint to work out.
    I keep track of your posts and I feel good to learn through your point of view. I’ve read so many things, and this is what I can get closer without doubt everything.
    Finally, I am tired of living in a world in which the majority is busy with their cellphone. I am a person who likes to give attention, and it makes me crazy when people ignore me.
    What should I do?

    1. Thanks for being so open, Anonymous! I understand your dilemma, and I can bet anything on that you’re not alone to feel this way.
      The “problem” when we’re waking up to our spiritual self or start walking on that path in general is that we change our focus almost entirely on the non-physical world. We disconnect from the physical more and more. It’s in the physical world that trauma and fear are manifesting, so many truth-seekers tend to find their comfort in the metaphysical realm. We stop staying grounded.

      The truth is that we need a balance. We need to ground ourselves at the same time as we operate in the metaphysical realm. Breathing exercises are very good for this, plus the Grounding Cord I wrote about in the Wes Penre Papers: (scroll down to section V [5]).

      A walk in nature is another good way of grounding ourselves.

      Why is it important? It’s because it’s mainly here in the physical that the work needs to be done. A human is a composite, i.e. we consist of Spirit/Mind/soul/body. They are all parts of our mockup. We are here to light up this realm of Darkness and Ignorance. We do that by gaining Knowledge (light) and take it to heart (Gnosis). However, then it’s important that we keep ourselves grounded, as well. When we gain Gnosis, we light up inside, but if we only shine that light in the metaphysical realm but are not present in our body, we leave out much of our mission.

      Because of the RA Material and other channeled work, people have gotten the wrong idea about STO vs. STS. They should become interchangeable at one point in our development. We must start with STS–we need to learn to love and take care of ourselves first before we can do something significant for others. Otherwise, we have no boundaries, and people will take advantage of us. These boundaries need to be in place for us to be successful.

      We don’t need to go out and look at things to do for others. By being balanced (physical/metaphysical), we automatically do things for others. We teach by example. But if we withdraw completely from the world, people who need to wake up will find us unapproachable, and they don’t get inspiration or feel and “see” the Light inside us. Of course, if people ask for help and we feel we can offer this help, that would be a great opportunity to be STO (service to others vs. STS, service to self). It’s okay to introduce people to Knowledge, but if they don’t respond, we should not push it–they are simply not ready yet, and if we push them, they will resist even more (human psychology).

      Here is an idea. Try to find out what is your passion in life. What makes you feel good? Something you wanted to do most of your life but never did? Whatever it could be, it might be high time to start doing it now. Usually, when we find our passion, things start going right in life, and others get inspired.

      These are just a few ideas. I hope it’s somewhat helpful.

      Warm regards,

    2. @Anonymous ~ “I am a person who likes to give attention, and it makes me crazy when people ignore me. What should I do?”

      Come down to Earth and get grounded, as Wes suggests. Most of us who are unhappy with our lives tend to let our minds wander and we drift off to *anywhere but here*. We fantasize about aliens, shadow cabals, black helicopters, and all kinds of things that let us justify why we feel so bad and we are too willing to point our fingers away from ourselves and say, “It’s THEIR fault that I am miserable!”

      Come back down and allow yourself to FULLY incarnate into this physical experience of LIFE. If we don’t, and we allow a portion of our soul to remain in the astral realms constantly thinking about and dreaming about things that are not tangibly REAL, then we are not in this fully PRESENT moment and we are not fully incarnated (or agreeing) to do this LIFE. No wonder we feel so bad. We are trying to escape life rather than live life.

      I’ve never been much into meditation, either. These types of grounding exercises don’t work for me. I need to literally connect with the ground for me to feel better and “grounded”. I also find that just having some quiet time alone to myself is all I need to regulate my emotions. Everyone is different and you’ll find what works for you. Stepping away from the internet (not just cellphones) is a BIG step and goes a long way to re-engaging with physical life and pulling ourselves out of the astral (or thought) realm (which is partially where the internet is “located”).

      You say you don’t like to go out and I’m sure a lot of people reading this can relate. That’s your choice, but when you withdraw from the world, the world can not give you the proper feedback it was intended to give. We are meant to *interact* with this physical realm and if we don’t, then we isolate ourselves and we tend to become victims of our own circumstances. If we don’t put anything into this creation, then this creation cannot give anything back and we gain nothing by being here.

      Start somewhere – no matter how small. You said that you are a person who likes to give attention. That’s good! However, you have to find people who are willing to receive that attention. Not everyone is obligated to receive what you are putting out. It’s their choice to accept your friendship or your help, and you should let them. When you find someone who needs and willingly accepts your attention, you’ll know. You won’t have to work at being heard. They will be open to you.

      Reconnect with Life. Hope this helps. 🙂

      1. Hey, Ariel! Many thanks to you!
        I am really going to start doing some things in a different way from now on.
        Reconnecting is the word 🙂
        Best wishes!

      1. The mind is just the construct we use to interface the simulated reality, but it is still just an amalgamation of the programming we take on from birth to death and is still stuck in the matrix frequency trap. I finished watching all 4 of the channelings and can see the energies behind them. The first one, Anu, has the same energy as Marshall Applewhite of the heavens Gate cult. If you look side by side of the two of them she has the same eyes and intensity Marshall did. I have held the energy of Marduk and still hold energy of Ninurta…the regret Marduk had for what happened here drove him insane and he fell into despair and became a representation of the “void” and got taken over by Kaos energy. The Ahrimanic energy outside of the father/mother creational energies.

  10. Ariel & Wes are you familiar with Hyperianism?
    have you studied it? im interested to hear your thoughts! 🙂

    1. @Sa Sa ~ re: Hyperianism

      Never heard of it. I had a brief look to see what it is, and I’m not interested in adding more “isms” to my life. I’m in the process of simplifying and getting rid of all those. lol No more “isms” for me.

  11. Hi Ariel and Wes 🙂
    I absolutely love this Divine Mind series and just really wanted your opinion on something…

    1) Do you guys have any specific guided meditations (i like the visual ones) to strengthen my connection to my intuition and also for shadow work?

    2) I ask this because, lately when I do shadow work nothing comes up anymore, like my mind is clear and I feel like i have no more shadow work to do but i know that that cannot be true. is there a point in meditation and connecting with your higher self/intuition/divine mind, where you just plateau because you’ve done all you can do? i hope that makes sense.

    thanks, looking forward to your response and any one else’s that may want to reply 🙂

    1. @anonymous green grass blade ~ What a very interesting question! Thank you! It makes perfect sense.

      My answer would be YES, definitely, based on my experience. I have had these plateaus, several times, and I consider these to be periods of “rest”. This usually happens when we have completed a specific cycle or closed a particular chapter (finished a lesson, in other words). For me, it was recommended that I should use these quiet times to pause and reflect over the previous shadow work (usually the most recent) in order to see and acknowledge the strength or lesson that was gained by having passed through that threshold. We never stop learning and growing, so if nothing is coming up for you, I would say that is because you are in a rest period. Enjoy 🙂

      1. Oh wow that is such a beautiful, beautiful answer, thank you very much ♥️♥️♥️

  12. Two questions Wes:
    1. Is it correct to say that like the Monad split Itself into many Aeons to explore Itself, so Sophia split Herself into many souls (humans) to explore Herself?
    2. Do you still believe that Sophia (including us?) will return to the Pleroma leaving Orion to Sabaoth?

    1. Like it says in the Gnostic texts, the Monad is unfathomable–It can’t be understood. We can only create our own interpretations of it to the best of human ability.

      1. You could say that. Or, I’d rather think of it as the Monad emanates parts of Itself within Itself, which are different traits and attributes that become self-explorative.
      2. According to the Gnostics, Sabaoth will get Orion when Sophia–our Higher Mind–withdraws into the Pleroma. Some of us will follow, while others will stay for a while in Orion and become creator gods, until they are ready to leave Orion for the Pleroma. Others will choose to succumb with the Archons.

      I see these things as limited metaphorical and allegorical explanations. The Christ message 2000 years ago had to be conveyed in a way that humans could understand. Metaphors and allegories often do the best job.

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