Update on my Novel Writing

by Wes Penre, March 13, 2021

A short update on where I am in my fantasy novel writing… I have 3-4 chapters left to add to the story (subplots). I have also done the first self editing of 1/3 of the book so far (editing is the most tedious task).

The process has been somewhat halted because Ariel and I are breaking up, and I am looking for an apartment, taking all the necessary steps to move out. So, I will probably not be completely gung-ho on finishing the book until these life changes have been made. I am hoping to move out by April 1, but I have not found a definite apartment yet, although I have quite a few prospects–some of them look really good. The moving date is still up in the air, but if everything goes as smoothly as possible, it’ll be in a few weeks.

The good news regarding the book is that it’s not much more to write. Once I get started for real again, it shouldn’t take long to finish it. The next step will be to self edit the entire book under the microscope, looking for plot holes, writing style problems, consistency, grammar, etc., etc. After that, it’s time for beta readers to read through it. Then, back to editing again. Last, an editor needs to check the grammar and spelling (the beta readers only focus on the plot–not the grammar).

And finally, it’s time to publish.

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  1. Sorry to hear you are going through challenging times. It seems that 2021 is a year of new beginnings as I have witnessed so far. In the Shinto Japanese religion, gratitude is felt for all the lessons and the blessings that past experiences have brought. In that light, I wish 2021 to be a year of newness and much promise for you! Namaste!

  2. Dear Wes,

    I wish for you a Nice apartment and a smooth transition. These things are always very disturbing.

    Ik read a charter of tour boom a couplet of months ago and really liked it. Just like all your books. So you already have 1 buyer and there are certainly more like me, I think.

  3. Dear Wes, i m sorry for your break up. I wish you strength. I found this “wisdom” long time ago, i hope it helps you in this dificult time.💕

    Some people may find out that they never knew who they were because they lived their lives through the expectations of how others will perceive them.

    Reason, Season, or Lifetime
    People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you figure out which one it is, you will know what to do for each person.

    When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty; to provide you with guidance and support; to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend, and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be.
    Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled; their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.

    Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because your turn has come to share, grow or learn. They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh. They may teach you something you have never done.
    They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy. Believe it. It is real. But only for a season.

    LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons; things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation. Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person, and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life. It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.
    Author Unknown

    1. Beautifully said, brought tears to my eyes. I also tell my kids there is a reason and a season for all relationships; the most difficult part of it is recognizing this and ultimately letting go. Extremely unsettling and painful no matter what.

    2. Dear JustMe. This was a beautiful and very wise comment! I completely believe that what you’re saying is true. I think both Ariel and I have learned much from our relationship. I feel I have grown a lot when I look back three years in my life.

      Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. i would take a breakup any day over my current broken ankle…i broke it in oct of 2020 and i am just able to put pressure on it now and am learning to walk again…you will be fine and dandy as long as you can walk…i never even thought of ever not being able to walk…our health is our wealth…

    1. I know somebody who also broke her ankle. She was in wheelchair for a long time, and the bone she broke was a small bone on the side of the foot, which has no blood circulation. I don’t think she ever recovered completely. But that was because of that specific bone.

  5. Sorry to hear Wes, sometimes separations just got to happen. I liked your all blend of Gnostic and WPP. I hope that information still holds True, but y’all got to keep on keeping on. Truth and In-formation is is what counts at this time. Love you all!

  6. Hello Wes, sorry to hear about your break up,

    I have always enjoyed your research and the amazing papers. The only reason I ever woke up to any of this amazing knowledge was because of your hard work………it all started with your first website illuminati news then to the papers…..then I found researchers like David icke ……….and others along the way.

    I hope your book continues to go well.

    1. So neat to hear things like this, Drew. And I will continue as usual–that won’t stop. The book is also going well again. I wrote quite a bit on one of the subplots today, actually.

  7. you were fabulous together!at at least in articles…you completed so well! still love you both! hope you 2 find strength…must be hard! we don’t know what life brings us…be good to each other!

  8. Wes, I really loved your partnership with Ariel especially with bringing so much of your knowledge and experiences to the public. It’s been simply amazing.

    I’ve really fallen in love with Ariel’s mind. I hope she’ll have a forum like yours to continue sharing her works.

    Thank you guys for not giving up and living your amazing lives no matter how life happens.

    Blessings to you and Ariel.

    1. Thank you for the sentiment, Dee. I’ll make a short comment here so that Wes does not speak for me. I won’t be continuing with this kind of work. I’m finished with this area of my self-discovery. The conclusions that I have come to have taken me away from the WPP and away from Wes’ own conclusions (the Orion story). It was a journey to get here and some of it has been documented by what I contributed and collaborated on with Wes in these articles and videos. I am satisfied and content that I have finished with this cycle of my life and I am moving forward in a new direction. For this area of my personal search, I have my answers. My answers are different from Wes’ and since these people here (and elsewhere) are his followers and supporting him, I leave this to him to continue however he wants. Working with Wes was part of a healing process for me and I am grateful for it. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my thoughts with those who were eager or willing to read them. A long time ago, I wrote an article that became a video and in it I said to make sure we don’t get stuck or attached to any one narrative while searching for our own personal truth. I think I called them “ponds” in that video/article. I still think that is very relevant and important. I’m not in this particular pond, anymore. For those who are or are moving on, themselves, I wish you all the best. Blessings to you, Dee ~ “Ariel”

      1. I got it Ariel- It’s in the “The Traps for Waking Up ” Video/Article

        …”Go into these ponds to swim around, gather your knowledge, but do not get attached and stuck in these ponds. As you increase your awareness and your frequency rises, you will experience a very subtle sensation when your frequency is no longer a match to this pond. Become aware of your state of being”…

        It’s really amazing how you share your Knowledge with so much simplicity and clarity. I really hope to still connect with your awesome mind just like I do with Wes here.


      2. Hi “Ariel”
        I see a contradiction in your need to explain that “our” way are not yours any longer, and the fact that you still show up here. I wonder if you are the Ariel Glad I came to know especially through the forum group. She was dedicated and passionated about what has been hidden for us human beings. If you are that Ariel, I’ll say that It’s good to hear that you now have found a clear way through your lfe. I wish you the best. Your clarification of your abruptly leaving us are very welcome. Blessings to you

        1. Hi, Vivian. 🙂 Your post feels confrontational to me and I’m not sure why. I admitted and explained that I, at one time, *did* feel that way (about waking people up) and in my post I apologized for that attitude. Maybe you misunderstood what I wrote? I completely owned my previous perspective and have no problem saying that I NOW feel I was wrong, but at the time I felt it was right. That does NOT mean that YOU are wrong. I am no one’s judge. Only YOU know or feel whether you are right or wrong. You do you, in other words, and I will do “me”. I hope no one is gauging their own life by the things I say or do. I’m in no position to tell anyone what is best for their life and that is what I was trying to explain in my post. I felt I WAS doing that, and I apologized.

          I see my life as a journey that keeps me moving. My perspective changed after my discovery that the Orion “narrative” is fictitious TO ME. I do not feel comfortable continuing to lead people in this direction. I felt like I was lying to people. Wes knows this. We talked about it several times before I finally told him I was not going to write anymore. Even so, I still wrote a few Q&As at the end. I just stayed away from anything “Orion”, to which he agreed. He understood and graciously said I should only write in a way that I was comfortable.

          I still show up here, Vivian, because the things I wrote are still published here. Wes and I talked about this, too. I could take them all down but then this blog would have “holes” in it. I retain the right to explain my own words should anyone ask questions.

          The post I responded to here initially was about me, so I felt the desire to speak directly to this person (Dee) rather than have Wes answer that comment and speak for me.

          Yes, I was dedicated to this topic! Absolutely! Perspectives change, though. New information comes to light that can change that perspective, not just the Orion narrative but other things, as well, such as archetypes. I tried to write about it on the forum and did not receive much interest. Wes also was not interested in researching this avenue, which meant that we could not collaborate on our writing. He chose instead to study and use Robert Sepher’s research for his new articles. Since MOST of you are HIS – Wes – followers and supporting HIM and his research, books, websites, etc. – I backed out and didn’t push it.

          I am not the same person I was 20 years ago and I am not the same person I will be 20 years from now. Things ebb and flow as we grow and change. That’s what happened and that is why I stopped working with Wes. I understand that it appeared abrupt but it was a months-long process on this end. I just didn’t want to be so personal. I apologize if the way I left made you angry. I guess I should have included more information but Wes felt it best that I keep it short and I respected his wishes, as I said in that post on the forum. No one was asking where I was so I didn’t feel it was necessary to say anything about my absence. Wes felt I should and so I did. Hope that adds clarification for you. All the best to you.

  9. Ariel, I wish you the best and hope you find what you are looking for! I loved your writings and surely will miss you. Will be accessible in any other forum? Would love to follow your writings. If you will be not be following Wes narrative, what then is your narrative! Stay well and Namaste!

    1. Thank you, @Evelyn Gretchen. I wish you the best and I can confidently say that I have, indeed, found what I was looking for and ended my search. Now, it’s just about how to be a better me. That’s a process that I will happily participate in as long as I am alive. We are eternal, yes? ;). What a task! Lol

      I’m no longer looking for a way out of my own suffering or “imprisonment”. I get it, now. I understand the process and the reason. All my perceived oppressors are gone. The “AIF” became fictional in my mind when I discovered that it was all a projection of my own fears. What’s my narrative? I don’t have one and I no longer need one. I’m back to creating joy in my life and engaging with the world around me. I no longer feel the need to have someone else tell me what’s real or what’s going on. I trust myself to know enough based on what I perceive around me. If anyone out there tells you that you can’t trust your own senses and that you need them to tell you what’s what, then turn around and go the other way. That person is gaslighting you and trying to manipulate your reality to fit theirs, for whatever reason. Just my two cents on “narratives”, for what it’s worth. I understand that these things are very real for others. I won’t try to convince you otherwise. I was convinced for a time, too. It was part of my journey, and a very IMPORTANT part. All is mind, after all.

      You have all you need within you to get your own answers. Trust yourself. All that I wrote on healing and internal strength still applies. My process with that is documented here except for the very end of the process which became too personal to share, but it wasn’t and isn’t a mysterious or magical experience. It was just emotional. Maybe one day I’ll write my Magnus Opus about my descent into the conspiracy realm of the internet and what I found there now that I have the advantage of hindsight. For now, I think it’s better to leave others to their own discoveries.

      It does not sit well with me to tell anyone that I have the answers for them and give them their truth. I stopped writing here months and months ago for that very reason. It felt wrong. I also no longer consent or condone the disparaging and condescending attitude toward humanity as a whole (which the entire conspiracy community seems to do, as a rule).

      Everyone is at different stages of their own journey. There are aspects of my own writing which display this very unfair sentiment, and I HUMBLY APOLOGIZE for thinking of humanity as anything less than myself as a human being. How self-inflated and conceited I was to think that I was in some tiny percentage of “real” humans or more special than anyone else in some way! I simply do not see things that way, anymore. I also do not feel an obligation to “wake up” anyone. I no longer insist that everyone see things or think the way I do. To each his own. That’s the beauty of the individual. I do not insist that we all become “like-minded”. That’s too hive-minded for me. I like that people are different. I like the challenge of trying to understand someone else’s perspective. 🙂

      My truth is not anyone else’s truth, and it doesn’t have meaning for anyone else except me. It’s the “package” I came here in, and I’m not opposed to it or resisting it anymore. Like I said, I get it. I’m not sad or angry about my lot in life and I’m unstuck and moving again. FINALLY. I know what I’m here to do.

      I said I wouldn’t write again, but I guess I just did! Lol Okay, that’s it from me. That’s enough.

      Thank you for the opportunity to apologize that I didn’t realize I needed to express. Be well and be safe. 🙂 ~ “Ariel”

      1. that is a beautiful and real statement. I do feel the same and I acknowledge that all this until now had to be,to begin my realization(a great help,but I am tired of giving away my attention-energy,for which others fight over). we can not control our environment or circumstances,etc.,but we can be established in our inner self,that is if we discover it.

      2. Oh dear Ariel, how liberating your words feel to me! It’s so wonderful to have arrived at the end of the road to find ourselves for the first time, like T. S. Elliot says.
        Thank you for sharing your truths and your wisdom! It is fascinating to hear your heart speak!
        Would love to read or hear from you and where life has taken you!
        Thank you again for sharing yourself!

  10. I just want to keep it as plain and simple as possible when it comes to Ariel and me going in different directions. I don’t want to discuss all the details here. Anyway, it’s true that we have different perspectives–hers have changed and my have not–except I’m expanding on them. I am currently convinced in my conclusions and she is convinced in hers–that’s just how things go sometimes. When it comes to archetypes, it’s not the case that I am not interested in these, but I do not see it the same way as Ariel sees it, which is fine. From my perspective, archetypes don’t exclude that there are “beings” “out there” corresponding to these archetypes, or/and the other way around. We also have our Inner Universe that we project outwards–that’s how this universe works, as I see it. It’s a constant “communication” between our inner universe and the outer one. One does not exclude the others, and it does not exclude archetypes.

    When it comes to Orion–yes, I definitely think it’s real. Each human has their own perception of what that really is–some of it being allegorical/metaphorical and some being literal. Orion is ultimately inside ourselves, but it’s also projected outward, just like in the case with Sophia, the Aeon (who is not ultimately a being but an Aeon–see Gnostic articles). Sophia’s universe was created inside her “Mind,” but also projected outward. Same with us and everything else in the Universe.

    It’s all a matter of perspectives…

    I understand if Ariel feels like she can’t continue with this without feeling she is deceiving people. I wouldn’t be able to do that, either. But I don’t feel I have deceived anybody–I have shared my own research and conclusions with the public, and that’s all. And that’s what I’m still doing.

  11. What better way to maintain the patriarchal agenda if not through the denial and repression of the original feminine? Isis and Enki must have a hell of a time with the Syrians as commanders. More, the Elite families have no interest in losing their privilege and are inclined to maintain their domination over humankind. The truth is unattractive for many. When you build your hierarchical structure of power on a lie , don’t be surprised if this same lie leads you toward an unbearable nightmare. The tide is turning or at least the possibility of reassessing the hidden agenda is workable

    1. Yes the elite have no interest in loosing their privilege Anonymous —
      Their truth is very unattractive to many and their deceit and lies ARE leading a multitude towards an unbearable nightmare. If you think the tide is turning or at least the possibility of reassessing THEIR hidden agenda is workable then I would suggest you and others who think likewise reassess just what is going down world wide right now in this present time. Just in case you or others here feel I’m being aggressive towards you and your post please be assured I AM NOT. I’m am expressing my point of view in the same vain as you have expressed yours in the above post. It’s possible that I have misunderstood the last sentence of your post — The tide is turning or at least the possibility of reassessing the hidden agenda is workable — and if so I would greatly appreciate you clarifying as to what you were referring to by this statement.

      1. First of all, Ariel chose to be honest. This is already a step in itself. No one to come in between the messenger and the message. This is why I say that The wind is turning positively and we can openly question the dishonest intentions of some without being told that we are inadequate. It may not be enough for you but it remains an important step, knowing that they have always alienated the original message.

  12. First of all, Ariel chose to be honest. This is already a step in itself. No one to come in between the messenger and the message. This is why I say that The wind is turning positively and we can openly question the dishonest intentions of some without being told that we are inadequate. It may not be enough for you but it remains an important step, knowing that they have always alienated the original message.

  13. since we’re celebrating honesty: I never really liked Ariel or anything she wrote. She has a sharp mind but blathered on and on about me, my and I. Too much inside and not enough outside. Those twin flame videos come to mind.

    Find some place quite Mr bilbo and finish your book.

    1. Since the second construct, there have always been detractors from Sirius and The Pleiadies to transform the original message. Sometimes I disagree with Wes on some issues concerning Enki , however he remains the one who best portrayed our universal history and the spiritual path to favor..

  14. Good for Nightowl. Eventually we all have to grow up and discard the old coping mechanism and move forward. It’s hard for Wes to do so, he’s too invested, especially for now with all them books and subscriptions, money aside, he couldn’t let go without destroying large potion of his self, and the scariest thing is that, without the reptile to blame, one has to blame himself. Look around. Not gonna do that.

    Still, good memories on the old forum, learnt much about myself. Good luck to both of you.

  15. It reminds me of a quote ‘ we are just like cars in a long highway ‘ .

    And what is the name of the book ?

    And wes if you are feeling down you can watch some anime( you know sometimes it is better to take a day off which I do all the time hehe) or maybe eat a lot of food .although none of it seems healthy but

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