Video 243: Q&A Session #66

by Wes Penre, February 9. 2021

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Questions in this Q&A Session:

QUESTION 1: is the ‘god’ of this universe/matrix.  But what about AI? Is the AI entity also

QUESTION 2: If everything is source, including evil, how did Lucifer fall since even the universe that they live in is part of Source and sustained by it?

QUESTION 3: Can we travel with technology between dimensions/universes (jump between dimensions)? And can we do so as a spirit with our light body? 

QUESTION 4: What can we do to avoid living in the singularity? Should we live off the grid? Is that even possible? Where will the people go that don’t want to be part of the smart cities? What can we do to avoid all of this? Should we go hunting, is it even possible to escape all of this? 

QUESTION 5: What are the biggest differences between the current Earth and the previous versions of it? What’s something that should be pointed out, you would say, about the current construct?

QUESTION 6: What is the best way to achieve enlightenment, so we don’t have to reincarnate? I know in your papers you say don’t go into the light but if you have a choice can’t you just choose not to reincarnate?

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  1. So, if we humans can travel via thought, I assume Enki and his buddies can’t travel via thought. Hence, they need technology in order to travel. Therefore, I assume that they are very grounded in their bodies whatever these bodies are, correct?

    1. It’s difficult for us humans to fully understand the reality of and the Archons. They are not like us and are not living and walking around on planets, necessarily. I talked about shapeshifting in the Wes Penre Papers, and what it really is. If a being is disembodied, but has a soul and a mind, they can nanotravel and manifest in any shape or form they want ( has both soul and a mind but no Spirit). They are also interdimensional. When we think about those “beings,” we think in 3D terms, and that’s not going to tell us much. We need to expand our horizons to fully understand how they use technology in other-dimensional warfare and to travel in this dimension and those close by (hollowed out asteroids).

      1. Hi Wes, I I thought that enki had Spirit because he was a half creation from the Queen Mother, just buried very very deeply and that was our original mission to help bring him “back”. I know at this point in “time” that is probably a lost cause however he does have Spirit? Am I incorrect and he just has a soul and mind? Your words above just confuse me. It would make sense however that his archons as Spiritless because they never got the breath of the Mother, except for Sabaoth. And these entities in my mind are the true AI.

      2. Is there consistent time operating in all the seven lower heavens or do the dimensions of the matrix run differently? Time in the 8th and 9th heavens?? Probably not in the pleroma huh???
        One for fun: what do you think enk’si day to day schedule is like????
        Thx fun listening to you

  2. Hey Wes! (Question4) I meant by “off the grid” outside of the society controlled by the “new world order”. I don’t want to take the vaccine for example, and you can’t even enter the supermarket in some countries if you don’t have it. I don’t want to be part of this anymore. And i surely don’t want to become part of the living hell that is to come. They are forcing you into this. Where am i supposed to get food if i don’t have the vaccine for example? How can i live my life without getting sucked into the singularity? I am still dependent on the system.

    You also say you can take care of the advantages. Isn’t it true they will have full control over you at that moment? What is the advantage of that? You can’t even eat or bank if you don’t do what they say at that moment.

    1. @Niels I understand your concern and the feeling of not having many options. This is how I think about it at the moment:

      The most important thing is to educate myself and follow what’s going on and connect the dots with what I already know or highly suspect. Because not everything is conspiracy theories, it’s also a matter of being level-headed, which can be very difficult in a world of dis- and misinformation within the field of truth-seeking and from mainstream media.

      With the information we have right now, we at least think we can predict a few step the EL-ite will take in the near future, but everything is multi-faceted, so one really has to think. We know where we stand right now, but we are not completely sure how the near future will look like EXACTLY. I try to take things step by step and remind myself of who I am–I am a more-or-less immortal soul and I am Spirit, who is immortal. Whatever happens, I am in charge of my own destiny, unless I give that away. They can put us in a Singularity, but I am still me. Many people, unfortunately, don’t have the knowledge they need, IMO, and they are the ones I’m concerned about–unless they really want the Singularity, regardless of what they know. Then it’s a choice, having weighed both sides against each other.

      Right now, we need to play it by ear and follow it step by step to see what we can do. I can’t look too far into the future because the further I look, the more errors it will be.

      1. Interesting. You also mentioned it happened already on many timelines. And that it is basically unavoidable. What are your thoughts on this?

  3. When a lie is brought to light, the base can avoid it and correct the path even if Wes focus on it since too long, in my opinion. One said here , too hard to confront the abusive behaviors of the Sirius crew….Didn’t notice? Why? Shiva the destructor, a friend of your crew to enslave everyone , shines and sale books?

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