Video 248: Q&A Session #69

by Wes Penre, March 17, 2021

Questions in this Session:

QUESTION 1: There are many self-help books regarding reprogramming your subconscious and affirmations. Are these types of actions effective in today’s emerging singularity world?

QUESTION 2: I heard somewhere you can shift realities in this lifetime. There are people claiming they shifted to alternative realities by meditation. I am talking about meditating and waking up in a different house, different girlfriend etc. Is this possible?  How would someone do this?

QUESTION 3: If Kan Enlil is the Christ how can he be a warrior? I thought Christ was the spiritual counterpart of Sophia and was all about love and understanding? Even if Khan Enlil is an avatar of Christ it still seems odd that this avatar is a Sirian warrior. I think you mentioned that Khan Enlil was not very well understood when writing your Papers and his role became clearer when you researched the Gnostic teachings, but still it seems somewhat odd to me that Khan Enlil is a fierce warrior, just as his son is. Would you mind clarifying this if you can?

QUESTION 4: Would you say that forgiving yourself and forgiving others that have done you harm is very important if you plan on leaving this realm?

QUESTION 5: (The following question, which is the last one, is long, so I am going to answer it paragraph by paragraph. I thought it was interesting and didn’t want to shorten it).

Question A: I see how the Wes Penre Papers (WPP) line up very well with the Gnostic texts, yet as always, the details are where I get mired.  We are all aspects of Source/Monad and also Sophia, who is not really a person, but is wisdom and an Aeon, yet seems to be a character in a story of our creation. From my understanding, Sophia created the original humans as a way for her, through us, to descend to the second construct, ourselves in ignorance, to wake up Yaldabaoth/Enki.  We agreed to this mission and once we did our job, we were to “graduate” all at one time and all of us together?

Question B: As we all know, there was major upsets in this plan.  Is Yaldabaoth so ignorant he doesn’t have any idea of the Pleroma?  Were we aware of our past in the second construct when we first agreed to this mission yet got further trapped in the reincarnation cycles and mind wiping only in our current 3rd construct?

Question C: So, with all this in mind, once we wake up, and we can escape through the grid on body death, how does it benefit the rest of humanity that will not wake up no matter what we do?  It seems an odd assignment when only a small percentage of us are able to wake up at all, having accomplished very little, especially where Yaldabaoth is concerned.  Wasn’t it our job to wake HIM up? That seems a tall order when I can’t even get my eldest child to see the truth and from what I have read, it’s not our job?  So what exactly is our job now?

Question D: I am having a hard time now with the notion that Sophia “did this to us” or that she is somehow not helping us.  I am thinking that we are tiny portions of her and not as children really, but part of her very fire so to speak, so therefore, are we *her*? Are we at some point in our development *wisdom*, if Sophia is an Aeon? If not, then are we her children and that is why we are separate? Am I making any sense?

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  1. nice q&a-simple and direct! thank you!
    q 5d: I see how you might perceive us as cells in a body of Sophia:we have a purpose of cleansing the body(get rid of viruses-archons within the same body),we die and always renew. how significant we are?…the 3d realm always has a way of showing us the way things are in the upper levels,by the way of how this world functions…we see it everywhere(nature,body,) it is all a big analogy!

  2. Hi Wes, great question and answer. I was wondering though as of 2020, seemed that Yaldaboath and his archons have stepped up their mission, they seem to have a 10-year mission now to the singularity, claiming that completion will be by 2030 (think agenda2030 and the great reset). Do you think this agenda is imposed by the Orion empire and the Queen as the end game/time because we all know this can’t continue in ignorance, and Revelation prophecies. Or if this is their own self-imposed timeline because they know the end is coming. It just seems that there’s a lot being unleashed at this point for a main agenda to the singularity. And they are preparing for the final “Storm the Heavens”, using us humans who have been GMOed as fodder, because they are running out of time? Thanks.

  3. Dear Wes, a heartfelt thank you for answering my very long question. I was emotional through the entire reply. I am so sad in this construct with the awful virus agenda going on, (among so many others) I almost feel like life is no longer worth it yet I know that is my own mind trying to keep my happiness away. I need strength to get through the rest of my life. It’s so, so dark right now. I always told myself I wanted to live till 100 and could. I turned 60 last month and now I am questioning my plan.I try to live in this world and not of it, but I have two 20 something daughters and life is, as you say, very hard and shouldn’t have been like this. I know I am not alone. Love, Julia

    1. Dear Julia! I saw that you also signed up on Patreon and will become a forum member. It’s a great community, and we all understand what you’re going through. It’s difficult to be alone with these thoughts–we need to share with each other–it makes a whole lot of difference, in my experience. I will contact you.

  4. What if all this planetary restructuring generated by a fake crisis was used to prevent another imminent destruction already programmed through our universal history? Question to ponder.

  5. I am so happy to be on Patreon now! I don’t know what took me so long to join, honestly :o) Thank you so much! Julia

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