The Orion Creation Story According to the Wes Penre Papers (Part 3)

By Wes Penre, August 26, 2022

In the WPP, I use the term “Founders” a lot in the Orion Creation Story. This term is equivalent to being an evolved and advanced Creator God with a particular task in mind—someone who has proved themselves. The following is from The Wes Penre Papers, the Second Level of Learning…

This video is 10 minutes long. I strongly suggest that you watch it instead of just reading the transcript because the pictures in the video are sometimes quite telling.

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  1. Wes – Please don’t promote the 7.3 Hz thing. Yes, vibration creates form…sound/music/vibration is the key, but don’t get caugt-up in the Schuman resonance thing. The earth does not “resonate at 7.38 Hz”. The Schuman resonance is not the vibration of earth, it is the standing-wave of the atmospher-to-the-surface (which of course varies depending on topography an temperature)

  2. Hi Wes, a while back you started going down a path of explaining what our true home here on EArth really looks like. The whole flat Earth concept being part of Gaia or the damaged Tiamat, with the North and South Poles being boundary points. I am so confused about what our home really looks like from space, if we’ve been lied to by NASA from day one. How do we account for our seasons if it’s not a round globe that has been cocked by 23% or whatever. For example, what did a lay person like William Shatner see when he was taken up there and he said that he seen death down here. What does this blue globe really look like from space? just wondering if you’re going to continue that path at some point or if this Orion creation story is going to lead to that? I understand at this point this is a lot of “educated speculation”, but I and probably others would like to hear your opinions. Thank you.

    1. I started going down that path, only to find a rabbit hole deeper than most, including Tartaria, resets, flat earth, unknown lands… only to find that the entire subject is so infested with psyops, trolling, government agents, and what have you. OK, we might say, this means there is probably a lot to it. And perhaps it is, but not what we think it is even when we dig into it. One day, if I see it important enough for humanity’s future, I might dig into it as deep as it will take me… otherwise, probably not.

      1. WOW! is all I’ll say but thank you for checking into it. Shows the extent they will go to to not show us our true reality here! Keep truckin brother.

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