Video 251: Q&A Session #71

by Wes Penre, April 10, 2021

I now have a new microphone. This one is better than the old one, but because I have moved to a new place, and it’s sparse of furniture still, there is a slight hollow sound. I don’t think it will be disturbing, but I want to tell you why it is.

Questions in this Q&A Session:

QUESTION 1: Some things in the WPP are metaphors. Could there have been more than one Tiamat incubator for creator gods before we descended into this density? For instance, a cluster of planets or planetary systems with basically the same soul group?

QUESTION 2: I think I recall that you mentioned that the percentage of spirited humans is an extremely small percentage of the total human population (@ 10%). If this is the case; if there is an agenda to reduce the human population; is that mostly directed to the non-spirited humans? If not, what would be the purpose of leaving many non-spirited humans around and killing off spirited humans, if we are being energy harvested?

QUESTION 3: Because our minds and souls are very powerful in a sense that we can create different realities that may not exist in the 3D yet, but may be present in other universes or planes of existence, people’s concentrated/energised thoughts and even fears can create intelligent entities that may look like monsters in the astral plane, right? If this is so, does this mean that the existence of entities, such as angels or other entities that people believe to be “good,” are just their creations, too (through their energised thoughts/beliefs, they became intelligent thoughtforms)? Like how witches create servitors or how people have imaginary friends or tulpas; does this mean that we all have the power to create what we fear and the power to create anything to protect us in other planes? If this is true, if I have an energised thoughtform of an entity I created with my mind and believe that that entity exists to protect me, in our exit from this plane, do you think I can summon such entity to help me on my way out since it’s my creation too?

QUESTION 4: In video 250, there was a question about hierarchy in Orion. While there is no hierarchy there, would it be fair to say that there should still be a concept of evolutionary states, or stages of development? For example, a beginning star being, a maturing being, a fully developed creator god, etc., all of whom would have different capabilities and therefore different roles and responsibilities to play. Would it be correct to think that some of the more developed creator gods would be responsible for the protection or guidance of younger beings, and perhaps even creating their own local planets or systems to nurture younger star beings? I believe it was stated that wars and conflicts still exist in Orion, albeit without the calamity and certainly not to the extent present in the Patrix.

QUESTION 5: Is the galaxy war-torn because Enki is confined/has lost control due to the loss of his creative powers? Does he no longer have the power to control his creation as much as he originally did? Perhaps he doesn’t care or encourages conflict among his followers? Is it the reason why the archons, and Enki’s sons, fight amongst each other?

QUESTION 6: Given that other aeons are also creators, like Sophia, do we have any information about the universes they created? Also, have there been any known interactions between beings from these other universes and Sophia’s universe? […] [S]tar beings in Orion, assuming that they are sufficiently developed or mature, would they still be allowed to intentionally interact with beings from other universes? Or maybe even nano-travel there? Then, perhaps it is relevant to think of these different universes as different countries, with their own sets of rules/physics (using a metaphor from our current 3-D thinking).

QUESTION 7: So far, my temporary understanding of the Bloodline of the Serpent is the union of Jesus and Mary Magdalene / Sophia, while the Eagle Bloodline is Saturn / Zeus / Yaldabaoth, and Robert Sepehr also includes the Aryans in this last category.

The Eagle is everywhere and on every flag. Mexico’s flag even has the Eagle overpowering the Serpent.

I understand and I’m aware that both bloodlines infiltrate and spy on one another, and also use each other’s symbols to confuse.

The Snake, let’s say, is a good sign, belonging to Mother Earth, while the Eagle is the bad sign, belonging to Yaldabaoth / Enki.

But then you mentioned once in one of your videos that Enki – the Eagle – was the one who created the first Brotherhood of the Serpent. The Serpent is all over the Vatican?! The Serpent is a symbol of Wisdom worldwide. The Serpent is pictured in the medical field.

Yet the entire world is dominated by the Eagle.

Can you kindly shed some light on this subject?

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  1. re: Q #6, I believe the Wingmakers told us they came from the Central Universe where Source supposedly is based. So I’m not going to trust your assertion that souls would immediately perish if going between universes. I think your alleged anonymous adviser is giving you fear and you shouldn’t embrace fear.

    1. If the WingMakers are correct, that would be the Pleroma. I don’t think they are from there, but let’s assume they are. If so, isn’t that where we are ultimately heading, too, when we’re ready for it? So, there is no contradiction between the WMM and the WPP in that sense. Regarding other universes, in the term I discussed it in the videos, it’s something different. It has nothing to do with fear, on my part at least. Even if I COULD enter other universes, I have no desire to. I know where I am heading…

  2. Hi wes and Ariel .well my question is what is the stages of development of a newly created race if they are being programmed by their creators to become an interstellar race.

    Sometimes I think we are just strangers I mean even your sis,mother can be strangers even if you know them.i just feel like I am a little child in a adult body .

    Sometimes I wonder what if I could live another life in a fantasy reality.where I could learn to connect myself with nature ,learn magic and live a life like a old being enjoying sunset, beautiful starry sky ,travelling the whole world and lastly reminissing about past lifes ,regrets, guilt and waiting for the day to finally depart and perish .

    Honestly I no longer care about anything my origins, my purpose set by my creators,my real family (i don’t think I have) or my creator.if one day i have a chance to live one last life given by the overseers I would definitely cherish that chance .but I know deep down they are just wishful thinking .

    I just wonder am I the only one who wants to live a life in another world far from here .even if it is an hopeless wish.

    1. Well, it seems to me you have already started creating that world. Don’t diminish your creative abilities. What is in your mind can easily be manifested. Not so easily here in this reality, maybe, but once you’re out of here. Then, you’re free to create whatever you wish, and there is no manipulative laws and rules that tell you that you can’t do it, because…

      1. Well thanks for reply these days you can’t even find someone to chat .anyway wes have you ever felt longing for a home you’ve never known or a place you can never return to .

  3. Hi Wes, as a guitar player and musician in this realm, would I still have that kind of talent and interaction when we escape this realm? In other words I know I won’t be able to use my fingers and voice anymore cuz we’ll just be Spiritual beings however would the knowledge I have from this realm be able to be applied again? Could I create a realm where there’s just all musicians and we can jam all day and trade ideas? I guess this question goes for all those that have worked on talents in this realm. Glad to see you’re back in business, keep on truckin!

    1. @Anon. Yes, you are you with all your traits, talents, passions, and interests. That won’t change after leaving this realm, although you will probably create more interests because you’re in a new “environment,” a new mindset. You are your own experiences from the get go. For instance, if you are fantasizing about creating a world of music, maybe that’s what you want to do then, as well.

      1. Thanks Wes, I guess the key was the fact that we can go on with our same traits, passions and abilities -never want to lose a lifetime of accrued Knowledge and abilities from this trap, and have to come back with amnesia all over again. Of course first I will go and try to help in this conflict anyway I can, as I am doing here – As Above So Below. Thanks for these hopeful messages!

  4. Hi Wes
    can you please explain why you think it‘s not possible to go to other universes?
    i know a old man who channels beings that are part of a brotherhood in the afterlife.
    they don‘t claim to be ascended masters or saints just normal human beings that died und started studing spirituality and joined one of the many brotherhoods that exist in the afterlife.
    (btw they also claim the only lifed one life on earth und that most humans do the same – another facet of the diamond (higher self) goes back into the physical influenced by the last lifetime of another higher self member. they say we do to get the astral template and the physical incarnation helps us bild our personality.
    anyways, they are able to visit other universes and try to study the life that exists our there.
    they state that not much is know about other universes and the lifeforms that life there but what is known that there is a creator god (creative energy point nothing to do with what we humans associate the word god with)in charge in every universe that exists that explores a specific emotion or a theme and creates according to that and that all the gods of every universe are connected and share information – its all a big organized system. what are your thoughts about that?

    ps: have you ever thought about doing a podcast?
    i really like your voice and the way you explain things!

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