Video 298: Q&A Session #97

By Wes Penre, April 22, 2022

Questions in this Session:

QUESTION 1:  Do you, Wes, personally consider earth a prison for soul development, or does it depend on individual perspective when referring to earth in general?

QUESTION 2: How useful is chanting ‘AUM’ and ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ mantras in particular?

QUESTION 3: Suppose when I die, and I manage to leave this matrix, what happens to these other soul aspects? Will they come with me, or will I leave them behind? And when left behind, will they become aware of the option to leave this matrix then?

QUESTION 4: If Yaldabaoth/Enki wants humanity to choose nature over technology as you wrote, about channeling, in the WPP, then this “should” be a part of his redemption, I’m assuming. However, since time is not linear, he can perceive any foreseen event ahead of time since time doesn’t work for him the same way it does for us here on earth. He knows nature will at some point in the future be A.I., so will he make a big change with his influence here on earth? 

QUESTION 5: In the Wes Penre Papers (WPP), mostly in level 5, you mention that there are several constellations in the hands of the AIF, and that, Marduk and Ereshkigal each control some asterisms respectively in the 8th Heaven within the Milky Way Galaxy and are thus “their” domains and are in their full control. The solar system is just one of those domains what is essentially known as the patrix/Kenoma.

Can you elaborate more on this? You mention in your papers that the 7 Heavens is the solar system, and everything outside of it is Orion. What about the physical worlds in Orion, Alpha Draconis (Thuban), Hydra, Ursa Minor, The Pleiades, and others in their hands? Also, do you still think will continue with his end all agenda which has to do with end times? Are there any clear indicators to that at this time?

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  1. I now think we are in a ‘made up’ deceptive holographic earth construct where we have no proof as to who we really are or who really put us here. It is a grand deception by the controllers who control every aspect of this construct. Everything is in their control from when we get put in these cyborg human bodies, everything that happens has been preprogrammed. There is no freedom of choice and in the end, they murder us in whatever fashion they come up with. I really do not think the family connection is really true, only here on this construct. The controller’s keep the soul attractions alive, so we still think there is that connection with them! All is done for the maximum effect to allow for the extraction of our human emotions energy by the parasitic demons hovering all around this construct. If everyone realized this, the grid would come down and this demonic construct would be toast! Think about it! I see it every day now!

  2. What if everybody strongly imagine we are powerful creators. Who knows they start to lose control.

    1. @Anonymous Yes, then they would lose control, and the game would be over on their part. We would all be able to leave. Unfortunately, this is not happening.

  3. All I get from these videos (the impression) about Wes penre is ‘I don’t really know what I am talking about. I may have some of the answers but listen to what I have to say anyway.

  4. Always listening to all that is given. What I don’t like is that you can only go just far with info! There seems to be a block in what knowledge we can acquire in this construct. And then we are murdered, never to be heard of again! On to the next one!

  5. With all that is said we still do not really know anything really about who ‘god’ is and ‘Jesus’ is and where all the millions of us that have passed thru this construct go to or even if they are spiritually alive. That is the deception we get living in this holographic construct. What about those that have near death experiences! How do they know that the god or Jesus they meet, is not made up by the AIF to fool them into thinking that-hey they really exist? If I go thru the grid and to the Orion Empire will the Queen be the real god that I will have an audience with? That I will not know till I get there! Just part of the journey of finding out true self.

    1. There are a year’s worth of interviews between “Q and Antonio” on Bitchute, you may find some answers there. I certainly did. Q’s take on life, the universe, and everything is spot on my cumulative research so far, enjoy.
      Wes, if you read this, I’m here because Q spoke highly of your work and understanding of our origins. I’m brand new here, much to read and view, and thank you for your time and diligence. Jon

      1. @JPizzle Thanks for sharing this and for your feedback. Also check out the Wes Penre Papers if you haven’t already: They are the essence of all my research.

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